Getting 100 More Bikes Rolling in South Boston

The goal of Roll it Forward is to repair used bikes and get them out to low-income Boston residents who would not otherwise have access to a bike. Bikes provide exercise, transportation, and joy, among other things. With the help of many people, Roll it Forward got exactly 100 bikes rolling in South Boston on April […]

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1,081 Bikes Distributed in 2013!

We’re proud to say that in 2013 we distributed 1,081 bikes through our Roll it Forward program! This is a record year, beating out 428 bikes in 2012, 832 in 2011, and 254 in 2010. This means we’ve distributed 2,728 bikes to Bostonians who might not otherwise have access to a bike. To roughly break down the 1,081 bikes of 2013: Recipients: 12 […]

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7 Reasons to Donate a Bike to Roll it Forward this Winter

Have a bike you no longer need? Roll it Forward collects used bicycles, fixes them up, and gives them out to Bostonians who could really benefit from a bike. Drop off locations are located throughout eastern Massachusetts. Here are some reasons why you should consider donating a bike today: 1. Clean out your basement/garage/shed. Why take up space […]

Awesome Canton Girl Scout Bike Drive

This past Sunday could be counted as the first “real” New England winter day. It was about 23 degrees with a windchill close to single digits. It was also the day the Canton Girl Scouts Service Unit Team scheduled to host a bike drive to benefit our Roll it Forward program. We thought perhaps they might […]

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Keeping Bikes Rolling

The Roll it Forward program has given out 2,413 bikes since it’s inception in 2010. In 2013 alone ‚we’ve given out about 750 bikes, with hitting 1,000 bikes for the year a distinct possibility. Every person over the age of 12 who receives a bike and helmet also receives a high quality Kryptonite U-lock. Because […]

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Roll it Forward: The City of Boston's initiative to collect, repair, and distribute used bikes throughout Boston Neighborhoods.

Did you know?

You can put a Bicycle Benefits sticker on your helmet and get rewarded at a variety of locations.

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