Trek vs Giant Mountain Bike – Which Mountain Bike is Better?

Mountain bikes can take us to a whole different world where excitement and exploration never ends. Everyone would like to have the best mountain bike to tackle tracks and trails. However, with so many brands around, such as Trek and Giant, it makes it hard to choose. To make your decision easier, we've compared Trek vs Giant to see which of these two popular brands has better mountain bikes.

The bike brand Trek holds a very prominent position in the market when it comes to mountain bikes. They add the latest technology and innovative features in their bikes to satisfy all the needs of their customers.

On the other hand, Giant is another "giant" name in the same industry, and their bikes suit all kinds of tracks, from steep slopes to technical trails and fast singletracks. You can truly explore the mountains and other places with Giant mountain bikes.

Trek vs Giant Mountain Bike comparison

Let us learn a little about Trek and Giant brands before we dive into the feature comparisons:

Trek Mountain bikes

One thing Trek gives a lot of importance to is adding the most advanced design features in their bikes. This way, their users get the best features from the bikes. After all, no one will want to buy or purchase an outdated product.

Moreover, they've been supporting the different needs of men and women bicycles for longer than most brands. As such, you can easily find hundreds of options for both men and women bikes from the Trek brand. 

Pros Of Trek

  • Trek caters to all cycling needs, from commuting to racing
  • They offer many innovative features in their bikes
  • Trek has more variants and sizes available for its products than Giant offers.
  • The stiff frames of Trek bikes make them ideal for racing.

Cons OF Trek

  • The price of Trek mountain bikes are on the higher side.
  • The frames may be too stiff for mountain bikes.
  • Trek does not have many options in the mountain bike selection.
  • Trek does not have many options in the mountain bike selection.

Giant Mountain bikes

Giant is a well-known brand for any type of bike you could want. They are so widely known that most cyclists should've owned one of their bikes at some point in their lives. They are such a popular name because they deliver quality and never disappoint their customers.

The Giant Mountain bikes come in many sizes and categories. Their bikes offer excellent performance that will allow you to tackle any type of terrain with ease. Moreover, with the wider variety of bike categories available from Giant bikes, you will always be able to find a suitable bike.

Pros Of Giant

  • Giant offers many options in the mountain bike category
  • Their frames are of the best quality
  • Giant mountain bikes are affordable and budget-friendly
  • This brand puts more time into making the best mountain bikes
  • The bikes by Giant are reliable and durable

Cons OF Giant

  • Giant is not the most innovative brand in the bike industry
  • This brand does not give a lot of importance to their designs and aesthetic appeal
  • In their official website, Giant does not mention any mountain bike options specifically for women.

Bike Types/Categories

Trek is a very well-rounded bike brand that tries to offer a bike for any purpose, whether it is for racing, commuting or climbing mountains. They make sure that their bicycles cater to almost every type of rider's needs. 

Giant Bicycles, on the other hand, puts a lot of their focus on their mountain bikes. They have plenty of options when it comes to this particular bike selection, but might not have that many categories as Trek. Trek's mountain bike range and models are very diverse, with all the main types of MTBs available in all the different sizes and for all genders. With Giant bikes, the selection is much smaller as they only offer Eduro's, Fat Bikes, Trail Bikes, and XC bikes with wheel sizes down to 26 inches.

So, in this case, Trek has the upper hand for diversity as they take care of every cyclist's needs.

Price range

As is the case with all brands, both the Trek vs Giant Mountain Bike options come in different price ranges. You are likely to get a mountain bike from either brand within your budget. The highest price for a mountain bike by Trek and Giant is very close, and even the lowest-priced products are similar when it comes to cost.

However, Giant offers more options at the lower price range than Trek. So, if you want a more affordable mountain bike that will not burn a hole in your pocket, we advise you to go for Giant mountain bikes.

The reason why the cost of Trek bikes is usually higher than those of Giant's is that Trek set their prices based on the features that their products offer. On the other hand, the location of the Giant's manufacturing unit is close to the raw material source. This location helps in keeping the prices as low as possible.


Trek gives a lot of importance to their design and features. They make sure that each of their products offers uniquely designed so you'll always see some great looking trek bikes for sale. And although design preference depends on the buyer, we can safely say that Trek generally designs their bikes better than Giant.

Since Giant aims at being more affordable, they do not focus on the looks or aesthetics of their products as much as Trek does. On the contrary, Trek offers value for its comparatively higher prices by adding designs and details that make a difference. With that said, we still must give credit to Giant as their bikes still look good and aren't far off from Treks'.


Similar to the design element, Trek gets another point when it comes to the features that its bikes provide. This brand puts its focus on development and research. As a result of their efforts, they can add exciting features to their products. 

At the same time, this does not mean that Giant does not offer innovative features. It simply means that when we put Trek vs Giant Mountain Bike head to head, Trek will win with the impressive features that come along with their bikes. 

Overall, you can get bikes from either brand with good components like Shimano Derailleurs and Disc brakes.

Quality of the components

When it comes to quality, Giant bicycles are second to none. This fact boils down to their prices again. One of the most distinctive things about Giant is that they get their parts and components at a much cheaper rate than other brands and companies. This reason is why they can provide better quality components even at a lower price.

You might be thinking about how this works. Let us explain the logic behind it. For the same priced bike from giant and trek, Giant's bike might have better quality parts. Since they get their components in bulk, they can put the same high-quality elements in cheaper bikes too.

In the meantime, Trek will have to settle for lower quality parts to reduce its cost and set a low price for the bike. As such, you'll end up having to buy a higher-priced bike from Trek to match the price of one from Giant.


Giant manufactures some of the best frames in the world, and even some Trek bikes use Giant's structures too. Their frames are top-quality and durable enough to last you a very long time. Moreover, they offer their frames in a wide variety of materials such as aluminum or Carbon/Composite.

Likewise, Trek also offers a good amount of frame types that will be able to satisfy your needs.

What are the main differences between Trek vs Giant Mountain Bike?

The difference between Trek vs Giant is that Giant bikes are much more affordable than Trek bikes since they are closer to the source. In contrast, Trek makes up for its high price by adding innovative features and beautiful designs. Also, Trek provides a wider variety of bike types and sizes than Giant as they offer wheel sizes down to 16" while Giant only goes to 26 inches. 

Final verdict

If you are looking for a reliable and masterful mountain bike for your adventures, you should go for the Giant mountain bikes. They are much more affordable and offer high quality in all their products. At the same time, if you do not have a problem spending some extra bucks for innovative features and equally dependable mountain bikes, Trek will be an excellent option.