Know the Law, follow the Law

Full text and a summary of Massachusetts bike laws.

We strongly support MassBike’s Same Roads, Same Rules campaign. The site is full of fantastic information for bicyclists and drivers.

Download their handy flyer in English or Spanish.

Low Cost Helmets across the City

In an effort to encourage cycling safety in Boston and make cycling a safe and affordable activity for all Boston residents, the City is making low-cost helmets available to residents through the Boston Bikes program. There are three ways to purchase a low-cost helmet:

  1. Purchase a helmet for a low price at one of these retail locations.
  2. Purchase a helmet online for $24.99.
  3. Purchase a helmet when you sign up for a Hubway annual membership, and get the helmet directly mailed to you. Just click the “Helmet Option” box on the sign-up page.
  4. Redeem a free adult helmet if you qualify for a subsidized Hubway membership. Follow this link for more information and to see if you are eligible.

Educational Flyers & Pamphlets

For Drivers: Driving safely around bicycles

  • Look out for Bikes: 3 Easy Ways to Reduce Crashes. Download PDF.
  • New Pavement Markings for cyclists are cropping up around the City. Here’s what they mean for drivers”. Download the PDF.
  • Same Roads, Same Rules pdf for drivers and cyclists.

For Cyclists: Rules of the road and safe riding tips

  • Tips for a better riding experience. Download pdf
  • Same Roads Same Rules pdf for cyclists and drivers (same as above).

If you are in an accident…

Repairing bikes for safety

When the Boston Cyclists Union visited neighborhoods with their free bicycle repair program, they discovered countless kids riding their bikes without brakes. Every bike repair from Bike to Market is an investment in safe riding.

Education and Enforcement campaign

We partner with the Boston Police department for targeted enforcement of traffic rules for drivers and cyclists. Depending on the specific campaign, both motorists and cyclists may be given tickets. Literature, coupons, helmets or lights may be given. The goals of targeted enforcement efforts are to both enforce laws and to educate road users.

Tracking Bicycle Accidents

Self-reported bike accidents from November of 2009 through July 2011 and EMS crash data from January to December of 2011 have been mapped.


Did you know?

Joining the Boston Cyclists Union not only supports increased bicycle access across Boston: It also carries great benefits at local merchants. Find out more about their mission and membership.

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