6 Best Bullhorn Handlebars for your Fixie & Commuting Bike

If you've been considering swapping your handlebars for one of the best bullhorn handlebars, you'll find this buyer's guide helpful. We've reviewed 40 fixie bullhorn handlebars and identified the top options to get. We made sure that each of the handlebars we listed offers excellent durability, aerodynamics, low weight, and, most importantly, looks great!


Riding a touring or road bike with drop bars can be harsh on your back and muscles. This is because drop bars come with a hooded lever, and the brake is pushed out on the sides. Since you have to grab it using a cupping gesture, it can fatigue your hands very quickly.

On the contrary, the aerodynamic design of a bullhorn handlebar facilitates better long-distance performance. In addition, bullhorn handlebars are lightweight, which is an excellent feature of any good handlebar. And they add a cool touch to the overall riding style of your bike.

But how do I pick the right bullhorn handlebar, you might ask?

That's where we come in! Take your pick of the best bullhorn handlebars from the list below.

Best Bullhorn Handlebars:

  1. Retrospec Pursuit
  2. ORIGIN8 Bullhorn Handlebar
  3. UPANBIKE Bullhorn Handlebar
  4. Cinelli Lola Bullhorns
  5. Fyxation Rodeo Bullhorn Handlebar
  6. State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear/Fixie Bike Handlebars

Retrospec Pursuit Bullhorn Style Handlebars – Best Budget Option

Pursuit Bullhorn is a favorite of many riders for a couple of reasons. One, the handlebars are incredibly lightweight. Two, the Pursuit is among the most versatile bike accessories and is compatible with a lot of bikes.

BW USA Bullhorn Pursuit Handlebar 31.8mm x 44cm Wide – Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Bar for Fixie, Commuter Road and Other Urban Style Bicycles - Black

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In terms of features, this bullhorn handlebar is a top contender for the best title. The 6061 aluminum ensures that it is as lightweight as it is reliable. Moreover, the aluminum makes sure that the handlebars stand out in durability. Overall, the Pursuit's construction and quality is premium.

When it comes to the specs, it measures 31.8mm. However, the internal diameter on this one is on the lower side. At about 19mm, if your bike's brake levers measure more than 23mm, it will not work with this bullhorn handle. So make sure that you double-check the sizes and the compatibility before you purchase it.

Despite the minor issue with sizing, the Pursuit handlebars are an excellent choice for those looking for a great bullhorn handlebar without shelling out a lot of dollars.

ORIGIN8 Bullhorns – Most Versatile Option

Origin8 Bullhorn Handlebar, 26.0 x 420mm, Black

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This bullhorn handlebar from Origin8 is a classic piece in the biking sphere. Many of its users love it for its affordable price tag, so it has become the crowd's favorite overtime. But frankly, we love this handlebar for its impressive quality. Of course, the budget-friendly price is a nice touch too!

This bullhorn handlebar is made of 6061-T6 aluminum. For the uninitiated, this series of aluminum is among the most lightweight and durable. Another notable feature about the Origin8 handlebar is the angle. It hits a perfect balance between low and high, which is not found in many handlebars of this price range.

With an internal diameter of 19.2mm, you should be able to fit this one on any bike. The availability of this handlebar in different sizes is also a nice touch that you'll appreciate.

If you want a premium quality bullhorn handlebar without the bells and whistles, you can't go wrong with this one. You also get to pick this handlebar from two color choices – black and silver.

UPANBIKE Bike Bullhorn Handlebar – Best Choice for Fixies

This bullhorn handlebar is specifically for fixies or road bikes with fixed gears. If you ride one of those messenger style bikes, this handlebar will be a perfect upgrade accessory.

UPANBIKE Bike Bullhorn Handlebar Aluminum Alloy 25.4mm 37cm for Fixed Gear Bike Road Bike

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Like the other bullhorn handlebars on our list, this one also has a 6061 aluminum construction. So whether in terms of strength or longevity, this handlebar has no compromise. This bike handlebar's inner diameter runs a little on the narrower side, so you might need to sand the brakes before installing for a great fit.

A notable feature of the Upanbike bullhorn handlebar is the ergonomic design. This allows different hand positions for added comfort and speed. Installing this handlebar should also be a breeze if you have the right hardware for installation.

