6 Best Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

Spin classes and exercise bike sessions are incomplete without a pair of the best women’s indoor cycling shoes. But considering all the available options in the market, it can get a little overwhelming to choose one. The purpose of this article is to make your purchase decision easier.

There are a few common questions that we shall address too. Before we get into the products and queries, let me tell you why you must get yourself a pair of indoor cycling shoes.

Do your feet feel sore and covered with blisters? Do you slip out of the pedals at times? The solution lies in indoor cycling shoes.

The right pair of indoor cycling shoes will last longer than other shoes. The transfer of energy from your legs and feet to the pedals will also become more efficient and effective. They are much more comfortable with this activity, and you can use it for outdoor cycling too.

6 Best Indoor Cycling Shoes – For Women

Tommaso Pista spin class ready cycling shoe

Spin classes can be fun and productive if you feel comfortable, and your feet do not keep slipping off the pedals. The Pista indoor cycling shoes by Tommaso has a design that they specifically created for spin class. Comfort and affordability are this brand’s top priorities.

Why do we like this shoe so much? It comes with pre-installed dual SPD cleats.

As a result, you can use these shoes regardless of what pedals the spin class uses. SPD cleats can clip on to both sides of a lever. The metal material of these cleats is robust, and you will not have trouble finding a replacement for it.

When it comes to the durability of the upper material, it is synthetic leather. It looks good and durable at the same time. There is a perfect amount of padding inside the shoe so that you get enough cushioning, but not so much that it hampers your movements.

Breathability is another area where this pair of shoes excel. There are mesh inserts along the body, the inner lining, and the tongue. Any sweat that accumulates will dry fairly quickly. There are three Velcro straps to make it easier for you to put it on and adds to comfort too.

Pros :

You can pull and push the pedal with ease
It has a spin class-specific design
The non-skid strips towards the heel keep you stable when you are off the bike
It is very comfortable and easy to put on or remove
The sole is fiberglass material that offers all the stiffness that you need


It is not compatible on Peloton
The shoes might be slightly bigger than the stated size

New Balance WX09 V1 cycling shoe

One distinctive feature of the New Balance WX09 V1 cycling shoe is that it has rubber soles. As a result, you will not slip as much as other fiberglass sole cycling shoes. The manufacturer has sewn it from heel to toe so that it will be durable.

The upper material is a mix of artificial leather and mesh to provide both durability and breathability at the same time. With the NB Fresh feature, you can say goodbye to stinky shoes and feet as it will neutralize odor-causing bacteria.

You can adjust the lightweight EVA midsole using the midsole strap that stretches from one side to another. These shoes are SPD cleats compatible.

New Balance is a brand that makes sure they make the best footwear by investing more in research and development. This strategy has given excellent results in the form of the WX09 V1 cycling shoes.


It does not hinder your regular walks around the house in the slightest.
You can use them even if you have wider feet than the average
It comes with NB Fresh that gets rid of any odor
It barely makes the tapping sound that cycling shoes make on the ground
They are very durable and comfortable


You cannot use it with SPD-SL cleats
The sole might not be as stiff as some buyers want them to be

Pearl iZUMi Studio cycling shoes

The Pearl iZUMi Studio cycling shoes are fully synthetic from the uppers material to the sole. The mesh that makes up the upper has anti-microbial properties that make sure no fungus or bacteria make their homes on it.

The sole has openings to ensure airflow even when you are working out indoors. You can shed any sweat or water that might accumulate through the cell foam padding inside. They have updated the PE sock liner and added Silvadur anti-microbial top as material for enhanced durability.

We suggest you do not wear these shoes outside because the openings on the sole might allow water to seep in.


You can adjust the tightness by pulling the Velcro straps
Excellent value for the product
These shoes are lightweight and comfortable
It has maximized breathability and ventilation
The materials are of high quality


It is not true to size. Order one size down.

Reebok Louis Garneau Actifly cycling shoes

The Actifly team has found the main difference between when you cycle indoors and outdoors. Since there is no wind blowing when you are inside, you might sweat more than usual. As a result, breathability and proper ventilation are a must.

The Reebok Louis Garneau Actifly cycling shoes are highly breathable and wick moisture very well. The fiberglass nylon outsole comes ventilated, and the upper mesh is an anti-bacterial material. There are also some odor-eliminating properties to make sure everything stays fresh.

The insole is a perforated honeycomb design for maximum airflow and dries very quickly. You can use this shoe for most road bikes and also SPD cleats. However, the cleats do not come with the shoes.


