Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike Review

While Schwinn needs no introduction in the bike realm, it is also true that they have numerous styles in their inventory. On the one hand, this makes us, the consumers, spoilt for choice. But it can be pretty challenging to settle on just one.

If you are looking for a reliable road bike, this review of the Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike should give you a head start as it is, without a doubt, one of the best. I had been looking for an affordable yet sturdy bike to ride to the beach on weekends. And I recently fell upon this gem from some bikers who frequent the very beach I visit.

After weeks of riding and testing, I decided to share my experience with you through this review.

Let’s get started:

Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike Review


In this comprehensive review of the Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike, I will be covering all the features that make this a great bike. These features are the frame, gears, brakes, wheels, tires, the saddle, and design. All the features on the bike were excellent in comparison to bikes at a similar price point. If you want a top-quality bike, this is one to consider!

To kick off the review, let’s jump straight to the first and probably most important feature of the Schwinn Volare Hybrid Bike.



This hybrid adult bike features a proprietary Schwinn aluminum frame. For the uninitiated, aluminum is considerably lighter than the traditional steel frame used in most bikes and just as durable. So you can be assured that the bike is lightweight without compromising its structural integrity or its sturdiness.

Moreover, this bike is equipped with a rigid fork design that guarantees reliability for long trips and when going backpacking. The rigid fork design lets the bike feel very responsive and makes the ride all the more fun and effortless.



The gears of the Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid switch very smoothly. You will find the gears also offer an excellent 14 gear range. It uses Shimano A050 shifters, which are very premium, so you will love shifting between different speeds while on the road.

However, I once spoke to a couple of guys with the same bike, some of them experienced that the rear derailleur was a little wonky when delivered. Thankfully, my bike has had no issues, plus this hybrid bike is one of the easiest to assemble/disassemble, so it should be easy to fix.



The brakes on the Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike also work seamlessly, which I loved. They are made of alloy calipers. Alloy Callipers are great brakes overall, and they add to the overall performance of the brakes.

However, I must add that the brakes tend to squeal. It can also get especially loud with more pressure, which I found annoying. Thankfully, I was able to fix it by toeing the brakes. But if you don’t want to go through that process, you can replace them with higher quality ones.

Wheels and Tires


The wheels and the tires on this hybrid bike are excellent and are a good reason why I got this bike and why you should consider it. Typically, you’d get cheaper wheels on a bike at this price point; however, Schwinn offers excellent value for money. With the Volare Hybrid Road bike, you get wheels that have an overall thin appearance, but they are nevertheless, very sturdy.

Moreover, it features quick-release wheels that you will find very useful. The quick-release feature makes it very easy to remove the bike wheel to fix whatever you want quickly. With other bikes, you would need to have some tools to remove the bike wheel, but with the Schwinn Volare, you can promptly remove it without hassle. This feature will make the bike very effortless to maintain.

Besides, they come with alloy rims that ensures durability while keeping the bike lightweight and refined. And in terms of tire width, the bike has a 28C tire, which I found pretty good to ride on multiple terrains—as such, taking the bike out on some pretty rough roads did not pose any problems for me. At the same time, the tires also keep up well with different speeds, which was fantastic.



Compared to other excellent features, the saddle on this hybrid bike falls a little short of expectation. This downfall comes from the fact that the saddle material is quite cheap, which needs replacement. Thankfully, replacing it was straightforward due to the simple design and one of these bike seats.

Design and Aesthetics


The last and one of my favorite features that made me fall in love with this bike is the design! The Schwinn Volare Hybrid adult bike has a sleek look despite its high profile design. It comes in a wide range of colors, so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Overall, the bike features a minimalist look with a splash of color here and there that truly stands out. At this price point, it would be hard to find a bike with similar specs and good looks. So it’s a bike that I would recommend buying without a doubt.

Pros & Cons


This section will cover the pros and cons of the Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike.

What we Liked:

The Schwinn Volare is a very reliable bike.
The gears shift smoothly, and the range is also high at 14 speeds.
Assembling this hybrid bike is very easy. However, if you need help, you can also request expert installation.
If you plan to take this bike out on rough roads, the width, as well as the sturdiness of the wheels, will not disappoint you.
This hybrid bike is one of the most affordable ones on the market, making it a great starter or a backup bike.

What we didn’t like:

Some of the components, including the pedals and seat, are not of good quality.
The brakes may require changing as it can squeal very annoyingly.

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The Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike is, without a doubt, a very reliable hybrid bike. It is excellent for beginners or bike enthusiast and excels even when riding on multiple terrains. Moreover, it offers very smooth handling and useful features like the quick-release wheels, rigid fork suspension, and an Aluminum build.

Among the other best features of the Schwinn Volare Hybrid Road Bike are the smooth changing gears, the braking quality, and the tires. Best of all, the Volare Hybrid bike isn’t difficult to assemble by yourself. In fact, with this bike, you do not require skills or in-depth knowledge to assemble it, which adds to its convenience.

However, there are some minor problems with this bike as well. Most notably, the screeching brakes and the seat can be a nuisance. Yet, these issues are easy to fix with just a few minutes of work and minor tweaks. Nevertheless, in my opinion, this is a great bike which will last very long and comes at an unbeatable price which makes it a total winner.

With that said, it is among my top recommended Schwinn Hybrid bikes! So go ahead and check it out before the price changes. You can click here to check the price on Amazon.