By the numbers

  • Boston has increased bicycle ridership by nearly 82% since 2007.
  • There are now more than 2,500 new bicycle parking spaces across Boston neighborhoods.
  • Boston Bikes has worked with over 10,000 youth and engaged more than 30,000 cyclists directly through programs and events.
  • The New Balance Hubway bike share system has 72 stations and over 700 bikes in Boston, joining only a handful of cities in the U.S. with full-size public bike share systems.
  • Boston installed its 60th mile of new bike lane, notably located on Massachusetts Avenue, the spine of the city’s on-road bike network.

Community Programs

  • Roll it Forward successfully reached the goal to collect, repair, and distribute over 1,000 bikes to families across Boston. The program is continuing in 2013, having distributed 2,413 bikes as of September 2013.
  • In two years, the Youth Cycling Program worked with 7,773 youth at 48 sites across Boston, providing 426 classes.
  • Bike to Market provided free bike repair to 1,632 bikes at 80 different markets since 2011. These occurred in areas where there are no local bike shops.
  • In 2011 alone, Boston Bikes partnered with nine different neighborhood events to support 672 bike-riding participants.
  • Check the news feed to learn more about the great work our community programs are doing.


  • 60 miles of bike lane, 2012, up from only 60 yards on 2007.
  • Major launch of the New Balance Hubway public bicycle share system, 2011.
  • Massachusetts Avenue bike lane installed, 2011.
  • Boston University bridge bike lane installed, 2011.
  • Expanded bike lane network into downtown, Rose Kennedy Greenway, and Dorchester Avenue, 2011.
  • Western Avenue cycletrack expanded, 2012.
  • Commonwealth Avenue cycletrack and underpass, 2008/2009.

Safety Campaigns

  • Pamphlets about driving safely around cyclists mailed to 500,000 drivers.
  • Low cost helmets offered across Boston at accessible and convenient network of Walgreens and CVS locations.
  • Safe-riding tips literature distributed to 5,000 cyclists in print and via email.
  • Pioneered online crash accident maps to better understand bicycle accident locations and severity.
  • Be Bright, Be Right campaign targeted cyclists with reminders to wear lights at night and signal at turns.

Download our 2012-May 2013 Annual Report (2.2MB, PDF).

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Did you know?

Joining the Boston Cyclists Union not only supports increased bicycle access across Boston: It also carries great benefits at local merchants. Find out more about their mission and membership.

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