Are There Any American Made Electric bike? Best Ebikes Made in USA

There’s something to be said about owning a product that was made in your own country. It gives you a sense of pride, knowing that you’re supporting American businesses and their employees. Sadly, there aren’t that many USA made electric bikes available, and that’s especially true if you’re a fan of some of the big name brands out there like TREK or Specialized.

But just because there aren’t as many American-made e-bikes doesn’t mean that they’re not out there. In fact, quite a few companies are doing their part to produce quality electric bikes right here in the good old USA. These companies take pride in their craftsmanship and engineering, making sure that each and every bike meets the highest standards.

Key Takeaway:

There are only four electric bike companies with eBikes made entirely in the USA. They are Hi-Power Cycles based in California, Outride USA from North Carolina, Electric Bike Company from Costa Messa, and lastly, Boogie Bikes from Wisconsin.

While the limited number of e bike companies might seem a bit underwhelming, their bikes aren’t! So you don’t have to keep wondering if there are any e bikes made in usa.

Here’s a quick overview of the 4 truly American ebike companies.

Hi Power Cycles

Hi Power Cycles e bikes made in usa

Hi Power Cycles is an American electric bike company that was founded in 2008 by brothers Chris and Derek Hunt. They are pioneers in the electric bike industry, and they continue to push the limits of what their electric bikes can do.

Hi Power Cycles takes great pride in their e bike company, their commitment to customer service, and its commitment to manufacturing in the USA. Their e bikes are handcrafted in Chatsworth, California, and they proudly work with OEM manufacturers, dealers, and retail customers.

Hi Power Cycles is one of the best electric bike companies in the USA because they have a passion for their products and truly care about their customers. Their bikes are top-of-the-line, and they continue to innovate and improve their technology.

Currently, they have 9 electric bikes for sale on their website that are all made in the USA with a price range between $1,895 and $13,500.

Now while these prices might seem a bit on the high end for a e bike, you have to remember that these are premium electric bikes that are made with quality components. And when you compare the prices of Hi Power Cycles’ electric bikes to other companies that sell a similar e bike, you’ll see that their prices are actually very competitive with no cut corners.

If you’re interested in checking out their bikes, click here.

Outrider USA

Outrider USA electric bikes aren’t like the traditional electric bikes that you see on the market. In fact, they don’t even look like electric bikes and aren’t referred to like that on their website! Rather, they are called “Electric Adventure Vehicles” or, more aptly, “A Dignified Freedom Machine,” as these bikes are suitable for anyone.

Anyone can get one of these, from normal people to those with ailments such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, ALS, MS, spinal cord injuries, and even high blood pressure.

So what’s different about Outrider electric bikes “vehicles?

They come as 4-wheel or 3-wheel all-terrain vehicles that you can operate with a pedal or electric motor with handlebars that act as a joystick for turning and throttle control.

american made electric bike

The 3-wheel option gives you the stability of a trike but with the capability to go off-road, while the all-terrain 4-wheel option is built for those who want to take their e bike on any terrain imaginable. Furthermore, their bikes have a whopping 6000 watt-hours of juice that can take you up to 30 miles with a top speed of 22 MPH.

Outrider USA is based in Mars Hill, NC, and they have an excellent team of engineers, welders, and fabricators who work together to create these beautiful electric bikes here in the United States.

One thing I loved about an American electric bike brand is the fact that you can customize their vehicles as you want. However, the only downside is that the prices aren’t cheap. Starting at 9,995 for the trikes and $13,985 for the extreme all-terrain vehicles like the Coyote (Extreme Off-Road)

But as expensive as they seem, these electric bikes are still made in the USA and are totally badass! So why not buy one and support an American e bike brand?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Outrider USA, click here.


Now, if you’re a fan of comfort bikes or cruiser bikes, this is the US-based electric bicycle manufacturer you’ll want to support.

Electric Bike Company provides custom built electric cruiser bicycles which I’d say is pretty unique in this space, especially considering that they are based in the USA. Their cruisers are high quality and inspected and tested in their factory before being delivered to you. They are also delivered fully assembled, so you don’t have to worry about putting them together yourself.

Electric Bike Company e-bikes are built by local bike builders in Newport Beach, California, USA, using only the highest quality parts. However, the parts they use aren’t necessarily made here in the US, so that’s a bit of a downer if you want to support pure American electric bike brands.

However, since they are paying close attention during the assembly process, it shouldn’t be much of an issue. And I’d still consider it better than bikes from sweatshops, no?

So when you buy an Electric Bike Company cruiser, you can be confident that you’re still getting an electric bike that is truly American-made.

What are the electric bike models offered by the company, and what are their features/specs?

All their bikes are cruiser-style electric bikes. The models offered by the company include Models E, R, S, C, X, Y, F, and A. When I first saw the naming style, I thought of Tesla. But either way, I think the e bike names are pretty good.

