How much do BMX bikes cost? (Prices Explained)

Understanding the exact cost of a BMX bike can be a little confusing, especially if you don’t know all the factors that can contribute to the price.

In this guide, I’ll talk about the different factors that influence the bike’s cost, such as the components and materials. 

Once you make your way through this article, you’ll have a better idea of the total expected cost. Let’s take a look.

Key takeaway:

Base models of BMX bikes cost around $200-$350 while higher-end models can cost $2000 or more. However, both will have a huge difference in quality. Other factors like customization, material, frame, tires, etc. also influence the price. 

What is the cost of a BMX?

how much do bmx bikes cost

The cost of the BMX depends on the category it belongs to. BMX bikes can be high-end, intermediate, or entry-level. 

But keep in mind that these prices are applicable only to complete bicycles pre-built by manufacturers and don’t include custom builds that some people opt for.

Also, note that the price of a BMX typically reflects the quality you can expect from it. This means that you should be wary of the quality you’ll get at a low price. 

Let’s now take a look at the prices.

Entry-level bikes

As the name suggests, these are base models made for beginners and cost somewhere been $200 and $350. They’re not as sturdy as BMX from well-known brands, but they’re ideal for those who want to decide if BMX is something they’re interested in.  

BMX bikes for kids also fall in the same category. The only difference is that mini BMX bikes cost even less than the average, so you can usually find one within $200.

Intermediate-level bikes

These bikes are more durable and include a few features that let riders perform more demanding tricks and activities. You can find intermediate-level bikes from $350-$700, and they’re a good deal since you get a fairly good bike without spending too much.  

High-end bikes

These models can cost more than $1000 to even more than $2000. They’re mostly standardized models but have the best material quality available for BMX like carbon fiber frames and sealed bearings.

Famous brands also price their bikes at a much higher price. For instance, Daylight is one of the most expensive BMX brands with its bikes costing up to $4000. 

What makes BMX bikes so expensive?

bmx bike cost

A number of factors affect the cost of a BMX bike. Let’s go through all of them one by one. 


BMX bikes are designed for use in jumps and tricks, which means they need to be durable and light. This also means that they need to have the right kind of materials so that they have those qualities. 

And that is one of the main factors that affect the price of the bike, and it’s particularly clear when you examine the main parts of the BMX like the frame. 

When it comes to the frame, the four most commonly used materials are carbon fiber, Chromoly, aluminum, and steel. As the quality of the material increases, so does the price, which, in turn, allows you to perform more tricks using your bike.

Here’s a quick rundown of the cost of these four commonly used materials:

  • Steel is the cheapest and usually costs around $200-$350. It’s usually used in base models and while it’s quite strong, it’s also heavy.   
  • Aluminum is a better choice than steel since it’s lighter. And in addition to entry-level bikes, it’s also used in intermediate bikes and costs around $350-$700. 
  • While Chromoly is both light and strong, it’s more expensive and costs up to $1500.
  • And carbon is the most expensive option, costing over $2000, but it promises a lightweight, comfortable, and durable frame.

Other bike parts like cranks, handlebars, and add-ons also increase the cost and that becomes much clearer when you customize it. 

The bike’s overall weight and size are also important. A bike made only of high-quality alloys like magnesium or aluminum might cost less than a bike made only with steel. 


Things get a little complicated when customizations are involved since the price greatly varies and depends on many factors such as the brand and quality. But despite the cost, it lets you ride better.

It’s also important to remember that building a bike can be pretty costly. So building a BMX bike yourself for professional use will be more expensive than buying a complete option made using similar quality material. 

In general, building your own BMX bike can cost you from $1500 to $2000 and requires a lot of knowledge. But it’s also important to mention here that buying cheap BMX bikes is a bit of a gamble since you get better performance with better quality material. 

Brand names

The price of a BMX bike also differs from one brand to the other. Some of the most popular brands include GT, Mongoose, and Huffy – their bikes are more expensive than those offered by their counterparts. 

If you want something high-quality that’ll also last for a while, you should consider investing in a high or mid-range option from these brands. 


