Mission Statement

Boston Bikes is part of Boston’s vision for a vibrant and healthy city that benefits all its citizens. It seeks to make Boston a world-class bicycling city by creating safe and inviting conditions for all residents and visitors. Boston Bikes focuses on improvements in all six universal bike planning areas: Equity, Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation.


Boston Bikes was established in the Fall of 2007 when Nicole Freedman, a transportation planner and former Olympic cyclist, was hired. At the time, Boston had only 60 yards of bike lanes and was frequently cited as the worst city for bicycling in the country. In the years since, Boston has transformed into one of the best cities for cycling, earning Silver-level designation as a bicycle friendly community from the League of American Bicyclists. From bike lanes to community programs to bike share, Boston Bikes continues to look toward a better cycling future for this city.


Boston Bikes oversees or facilitates a vast assortment of bicycle-advancement projects across the city.

  • Bicycling infrastructure such as bike lanes, best-practice traffic controls, and expanded bike parking.
  • Facilitating the arrival of the New Balance Hubway bike share and co-promoting the service.
  • Education to youth and adults, in the public schools or in conjunction with community centers and programs.
  • Partnership with other community agencies to support their own bicycle-friendly efforts.
  • Guiding Boston’s ambitious bike network plan and hosting public feedback for it.
  • Special community programs such as Roll it Forward and Bike to Market. These programs advance bicycling within all Boston neighborhoods, specifically targeting those that might not otherwise have a chance to ride bicycles.
  • Community Events: We host public gatherings to celebrate bicyclists and continually support bringing new riders into the fold. Bike Week and Bike Fridays specifically aim to increase the number of bicycle commuters.
  • Women’s specific events: We hold events created specifically for women, by women which help spread the joys and benefits of biking in Boston and encourage more women to take to the streets by bike.
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Boston Bikes is Boston's city-wide initiative to encourage citizens and visitors to use bicycles for fun, exercise, and transportation.

Did you know?

People have taken over 2 million trips on the New Balance Hubway bike share system since July 2011. Learn why it’s so popular and see membership options at www.thehubway.com

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