Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Review – Worth Buying or Not?

The Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Commuter Bicycle is your go-to commuter bike for all seasons. If all you want is a fast hybrid bike to ride on paved roads for daily commute purposes. Or to ride around the city casually, you cannot go wrong with this bike.

With its seven-speed gear and lightweight frame, commuting to and from work has never been easier. Right from its establishment in 2005, Sixthreezero has manufactured some amazing two-wheelers, and the sixthreezero hybrid-bicycles explore your range is my absolute favorite.

Be it a friendly bike race or a casual ride on weekends; this bike is my go-to. In fact, as long as I’m riding in and around the city, I always stick to my Explore Your Range hybrid bike.

So, the question is, what makes this hybrid bike so great? Or is it the ideal one for you? To find the answers to this, let’s discuss some of its notable features.

Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Review

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Most cyclists love this bike because of its lightweight frame. The lightweight frame, along with its gear system, makes riding uphill as easy as pie.

Let us look into some of its key features to get a closer look at the new Explore Your Range Hybrid Commuter Bicycle by Sixthreezero.

Build and Design

The bicycle’s frame weighs about 38 pounds, which is lighter than most mountain bikes. This may seem quite heavy to a newbie. However, for an experienced cyclist or a regular commuter, 38 pounds is perfect even for longer commutes.

The bike’s frame offers a classic design and is sturdy. Also, the bike’s geometry and handlebars are designed in such a way to give the cyclist a heads-up position. So, you can expect long, comfortable rides without any back, shoulder, or neck strain whenever you ride on this hybrid bike.


The Sixthreezero hybrid includes 700c tires. If you are a bike enthusiast, you already know why most cyclists love these tires on commuter bikes. The 700c tires are narrow, and thus you can easily ride them even in wet conditions. This is a necessary feature on a commuter bike.

Most hybrids with 700c tires feature a design you would commonly find on a city bike. But the explore your range women's hybrid tires feature the sturdiness and durability of a mountain bike. Whether you are riding on paved streets or wet roads, these tires offer you great support and grip.

Along with the 700c tires, the bike features double-walled rims.

Gears and Shifter

This commuter hybrid bike has a seven-speed gear system. It includes the popular RevoShift seven-speed twist shifter and Tourney Rear external derailleur from Shimano. If the majority of your route is flat and paved, this seven-speed hybrid is sufficient.

Though it is quite challenging to ride this bike on hilly unpaved areas, you can easily ride it for commuting purposes, ride around the city or exercise.


Bicycle Handlebar Types

The Explore Your Range hybrid commuter hybrid bike by Sixthreezero features linear-pull hand brakes on both the front as well as rear wheels. The brakes are responsive, providing excellent braking power effortlessly.

The brakes work exceptionally well even in wet weather conditions. However, over time, especially if you constantly ride in the rain often, the brakes can wear out. Or if you ride over twenty miles regularly, you might want to upgrade the brakes.

Overall, the brakes are powerful, effortless, and easy to engage.


When you purchase the bike, it is already about 80 percent assembled. The bike also comes with a user’s manual that includes information for assembling the saddle, handlebars, and tires.

So, you can easily follow the instructions and do the needful. Once you are done assembling the parts, all you have to do is adjust the brakes and gears before hitting the road.

You can easily make these adjustments at home. However, if you are still a beginner at this, you may want to visit a local bike shop to get the job done.

Bike Performance

Considering the price you pay, this bike is a total win. If what you’re looking for is a commuter bike to ride on paved streets during hot or wet weather conditions, without compromising speed, this hybrid bike is an ideal pick for you.

The features of the explore your range women's hybrid leans more towards a road bike as compared to off-road bikes. The bike’s tires and frames are sturdy and durable, yet not up for off-road riding.

Rather, this affordable commuter hybrid bike can be your best friend when it comes to longer comfortable commutes. It delivers exceptional performance and comfort on paved roads. Also, the external derailleur allows you to ride on curvy or hilly terrain effortlessly.

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Size and Accessories

The explore your range women's commuter hybrid bike comes in one size. If you are anywhere near 5’ to 6’2”, this bike should work well for you.

You can expect to find a kickstand, reflectors, user manual, assembly tools, and a rear rack while purchasing this bicycle by Sixthreezero.


  • The lightweight frame of the Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Men’s Commuter bicycle provides comfortable and smooth rides.
  • It is equipped with a powerful braking system.
  • The 700c tires on this hybrid bike ensure you great speed.
  • This bicycle is a perfect pick for city riding.


  • The Explore Your Range hybrid comes only in a single size option.
  • This bike is not fit for off-road riding.


The Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Men’s Hybrid Commuter Bicycle is designed for the “everyday commuter.” One of the major features of this bike you’ll instantly love is its exceptional speed on paved roads. With its seven-speed gear system and lightweight frame, riding on smooth hilly areas is as easy as pie on this bike.

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This bike is a complete package with lightweight frames, durable, high-quality tires, and high speed. It helps you hit distant miles and go furthermore with comfort and ease. The upright geometry and curved handlebars add extra comfort by preventing any body-strain.

With all these excellent features offered by the bike, the cherry on top is its price. It is a great value for money. So, if you are looking for a decent bike with all the basic features but on a tight budget, this hybrid bike is an ideal pick for you.

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