It has anti-bacterial and anti-odor materials and properties
The ventilated yet stiff sole offers breathability and sturdiness at the same time
The interiors of the shoe dry up very quickly
The design of the shoe looks outstanding
It has a loop and hooks fastener system


You have to buy the cleats separately

Fizik R5B Donna BOA shoe

Fizik makes sure that all their R5B Donna BOA shoes get the same dedication while making them. They dedicate high-quality craftsmanship and materials for each pair that they manufacture. As a result, you will hardly find any fault in their shoes.

This shoe has BOA control that shapes itself to become a perfectly fitting and comfortable shoe. You will also notice a spike in your cycling performance because it fits all too well. Making sure that enough power transfers from your feet to the pedals; the sole is a stiff and robust carbon outsole.

The upper is microtex, ensuring durability, strength, comfort, and enough breathability. As for the insole of the Fizik, it comes fully sculpted to provide a strong connection between your feet and the pedal.


It will not pinch your feet even after prolonged use
The laces always stay put at all times
The extra detailed design fits all the curves of your feet perfectly
You will not feel any pain in your feet after a workout
It is lightweight


It might be slightly stiff the first time you use it

Shimano SH-TR5W cycling shoes

This triathlon shoes by Shimano can keep you ahead of your game by providing the best quality shoes, all the while keeping the price as affordable as possible. With the dual Velcro adjustable straps, you can customize the fit according to your feet’ shape and size.

The upper material is mesh, and hence, adequately breathable. The synthetic reinforcements also make sure that your feet and the interiors of this shoe have proper ventilation throughout. The linings and the surface that your sole touches are mesh.

We love it because of its simple “putting on” process. There is a pull tab at the heel.

You can quickly slip in and pull at the tag to get ready. The material that Shimano used to make this shoe’s sole is nylon reinforced with fiberglass. It is lightweight fiberglass to make sure that the whole shoe is light at just 9 oz for one side.

It has SPD-SL and SPD cleat compatibility. In other words, you can use it with cleats having two holes or three holes. The width of this shoe is medium.


You can put it on effortlessly thanks to the pull tab at the heels
The design is aesthetically pleasing
The insole consists of an adaptable cup
They are very light
The shoes have an extra-wide opening


If you have wide feet, this is not the shoe for you
The strap might get in the way of your pedaling


How much do indoor cycling shoes cost?

You can get an excellent pair of indoor cycling shoes for anywhere between $80 to $200. There are products that may be more or less than that, but for a decent and affordable pair, the price varies within this range.

Is it compulsory to wear indoor cycling shoes?

We cannot force anyone to wear something. However, we highly recommend you buy a pair because it is much more comfortable and more breathable than most shoes. Hence, your feet will remain dry even if you are working out indoors where there is little to no wind.

Will using indoor cycling shoes improve my performance?

Once you learn how to use indoor cycling shoes correctly, it is sure to improve your cycling performance. Since you clip the shoes on to the pedals, you can push from one foot and pull from the other.

Since it is easy to learn how to use cycling shoes, you can quickly get the hang of it. You will notice a sharp difference in your performance when wearing a pair and not.

How do I choose the right pair of indoor cycling shoes?

There are many things that you should consider while buying a pair of indoor cycling shoes. Starting with the size and price, you should also check if it is breathable or not. The padding of the insole should be enough to give you comfort.

See if a three-bolt or two-bolt shoe will cater to your needs. The fit and adjustable straps are also something to look out for when making a purchase decision. Check reviews like the ones given above so that you will not make a mistake while buying.

Are three-bolt shoes better than two-bolt shoes?

There is no definite answer to this question. Both the three-bolt and two-bolt shoes offer different benefits. If you want to walk around after a cycling session, it is better to go for a two-bolt shoe instead of three.

On the contrary, three-bolt shoes are ideal for continuous cycling sessions where you do not need to get off for a snack or drink often.

Are outdoor cycling shoes and indoor cycling shoes the same?

Indoor cycling shoes and outdoor cycling shoes are not the same. You cannot wear most indoor cycling shoes outside. On the other hand, outdoor cycling shoes will not hinder your walk or movements indoors or outdoors.

However, you can use your indoor cycling shoes anywhere as long as it is indoors. The primary purpose of this variant is to improve your performance while cycling and not for walking around.


As you can see, a pair of the best women’s indoor cycling shoes will provide you with some advantages and benefits that you cannot deny. The perfect pair will give it all to you from comfort and durability to improved performance and efficiency.

Remember that cycling indoors will make you sweat more. So you should make sure the pair that you choose comes with adequate ventilation. Finalizing any of the products mentioned above will offer all you need in the best women’s indoor cycling shoes.