Cheapest Zwift Trainer – The Best Budget Friendly Trainers to use with Zwift

So you're looking for the cheapest Zwift trainer on the market? Here's a comprehensive list of the best smart trainers for zwift to buy on a limited budget. These reviews of the top budget-friendly Zwift trainers will save you lots of time and get you set up and zwifting in minutes. 

Zwift is taking the cycling world by storm. However, a direct result of its insane popularity is the skyrocketing prices of smart trainers compatible with zwift. It is not uncommon for some Zwift trainers to cost $1000 and above. Although these trainers come with a gamut of features, they are not beginner or budget-friendly.

Another effect of Zwift's popularity is that brands are competing to get their share. So after weeks of research and testing, we found some of the cheapest smart trainers for Zwift. This list of budget-friendly trainers by no means compromises their quality and performance. We made sure that these trainers are from reputable brands with essential features and a cheap price tag.

Cheapest Smart Trainer For Zwift:

  1. Saris CycleOps Magnetic and Magnetic Plus Indoor Bike Trainer – Best for Zwift Beginners 
  2. Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Trainer – Best Portable Option
  3. Sportneer Bike Trainer Stand – Most Quiet Operation
  4. YAHEETECH Magnetic Bike Trainer Stand – Most Speed Option
  5. Saris CycleOps Fluid2 Indoor Bike Trainer – Premium Budget Option
  6. Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Control – Best Compatibility 
  7. Alpcour Fluid Bike Trainer Stand – Bang For Your Buck Pick

Saris CycleOps Magnetic and Magnetic Plus Indoor Bike Trainer – Best for Beginners

Saris Magnetic and Magnetic Plus Indoor Bike Trainer, Magnetic Resistance, Compatible with Zwift App

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For beginners venturing into the world of Zwift, you don't need a fancy smart trainer. One with all the essential features is just what you need, and this one from Saris fits the bill perfectly. This trainer also sells at a reasonable price considering all the features it offers. 

The Saris Cycleops zwift compatible trainer utilizes aluminum, composite, and other high-quality plastic in its construction; thus, the durability is guaranteed to handle even the hardest sessions. Also, the magnetic resistance keeps it quiet during use, which is great for apartments. Besides, the linear resistance allows you to keep the intensities challenging and offers a more versatile workout that is hard to get on a smart budget trainer. You will also love that it includes a handlebar-mounted shifter so you can adjust the trainer's resistance without getting off the bike. 

If you're wondering about its zwift compatibility, it works with Zwift seamlessly. Moreover, it also hooks up with all the major cycling apps on the market. However, you will need a speed sensor to use it with other training apps. 

Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Trainer – Best Portable Option

Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Trainer with Tote Bag

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If you want to zwift on the go, this portable Zwift trainer will be a perfect companion. It also has a collapsible design in addition to being lightweight, so you can pack it up and take it anywhere. 

It is built mostly with aluminum, which makes it very lightweight but also very sturdy. Among the most notable features of this trainer is the progressive resistance that simulates a real cycling experience. Also, the fork-mount and the adjustable sled gives an unrivaled ground clearance to this trainer. 

This trainer is also very quiet due to the aluminum roller setup, which makes it quite different from normal smart trainers. This trainer's compatibility is very impressive as it works with 16 to 29-inch wheels via the QR and Thru Axle. And, of course, it works perfectly with Zwift. The addition of a sturdy tote bag allows you to carry this trainer without any problems. 

Sportneer Bike Trainer Stand – Best for Apartments

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Zwift trainers are not known for their noisy operation. However, this one from Sportneer takes it to the next level in terms of quiet operation. Let's see what else it has to offer. 

It comes with an alloy steel construction, so it is sturdy. The noiseless feature comes from the addition of resistance wheels. However, we want to point out that if you use a mountain bike with this trainer, it does get a bit active in the noise department. The addition of multiple resistance settings will also keep your cycling session fun and challenging. 

Another feature worth mentioning is the quick release lever with which you can remove the bike easily. You will love the five anti-slip rubber feet that add stability to the trainer. Curious about the compatibility? This trainer is suitable for bikes with wheel sizes between 26 and 28 inches with 700ceels, and yes, it works with Zwift. 

YAHEETECH Magnetic Bike Trainer Stand – Best for Speed Options

Yaheetech Magnetic Bike Trainer Stand w/ 6 Speed Level Wire Control Adjuster,Noise Reduction,Quick-Release & Front Wheel Riser Resistance Foldable Bicycle Exercise Stand for Mountain & Road Bi...

