Boston Bikes is Boston's city-wide initiative to encourage citizens and visitors to use bicycles for fun, exercise, and transportation.


We’re excited to be in our 4th season of Hubway! Get a membership and other information about the system’s 1000+ bikes.

Boston residents are encouraged to consider our subsidized membership program.

Driving with Bikes

The City of Boston is dedicated to making sure that everyone knows how to safely use the roads. As more and more cyclists take to the roads, we want to ensure all road users are up to date. Our job is to educate you about what you can do to keep yourself and others safe.

Think you know how to drive smart with bikes?

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Youth Cycling Program

One of our flagship programs, the Youth Cycling Program, educates thousands of Boston youth each year on bike safety and the joys of biking. Learn more. 

Boston Bikes Women

The Women’s Program is a series of rides, clinics and events to encourage women to experience the joys and benefits of biking, and to build community among women who bike. We provide support for women of all skill levels — from the first-time rider to the seasoned urban commuter.

Roll it Forward — Bikes Needed!

Roll it Forward collects and repairs used bicycles of all sizes before giving them out to low-income Boston residents. The program has gotten over 3,000 Boston residents out on bikes and is in need of more bicycle donations. Learn more.

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