Kent Thruster 700C - Worth Buying or Not?

If you’re looking to Buy the Kent Thruster 700C and wondered whether it’s worth buying, then by the end of this article, you’ll have your answer.

We’ve spent the last two weeks riding this bike and have read all the Kent Thruster reviews. With that knowledge, we’ve put together a number of reasons why you should buy it and a few reasons not to buy it.

Reviews Summary

After compiling all the reviews from other users and experts that have used this bike here’s what the reviewers thought:

Reasons to Buy this Bike

  • It has a very low price that’s very hard to beat with little or no competitors offering a similar bike at this price to performance.
  • The aesthetics of the Thruster is very stylish, and it’s praised highly by most.
  • Assembling the bike is very easy to do and shouldn’t cause any hassle for even the most inexperienced rider.
  • Other reviewers felt that the bike provides a pretty smooth riding experience and is easy to maneuver.
  • It has a comfortable seat that feels pretty good even after months of riding.
  • The frame of the thruster 700C is built with steel and is durable enough to last a few years.
  • Reviewers on the taller side upwards of 5′ 6″ to 6′ 3″ have praised it as the perfect bike for their height.
  • It has removable stickers, so if you don’t like the flair, it adds to the bike, removing it is very simple.
  • Reviewers agreed on the reasonably good durability of this bike and suggested that it “should” serve you well for a few years.

Reasons why you should consider not buying this bike

  • Some persons received the bike with bent untrue wheels that are completely out of balance.
  • There have been reviewers stating that they received their Thruster with a bent fork on some models.
  • Most riders of this bike find that the brakes are terrible.
  • The tires are cheap and might need to be replaced as soon as you ride it a few times.
  • Safety on this bike has been a general concern due to cheap welding and poor braking performance.
  • The warranty doesn’t cover a number of issues that might occur with this bike.
  • Painted rims seriously reduce the braking ability.
  • The crankset and pedals might need to be replaced as it is on the cheap side.

Overall Impression – Our Kent Thruster 700C Review

We’ve tested a lot of bikes, and very rarely do we find one in this price range that we can say is decent. Usually, our top recommendations are to go with a fixed gear bike below 500 but never down to below $150. However, this bike might be an exception after considering all the reasons to buy or not buy.

If you want a budget-friendly bike going with Kent Thruster 700C isn’t a bad idea. It has a steel frame and fork and is very easy to ride, and for the majority of commuters, it is good enough to get the job done. We also liked how stylish the bike looks and the multiple color schemes that it offers.

Another great thing we liked about this bike was how effortless assembling it is. When it arrived at our test site, we spent 15 minutes putting it together. The only bad thing that happened during the assembly is realizing that it came with an untrue wheel. However, this was quickly resolved since we knew how to true a bike wheel.

Overall, we feel this bike can serve you a while, and considering its price; you shouldn’t expect it to be one that will unrealistically last years on end.

You can also replace some parts of this bike if you really wanted to, as it does support some level of customization. The seat can be replaced with one of these bike seats. You can also replace the crankset with a better-quality fixed gear crankset, and spend a few bucks on new brakes.

The Bottom Line

If you are on a budget and I mean a really low budget, then our recommendation is that the Kent Thruster 700c is a good bike that’s worth the price. For short commutes, you’ll be just fine riding it around town. However, if you are a more demanding person, then definitely move on to the next bike.

So, considering that this bike retails around $100 at the time of our review is published, we give it a go for budget shoppers. It’s stylish and will certainly get you to your destination and back for some time.

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