If you are on the hunt for an aggressive-looking handlebar for a messenger style bike, you won't be disappointed with this one.

Cinelli Lola Bullhorn Bicycle Handlebar – Premium Choice

Cinelli Lola Bullhorn Bicycle Handlebar, 31.8/38, Black Anodized

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The Cinelli Lola is another very well known bullhorn handlebar. In comparison to the other handlebars on our list, this one carries a higher price. However, its excellent features more than make up for the hefty price tag. Let's check out the features:

The material of construction is 6061-T6 aluminum. So this handlebar is reliable both in terms of strength and durability. One of the top features worth pointing out about the Lola handlebar is the double-butted custom design. This design feature is not very common in bike handlebars, but it dramatically ensures fatigue resistance.

You will love the 40° sweep horns, which comes indispensable while speeding through a trail. The level of grip in this bullhorn handlebar is also impressive irrespective of your speed and position. The black anodized paint adds a cool touch, while the 31.8mm makes it a breeze to install.

Fyxation Rodeo Bullhorn Handlebar – Best for casual rides

Fyxation Rodeo Bullhorn Handle Bar

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The Rodeo bullhorn handlebar has an almost straight design. This is not very common in bullhorns, but it is by no means a disadvantage.

Talking about the material, the Rodeo constitutes 6061-T6 series aluminum. This makes the handles exceptional in terms of strength as well as durability. This handlebar also offers exceptional grip, which is a great performance feature.

If you're wondering about the specs, this handlebar is available in two width – 40 and 42 cm. However, the 42 cm can be too wide for most people unless you are a six-footer. Nonetheless, you can choose the Rodeo from a choice of three colors, black, silver, and white. A combination of these features makes this bullhorn handlebar a great choice for casual riding around the city roads as well as the dirt roads.

Venzo Fixed Gear/Fixie Bike Handlebars – Best Choice for the Eclectic Rider

Venzo 25.4 x 455mm Fixie Bike Bullhorn Pursuit Handlebars Great for Fixed Gear Road Track Bicycle Lightweight Aluminum Alloy - Bull Bars

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If you love riding a bike and pops of color equally, then we've found the perfect bullhorn handlebars for you. Most handlebars don't come in bright colors, so this one stands out among a sea of plain bullhorn handlebars. Let's take a look at its features.

This handlebar measures 26mm and 23.8mm in the stem and brake clamp in terms of specs, respectively. This handlebar is exclusively for the 4130 core line. However, the dimensions mentioned earlier make it a good fit for any bike stem with a 26mm clamp. It is also an excellent fit for fixies or those bikes with fixed gears.

As we briefly highlighted above, this bullhorn handlebar comes in various colors. This includes anodized blue, green, red, black, white, silver, and gold. However, a slight variation in the color of the paint is to be expected. Quite unlike the other bullhorn handlebars on our list, this one comes with a one-year warranty, which is fantastic.


Regardless of the item or product, the FAQ section is a great place to garner more information, so you don't want to miss out on it.

What are the advantages of bullhorn handlebars?

Several advantages make bullhorn handlebars really special. Bullhorn handlebars have an aerodynamic design. So you ride in a low position, which is the winning recipe for riding at high speeds.

In addition, you get more leverage from the bike while riding uphill. Furthermore, the level of grip on the bars improves significantly. So the overall comfort level increases with a bullhorn handlebar, and the chances of fatigue minimize.

Furthermore, bullhorn handlebars have a cool and almost aggressive appearance. So they make you look like a pro rider instantly.

What types of bikes are best for bullhorn handlebars?

Generally, bullhorn handlebars and fixies are soul-mates. However, depending on the handlebars' dimension, bullhorns are typically compatible with a lot of bikes, which makes them very versatile.


Bullhorn handlebars make riding a bike more comfortable. The design of these handlebars allows you to ride in an upright position. This is not the case while riding with a drop handlebar. It minimizes the strain on your back, hips, and your limbs in general. This is why many regular bike commuters swap the stock handlebars with a bullhorn design.

As avid bike riders ourselves, these recommendations do not come lightly. We mention this fact as we test the handlebars and other accessories a lot. Our list of the best bullhorn handlebars should give you a head start in finding that perfect handlebar for your bike.

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