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Our choice of the Zwift trainer with the most speed option comes with six-speed adjustments. And the best part about the speed variety is that you can adjust them from the handlebar, which is impressive. You might need to mount the wire control adjuster on the handlebar, but it is not complicated at all. 

The construction material in this one is a combination of iron and steel, so you know it is strong and durable. In addition, this turbo trainer has anti-slip caps, so it does not budge while you are cycling. Furthermore, these caps have teeth of varying thickness, which you can adjust to maximize stability. 

This Zwift trainer is suitable for bike wheels between 26 and 29 inches, making it a compatible trainer to use for any bike style. The recommended weight capacity of this trainer is 120 kg or 265lbs. 

Saris CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bike Trainer – Best Designed Zwift Trainer

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The CycleOps Fluid 2 is another great trainer from Saris. And we love its simple and straightforward design. Apart from its compatibility with Zwift, this trainer is a great companion for road and mountain bikes. 

This Zwift trainer has aluminum, composite, and good-quality plastic in its construction, so it is strong and reliable. The fluid resistance in this trainer is what keeps this trainer responsive and relatively quiet. In addition, the progressive resistance in this Zwift trainer simulates an outdoor riding experience. 

When it comes to compatibility, this one works with Zwift and other training apps. Furthermore, you will be able to use this trainer with bikes with wheel sizes between 26 and 29 inches. A unique feature about this Zwift trainer is the 3-settings for a rear dropout, making it a very convenient trainer to own. 

Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Control – Best Compatibility

Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer

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Our choice of the trainer with the best compatibility is also the one with a premium price tag. Despite its price, we loved this Zwift trainer because of its stellar features and compatibility.

It features a premium quality build and a durable frame that securely holds your bike. Furthermore, this trainer's use of electronic resistance makes it one of the most versatile budget zwift trainers. Unlike the other trainers where you use gear to adjust resistance, the Kinetic road machine allows you to adjust resistance using their interactive app. With this trainer, you get a max of 1800 watts at 30mph while it has a Max slope of 10%. In addition, the massive flywheel in this trainer offers you a very realistic workout every time. 

In terms of compatibility, this trainer is second to none. It works seamlessly with almost all bikes, big and small. Also, it connects with Zwift and all other training apps seamlessly. You will also love that this trainer hooks up with phones, tablets, laptops, and Garmin devices through Bluetooth and ANT+ technology. 

Alpcour Fluid Bike Trainer Stand – Best Bang For Your Buck

Alpcour Fluid Bike Trainer Stand for Indoor Riding – Portable Stainless Steel Indoor Trainer, Noise Reduction, Progressive Resistance, Dual-Lock System – Stationary Exercise for Road & Mountai...

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If you want a trainer that offers true value for money, this one from Alpcour fits the bill perfectly. It hits a great balance of quality, performance, and price, making it a total winner in our books. Among all the Zwift trainers that we tested, this one also put minimal stress on the bike tires, which is great for the bike's longevity. 

With a stainless steel frame, this trainer is sturdy and reliable. This trainer is aptly named fluid as it converts any bike into a stationary bike for Zwift cycling. Similarly, the use of fluid technology keeps this one very quiet, which you will appreciate. 

Another fantastic feature is the progressive resistance, so you get to immerse yourself in a real cycling experience right in your living room. 

You will find the anti-slip rubber pads very useful as it adds stability. Furthermore, the lock ring and the tension knob make sure that your Zwift trainer does not budge one bit. 

This Zwift trainer works with bikes that are between 26 and 29 inches and 700c wheels. Plus, they even ship it with a portable bag that is very handy for whenever you need to transport the trainer to another location or pack it away. 

Final thoughts

Considering the remarkable popularity of Zwift training, it is unthinkable to find a cheap zwift compatible trainer. But if you have made this far in the review, you should've already selected the perfect solution. We want to point out that the trainer's price does not dictate its quality and performance in most cases. If you know where to look, like this post, getting that cheap yet excellent Zwift trainer is quite possible.

Our recommendations of the cheapest Zwift trainer cover a good range of quality and all offer stellar performance. Therefore, it shouldn't be hard to pick the smart trainer within your budget and start riding with Zwift riders from all over the world. 

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Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Daniel White