Calendar of Events

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Boston Bike Week Festival

Join us on City Hall Plaza on May 15th for the Boston Bike Week festival and we also hope you’ll participate in Bay State Bike Week. Learn more here. Register here.

Bike Fridays

On April 24th, June 26th, July 24th, & August 28th join a bike commuter convoy from one of dozens of locations throughout the Boston metro area. Safe guided convoys with experienced ride leaders will follow a fixed schedule and route and finish at City Hall Plaza Boston. Learn more here. Register here.

Hub on Wheels

Boston’s city-wide bike ride. Experience a side of Boston you’ve never seen: ride along a car-free Storrow Drive, explore historic neighborhoods, and take in views of the Boston Harbor that are just for you on your bike.

TD Bank Mayor’s Cup

The TD Bank Mayor’s Cup is a professional cycling race in the heart of downtown Boston. America’s best teams and predominant criterium racers return to Boston to compete for $40,000 in prize money. Tight packs of pro cyclists will ride to their limits as they sprint for cash bonuses, dive into sharp corners, and try to break away from the hungry pack in a classic course around City Hall. There’s no better example of high-speed, spectator-friendly entertainment!


Did you know?

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