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How much does a mountain bike weigh?

One popular question for many mountain bike riders is: how much does a mountain bike weigh? Now, this question might not be your main concern if you are a beginner. But as you begin to upgrade your bike components, you would become conscious about your bike weight. Studies have proven that there is a specific

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7 Key Tips to Choosing the Right Kids Bike Size

Getting the first bike and learning how to ride is one of the most significant childhood memories for many people. As parents, you would want to give the same experience to your kids. Nevertheless, with a considerable number of brands and styles available in the market, choosing the right bike for your kids can be

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How to True a Bike Wheel

Have you ever felt a wobble or an uneven response on the brakes of your bike while riding? It could be due to the improper wheel alignment or that the wheels are out of true because they are buckled. While most people are concerned with the brakes, chains, and gears in maintaining a bike, truing

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How to Remove and Replace Bike Pedals

When you frequently use your bike for a long time, the pedals get worn out and eventually need replacement. Installing the brand new bike pedals is crucial to make it safe and enjoyable to ride the bike. It also makes it comfortable for riders and saves time when there are minor issues with the pedal

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Converting Mountain Bike to Gravel Grinder

As much as mountain bikes are fun offroad through mountainous terrain, it does not beat the versatility of a gravel bike. So, converting your mountain bike to a gravel bike is a great thing to do. Maybe you’ve also wondered what the benefits and the differences between them are and if it’s worth the hassle? Look: Converting

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How to remove rust from bike chain?

Seeing rust on a bike chain can be the most irritating thing faced by any bike owner, especially if you have recently purchased or replaced it. Now, to make matters worse, a rusted bike chain can render your bike completely useless, or even cost you money. As such, learning how to get rid of rust

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Shimano Altus Vs Acera

You’ve got yourself a snazzy mountain bike. Now what? If you want to optimize its performance, equip it with gear from the right groupset. The Shimano Altus and the Shimano Acera are among the top contenders for investment-worthy groupsets. Before we get down to the Shimano Altus vs. Acera debate, let’s go over the basics.

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Shimano Tiagra Vs Shimano 105

Once you invest in a road bike, the next natural course of action is to equip it with proper gear. The right gear can change the very feel and function of your bike. The Shimano Tiagra and the Shimano 105 continue to be among the top contenders for investment-worthy road bike gear. But which is

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Cannondale vs Trek bikes

Cannondale Vs Trek Bike – Who has the better bikes?

If you’re looking to buy a bike, there are two strong contenders that we suggest – Cannondale bikes and Trek bikes. These two manufacturers have each made their mark in the cycling business as being high-quality brands. Both Cannondale and Trek bikes incorporate carefully selected components meant to elevate your riding experience. As brands, Trek and Cannondale both

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Fixie vs Road Bike

Fixie Vs Road Bikes – Which one is better to Buy?

Fixie vs Road bikes has always been a subject of debate in cyclist communities. Here’s the thing – there is no definitive answer for which bike is better. Fixed gear bikes and road bikes have their differences, but they are also similar in a lot of ways. When it comes down to it, your choice

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Triathlon Bike vs Road Bike – Which Bike is Better to Buy?

Many people around the world have used bikes as a means of alternate transportation that is more environment-friendly. Whether you use it for a casual ride across the park, commute to work from home, or for competitive sports, bikes are a part of people’s lives. And when it comes to choosing the right bike, people

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Nordictrack S22i vs Peloton

Nordictrack S22i Vs Peloton – Which Bike is Better to Buy?

Almost every bike enthusiast is familiar with the brands – Nordictrack and Peloton, especially in the indoor cycling community. Both brands are at the top when it comes to performance combined with technology and comfort. Thus, choosing one from either of these bikes can be your best bet if you want to improve your indoor cycling

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Bkool vs Zwift – Which Bike Trainer is Better?

In a world where everything has adapted to technology, even health and fitness needs to take a turn to survive. As a result, two cycling simulator apps Bkool and Zwift, have been released to cater to an audience that prefers virtual connections and meetings over real-life ones. In this article, we shall compare Bkool vs

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Mongoose vs Schwinn

Mongoose vs Schwinn – Which One Should You Choose?

When we hear Mongoose vs Schwinn, we automatically think of two of the most popular bike brands competing for the top position. Although both Mongoose and Schwinn are bike brands, we know Mongoose for its BMX bikes and the Schwinn for their excellent commuter and road bikes. In this article, we will put the types of

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Scwhinn Hybrid Bikes vs Trek Hybrid Bikes

Schwinn vs Trek Hybrid Bikes – Which is Better?

We call hybrid bikes as such because they are a mix between a mountain bike and a road bike. What this means is that you can use hybrid bikes to explore moderate mountains when you feel adventurous. On other days, you can go for leisure rides or commute to and from work or college on

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Nishiki vs Schwinn

Nishiki vs Schwinn – Which is Better?

Nishiki and Schwinn are two of the most popular bicycle brands. Many people go for either one of these options because their products are reliable and dependable. Today we shall set Nishiki vs Schwinn head to head and see which one is the better brand. Comparing these two brands will help you get a better idea

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Cyclocross vs Hybrid Bike – What are the Differences?

If you are a fan of cycling, I am sure you have thought about going off-road at one point in time. Hybrid bikes and cyclocross bikes are multipurpose machines that you can use as a road bike and a mountain bike at the same time. Today we will be discussing the differences between hybrid bike

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Keiser vs Peloton Bike

Keiser M3i Vs Peloton – Which Is the Superior Indoor Bike?

Enjoying a satisfying physical workout isn’t limited to the outdoors anymore. With spin bikes, you can burn those calories and work your muscles in an air-conditioned gym, or maybe even at home. If you’re committed to your fitness regimen and are looking to invest in a premium-quality spin bike, here are two leading contenders –

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Cruiser vs Hybrid Bike – 3 Important Differences

People buy bicycles for different reasons. Some like to take a breezy ride at the beach or a comfortable tour through the streets. On the other hand, some people tend to be more adventurous and explore dirt roads and mountains in their bikes. Do these two types of people need the same bike? What should

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