Subsidized Hubway Memberships

In Boston’s vision, access to the New Balance Hubway should be financially within reach for every Bostonian. Together with the Boston Public Health Commission, we offer a subsidized Hubway membership for $5, which includes a helmet and a Bicycle Benefits sticker. We are distributing these memberships to low-income Boston residents only.

The Hubway is a bicycle-sharing option that allows you to borrow a bike from one place and return it to another. As a member, you can access a bike from any station across Boston and beyond. See this map for station locations. Hubway makes it easy to run errands, get exercise, and ride a bicycle virtually hassle free. If you are new to riding a bicycle in Boston, the New Balance Hubway is a great opportunity to try it out. And with the subsidized price, using the Hubway system is much cheaper (and healthier) than using the T.

Click here to see a map of Hubway stations near you.


You qualify for a subsidized membership if you are a resident of Boston who is at least 16 or older and meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are low income (based on family size). Restrictions apply for college students.
  • You receive certain types of public assistance
  • You live in low-income housing
Please call 617–918-4343 and we’ll help you determine if you qualify for a subsidized membership. If you need support in a language other than English, please e-mail


If you qualify for the subsidy, your annual membership cost will be $5, which includes a free helmet. Additional costs beyond your $5 membership are possible. For subsidized members, the first hour* of every bicycle trip is free, but there are usage charges after that. See our Hubway page for all the details.

*This is a 30 minute increase from the normal non-subsidized free-use period.

Community Groups:

We will work with any local community organization that serves low-income Boston residents and wants to help spread the word about the subsidized Hubway membership program. This includes community centers, churches, parent organizations, social justice organizations, affordable housing coalitions, or any group that represents numerous eligible individuals. Employees of community organizations are only eligible for the subsidized membership program if they meet the income-eligibility guidelines.

If you have more questions about Hubway subsidized memberships, or if you would like to schedule a presentation about the program for a group you are a part of, please call Kim Foltz at (617) 918‑4458 or email

Program flyers in multiple languages are available upon request. For printed copies please e-mail Najah Shakir at To download the flyers please click one of the following links: English, SpanishPortuguese, Chinese, VietnameseHaitian Creole


Did you know?

Joining the Boston Cyclists Union not only supports increased bicycle access across Boston: It also carries great benefits at local merchants. Find out more about their mission and membership.

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