Boston’s Bike share system

Boston’s New Balance Hubway bike share is the newest way to get around the City by bicycle. It’s so easy to use:

  • Fleets of bikes are distributed at stations across Boston and the surrounding area.
  • Take short trips: Start your trip in one place and just leave the bike at the next Hubway stop.
  • Bikes are always maintained and easy to ride. They adjust to fit all sizes.
  • You don’t need a lock: you can only lock bikes at the next Hubway station.
  • Perfect for visitors and regular commuters.

Pricing is easy for visitors and frequent users:

  • After usage fee (annual membership or day-use pass), every trip under 30 minutes is free.
  • Credit card required.
  • Day users have option of 24 hour or 3-day access.
  • After 30 minutes of usage, prices augment rapidly after an hour. But you can take as many separate 30-minute trips as you want.
  • Day Use pass: $6 for 24 hours, $12 for three days.
  • Annual membership: $85
  • See the full pricing scale at the Hubway website

Signing Up

  • Annual membership pays for itself after only 17 uses at $85 membership. Sometimes membership sales occur throughout the season.
  • You have the option of adding a helmet to your membership. Make it easy and SIGN UP!
  • Day use will require you to swipe your credit card each time you take out a bike. But the initial charge is only one time for $6 or $12. You’ll incur no other costs if your trips are under 30 minutes.


  • Helmets are your #1 safety tool. Add one to your membership and have it delivered, or buy one for $8.99 at these stores.
  • Hubway bicycles must follow bicycle traffic rules and laws.
  • Hubway bikes have built in front and rear lights for visibility.

How to Use Hubway

  • To find out more about how the bikes work, check out this video produced by Harvard’s Commuter Choice program.

Visit the Hubway website to sign up and for more information!



Did you know?

Joining the Boston Cyclists Union not only supports increased bicycle access across Boston: It also carries great benefits at local merchants. Find out more about their mission and membership.

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