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Best Retro Bike Lights | The Top Vintage Bicycle Lights

If you own an old school retro vintage bike or a fixie bike, you should surely get yourself a matching pair of retro bike lights. Vintage bikes are classics, and they deserve to be adorned with the best retro bicycle lights. But most owners of a vintage styled bike tend to opt for more modern style lighting when they want new lights. 

Now although modern bike lights are considered the best lighting option to improve night riding visibility, the fact is that Retro Bike lights aren't like what most people assume them to be(old and outdated). Vintage bicycle lights have seen the same level of advancement in technology as modern looking bike lights. As such, you will find that newer retro bike lights are much brighter than the old ones that use incandescent bulbs.

This means you won't have to worry about having poor lighting or a bike light with lacking features. And you can safely equip a retro light to your bike and ride comfortably at night. However, it can be challenging to find the best vintage style bike lights if you don't know what to look for.

So to make it easier for you, I've spent the past month checking out the top lighting options to put on your vintage style bike.

Best Retro Bike Lights:

  1. GOODKSSOP Retro Vintage Bike LED Light
  2. Vintage Retro Bicycle Bike Front Light 
  3. Alomejor Vintage Bike Head Light
  4. Kiley LED Rear Tail Light for Vintage Bikes 

Vintage Bike Light Reviews

In this section, I'll do a quick review of each light so you can know what to expect.

GOODKSSOP Retro Vintage Bike LED Light

retro bicycle headlights

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This bullet bicycle headlight features a classic vintage style design that pairs well with old school bikes. It is built from durable metal and features a chrome silver shell that offers good weather protection. And in terms of lighting, it uses a single LED with a 160-degree visual angle. Moreover, it only requires 3 AAA batteries to power it for a few days. 

This retro bike light isn't very bright, but it is good enough to get the job done. And the style matched perfectly on cruisers, hybrids, and vintage road bikes.

Vintage Retro Bicycle Bike Front Light

best retro bicycle light

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This vintage retro bicycle light offers better brightness and performance than the previous option. It also features a bullet design but comes with 7 LEDs that add to the light output. Moreover, it is very easy to install on most bikes and comes in two black or chrome colors.

If you want a cheap retro bike light, you should give this one a try. 

Alomejor Vintage Bike Head Light

bullet bicycle headlight

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The Alomejor light is an old school bike light that looks pretty good on any bike. It features a blacked-out bullet retro light design. Besides, it comes with a single LED light bulb that provides adequate lighting for riding in the dark. 

It is durable thanks to the metal shell and didn't have issues even after riding with it in the rain. Furthermore, this retro light is very easy to install on either your vintage bike handlebar or between the fork. If you are after a stylish retro bicycle light, go ahead and check out the Alomejor. 

Kiley LED Rear Tail Light for Vintage Bikes

retro bicycle tail lights

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The best retro bike light for the rear of your bike might very well be this one. It features a unique design that looks cool on any vintage bike like a cruiser bike, hybrid, or road bike. Moreover, it is very well built using a chrome-plated iron shell.

This retro rear tail light uses 2 AAA batteries and will last for 70 hrs on the standard always-on setting. If you switch to the flashing setting, you can keep it for 280 hours. That's very impressive for a LED light that only uses 2 AAA batteries. 

The bottom line

Retro bike lights are great when you want to match your bike light to your bike style. However, they aren't as bright or effective as modern lights or bike wheel lights. Nor do they offer the same level of weather protection and durability that you will get from a modern bike light.

This lower performance is as a result of their design and the fact that there aren't that many companies making this type of light. With less demand, you get fewer options. So if you want the best in lighting performance and battery life that offers the ability to be recharged, you'll want to stick with modern lights. 

But if you want a retro bike bullet light that is decent for night riding, then the items in this article are the only ones you should consider.