Women’s Wall Results

We’d like to thank all of the women who provided their reasons for biking and not biking at our Copley Plaza, Dudley Triangle, and online walls. Here’s a summary of what we found: The Wall Results

67 women told us why they bike. They used hearts and exclamation points to tell us how enjoyable they found biking. Many of them appreciated the health benefits, including one woman who told us “because it makes my bum look amazing”. Some appreciated the efficiency of travelling by bike and how quickly they could get between destinations without worrying about traffic or waiting for the T. Environmental friendliness also came up a few times.

55 women told us why they don’t bike. Many brought up being afraid of cars, traffic, or cycling in general. Previous bike accidents and not knowing how to bike also deterred women. Other women suggested that they’d ride a bike if they had one or got their broken one fixed. A few women saw cars and transit as good enough alternatives.

For women who don’t know how to ride or who want more information about becoming bicycle commuters, we’ll be holding two workshops in September designed specifically for you. If you’re interested in becoming a bike buddy or getting a bike buddy who will ride with you while you try urban cycling for transportation, please write to us for an application at womencycling@cityofboston.gov.

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You can put a Bicycle Benefits sticker on your helmet and get rewarded at a variety of locations.

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