A focus on Equity

Boston’s bicycle programs are driven by a deep commitment to equity across Boston’s bicycling landscape. Our programs address issues of access to bicycles, education about bicycling, and community-based approaches to expand ridership.

Roll it Forward

Roll it Forward collects, repairs, and donates used bikes to non-profit community groups from all of Boston’s neighborhoods. One goal is to combat obesity and diabetes in kids and adults by increasing physical activity with bike ownership. Another goal is to introduce individuals and communities to the transformative benefits of using a bicycle for transportation, exercise, and fun. Over 2,000 bikes have already been donated, and we are always seeking more bike donations.

Women & Family Cycling

The Women and Family Cycling Initiative aims to support women and families who bike and encourage more women and families to bike in Boston. Through the Women and Family Cycling Initiative, Boston Bikes offers programming and resources specific to the needs of women who bike and families who bike together to help increase the overall use of cycling as transportation, and increase the overall number of cyclists in our cities.

Youth Cycling Program

Our program encourages bike riding among kids and teens by teaching them the skills to ride safely and creating sheltered opportunities to practice. We travel to Boston schools and community centers with a fleet of bikes and a fun curriculum. With every visit, our program fosters a lifelong love of cycling from an early age.

Bike to Market

Bike to Market is an initiative to provide free or low-cost bike repairs in low-income neighborhoods where there are no local bike shops. The program is delivered by the Boston Cyclists Union as a way to serve the community, get to know the neighborhoods, and introduce their mission across the city.

Subsidized Hubway Memberships

The New Balance Hubway bike share is transforming the way people travel in Boston. We want everyone to be a part of it. Annual memberships normally cost $85. Together with the Boston Public Health Commission, we offer a subsidized membership of $5 to individuals on public assistance.

Low-Cost Helmets

Our program makes it possible to purchase a quality bike helmet for only $8.99 at a wide variety of convenient locations across Boston. These helmets protect your head just as well as more expensive helmets, and they look good too! Free or low-cost helmets are also a part of every other community program that we offer.


Did you know?

Boston Bikes’ Community Programs were recognized in-depth within First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Newsletter! See the News post for more information.

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