The cost of the bike’s frame is another important factor. The frames of low-end BMX bikes are made using tubes. Meanwhile, more expensive bikes are made using high-end materials and are then molded into their final shape.


The wheels are basically an extension of the bike’s frame and contribute to the overall price in different ways. For instance, cheaper BMX bikes are fitted with plastic wheels while high-end bikes might have high-end wheels and tubeless rims.

The amount of friction that the rims add to the wheel also affects the price. As the amount of friction increases, so does the price since wheels with a larger diameter need less friction. So a 24-inch wheel will need more friction than a 29-inch wheel.

Weight & size

The bike’s weight also affects the total price in many ways. Some prefer lighter bikes, while others find heavier bikes more suitable for use.  

In addition, smaller bikes are typically less costly than bigger ones since they’re easier to build and need less material. This is particularly true for lower-end BMX bikes.


Components like the bars, derailleurs, gearing, levers, rims, and wheels affect the price of the bike. So a cheaper component will also keep the overall cost of the bike low. 


The kind of tires you choose also affects the overall cost. As mentioned above, high-quality and more durable materials are used for more expensive parts. So, for instance, BMX bikes with high-end wheels and rims will typically be made with sturdier and stronger rims.

Meanwhile, lower-end bikes use tubeless tires and cheaper plastic since they’re less expensive than rubber parts. Plus, it’s easier to replace damaged or broken parts on such BMX bikes.

Forks and stems

Different styles and features of stems and forks in a BMX bike also affect the cost. For instance, cheaper BMX bikes are fitted with cheaper forks since they’re lighter than wood. 

Meanwhile, high-end bikes typically have titanium or aluminum frames and carbon fiber components since they’re more durable, lighter, and stronger than their wood counterparts.

Brakes and levers

Some other things that affect the overall cost include the kind of brakes and levers, the body, and the bar style. All these components have specific purposes and affect the cost of the bike. 

Why are BMX bikes expensive?

how much does a bmx bike cost

There are a few reasons for the high price of a BMX bike. These include:

  • They are lightweight and are highly suitable for stunt riding
  • They’re stronger than most other bikes, and they’re adaptable to rough use in skate parks and on the street.
  • They’re also responsive and motivate you to go further.

You’ll hardly come across a pro bike that costs less than $500. In fact, some high-end manufacturers even produce bikes as costly as $4000. However, an expensive bike also won’t make you a pro or improve your skills all of a sudden – for that, you’ll have to practice.

It’s also important to mention that by investing in an expensive BMX bike, you can enjoy features like lighter alloys, a full Chromoly frame, high-grade aluminum, and better aftermarket parts. But if you’re just a beginner, it’s better to opt for a beginner bike.

Why shouldn’t you buy a costly BMX bike for your first ride?

As a beginner, you might buy a BMX for these reasons:

  • You want to perform different stunts and tricks using the bike
  • You want to use it as a commute for school or work
  • You want it for the aesthetics so that you can present yourself in a cool and stylish way
  • You want to get stronger and fitter

When starting out with BMX, you’re most likely going to be on a budget. Plus, you might not even be sure if you’re going to stick to the sport. This is why it’s better if you stick to a cheaper bike as an amateur. Plus, you can always level up and modify a few parts once you get the hang of the bike.

How can you determine if a bike is cheap? 

By cheap, we don’t mean low price; rather, we mean low quality. Always keep in mind that the retail price of the BMX doesn’t determine its quality or affordability. Instead, it’s the specifications you need to look out for. 

Most decent bikes that cost less than $500 can last for nearly a decade and that’s mostly because of the construction. Even if the price has a low price tag but a high-quality structure, it definitely can’t be called cheap.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a BMX bike cost?

The price of a BMX can range from less than $200 to even more than $2000, depending on the quality of the parts and the build. Custom bikes can cost even more than that.

Are BMX bikes expensive?

This is totally subjective and really depends on you. Some people opt for high-end bikes made only of Chromoly, while others invest in a base model and switch out the parts for better ones. The bottom line is you can find BMX bikes in all price ranges.

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