Pure Fix Original Series - Worth Buying or Not?

If you’ve been searching for pure fix bikes reviews without finding anything, your search has ended. We’ve spent a few weeks reading what others have to say about the Pure Fix Original Series bike. We also had one on hand for ourselves to test and share our findings.

We can tell you that Pure Fix Original Series bikes have a strong love/hate relationship online. For the times where it’s loved, the general opinion is that it’s a great bike that balances style and affordability. When it’s hated, the general advice is to stay as far away from pure fix bikes as possible.

But which side should you listen to? Is the purefix bike really that bad that you shouldn’t give it a shot? We’ve put together everything that’s said about it in some quick points so you can easily make a decision.

PureFix Cycles Reviews Summary

To make it easy to decide whether you can risk buying the purefix, we have listed all the reasons to buy it and the reasons you might want to avoid buying one.

Reasons TO Buy the Pure Fix Original 

  • The PureFix bike is an excellent starter bike for both experienced and brand new riders.
  • It strikes a great balance with performance and affordability.
  • Reviewers praised the bicycle as a stylish urban fixie bike that is sure to turn heads.
  • With the Purefix Original Series bikes, you get a lifetime warranty covering the frame of the bike and a 1-year warranty that covers components.
  • The bike’s frame is made with high tensile steel that’s is just the right weight to not be a burden. 
  • It has Thickslick tires that reviewers have praised highly for its incredible grip and performance it provides.
  • Purefix Original bikes offer a wide variety of compatible accessories that you can easily add on. 
  • Most owners of this bike found it very easy to assemble and comment that it won’t take more than a few minutes to get it set up.
  • The Original Series bike features a flip-flop rear hub with the versatility of being a fixed wheel or freewheel bike.
  • Purefix offers the bike in a wide array of color schemes that cyclists loved.
  • Riders with heights between 4’11” to 6’3″ have all praised how well they fit on the bike, which adds to its comfort.

Reasons NOT to buy

  • Some users received their bikes with defects in areas such as the fork and paintwork.
  • There have been some complaints about defects in the fork.
  • The bike is often shipped in a different color than what is selected
  • Some bike owners have reported that issues with wheels becoming untrue. 

Pure Fix Bike Review – Our Thoughts on This Bike

The Purefix original is a generally good bike; it’s not perfect. At the same time, it’s not as bad as most of the reviewers make it seem. To be entirely unbiased, we have to state that it does have a few flaws that have rubbed some riders wrong. However, the majority of owners loved the bike.

The bike features are pretty solid on paper and hold when tested in the real world. It offers good quality components from top brand names. Moreover, it’s overall design fits well with the new urban fixie bike look.

Fixed Wheel to Fly Wheel

One feature we loved with this bike is the ability to quickly switch from a fixed wheel bike to a flywheel in minutes. This feature is made possible with their Flip-Flop hub that allows you to flip the wheel around and transform your riding experience simply.

Ride Quality

The riding experience on the bike was pretty good in both fixie and flywheel modes. The purefix bike in fixie mode carried through with momentum smoothly, and the gear ratio was just right to allow us to get over hills without much effort. Moreover, it has a very comfy seat and good height that was just right for our tester that measures in at 6’2″.


One of the best parts about this bike is how quick and easy it was to assemble. Once we got the bike parts out of the package, we put it together in roughly 12 minutes. Furthermore, it has excellent customizability with tonnes of different options that fit it.

Also, Pure Cycles offers a whopping 30 different color variants to choose from with the Purefix Original. So you should be able to find one that suits your taste perfectly. You’ll need to bear in mind that you MAY end up with a color scheme with components in a different color than you chose. 

Our Recommendation

This Purefix Original is a great bike after all is said and done. The few downsides are mostly related to PureCycles as a brand and their poor quality control. But we won’t use that as the main factor in writing off the bike.

If you want a stylish bike with fixed wheel and flywheel capabilities, this bike is a solid contender. It’s also affordable and offers excellent performance that matches the price. Moreover, it has an outstanding warranty that covers the bike and components. So, our overall rating is that you should be okay with getting Pure Fix original.

Where to Buy

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