Prices range between $1499(discounted) to $2499 as a starting price. However, keep in mind that customization may increase the final price. All the models have a range of 50-190 miles which I believe is highly impressive. They also have a max speed of between 25-28* mph and a whopping weight capacity between 300-380 lbs.

This weight limit is pretty impressive, especially if you want a bike for big guys or a bike for overweight females. I guess this is a testament to their bike quality too, as most other bikes typically offer a weight limit

These fantastic bikes come in different frame sizes and colors that you can customize to your liking. There is also an option for a folding bike for easy storage and transportation. The company also offers a 10-year warranty on the motor and frame.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this American ebike brand, click here.

Boogie Bikes

electric bikes made in usa
Image Credits: Boogie Bike USA

Another ebike company with american made electric bikes that I found just recently is Boogie Bikes. They are a smaller company but are very similar to Electric Bike Company in the way they do business and the bikes they offer.

Like the other e bike company, Boogie Bikes use “global components” to put your bike together here in the USA. They are located in Wisconsin and have been around for a few years. The good news is that they do ship bikes all across the states.

Their bike prices also vary slightly in models but you can get e-bikes from them for about $2000. Their bikes have a range of 50 miles and is powered by a 750 W motor which can get speeds of up to 20MPH.

If you’re interested in Boogie electric bicycles, check them out here.

Now you might be wondering about bike companies based in the US but don’t make their bikes here. Because even if they don’t make their e-bikes here, they at least have some part of the process done in America, right?

Kinda! There are quite a few companies that have a presence in the US, and in the rest of this article, I’ll tell you about some of them after introducing the 3 electric bike companies that are all American.

Other e bike brands

Now you might be wondering about the other bike companies based in the US like some of the more popular brands. Well in this section of the article I’ll be going over some of these e bike companies.

E Bike Brands Where are they located Where are their Bikes Made Cost Range
Aventon Los Angeles, CA China $1,399 – $2,499
Blix Santa Cruz, CA Asia $1,499 – $2,699
Cannondale Wilton, CT Taiwan, Vietnam $2,199 – $8,499
Co-op Cycles (REI) Kent, WA Taiwan $1,499 – $2,499
Diamondback Kent, WA Taiwan $1,799 – $6,499
Electra Encinitas, CA Taiwan $1,499 – $3,499
Gazelle USA Santa Cruz, CA The Netherlands $2,499 – $4,499
Giant Newbury Park, CA Taiwan $2,199 – $8,499
Haibike USA Denver, CO Taiwan $3,499 – $7,499
Juiced Chula Vista, CA China $1,499 – $2,999
Lectric Phoenix, AZ Overseas $1,499 – $2,999
Pedago Fountain Valley, CA Taiwan, Vietnam, China $1,799 – $3,999
Rad Power Bikes Seattle, WA China $1,499 – $2,999
Rambo Lakeville, MN Overseas $2,999 – $5,499
Ride1up San Diego, CA China $1,399 – $2,499
Schwinn Vancouver, WA China $1,199 – $3,999
Specialized Morgan Hill, CA Taiwan, China, Netherlands, Hungary $2,199 – $9,999
Trek Waterloo, WI Taiwan, China, Netherlands, Germany $1,999 – $8,999
Vintage Electric Bikes Santa Clara, CA Taiwan $4,995 – $9,995


Are there many e-bikes made in the USA?

The number of e-bikes made in the USA is limited compared to mass-produced e-bikes from overseas. However, the American made e-bikes are known for their high quality and innovative technology.

Who is the largest American e-bike manufacturer?

It is difficult to determine the largest American e-bike manufacturer as only a limited number of companies produce e-bikes entirely in the USA. However, Hi-Power Cycles, Outride USA, Electric Bike Company, and Boogie Bikes are all American made e-bike companies that are known for their high quality and innovative technology.

Where are Pedego electric bikes made?

Pedego electric bikes are not entirely made in the USA. They are manufactured in Taiwan, Vietnam, and China and assembled in California.

Are there any folding electric bikes made in the USA?

While it’s not common to find folding electric bikes made entirely in the USA, Electric Bike Company, based in Costa Mesa, California, offers a folding e-bike model made in the USA.

Are there any electric fat tire bikes made in the USA?

Hi-Power Cycles, based in California, offers an electric fat tire bike that is made in the USA.

How do American made e-bikes compare in price to e-bikes from other brands?

American made e-bikes can be on the higher end in terms of price compared to e-bikes from other brands, but they are often competitive with similar products. The reason for the higher prices is that the American made e-bikes are known for their high quality and innovative technology.

What makes American made e-bikes stand out compared to other e-bikes?

American made e-bikes stand out due to their high quality and innovative technology. Many of these e-bikes are handcrafted and use high-quality components such as suspension forks, rear racks, fat tires, and own frames. They also have the advantage of not being mass-produced, which allows for more customization and attention to detail.

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