Assault Bike vs Airdyne – Which Airbike should you buy?

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If you are looking for an effective way to stay fit in the comforts of your home, getting an indoor exercise bike might be one of the best options you have. Today, the topic we want to discuss is Assault Airbike Classic vs Schwinn Airdyne Pro.

Why did we choose these two products? Well, first of all, the Assault Airbike Classic and Schwinn Airdyne Pro both have excellent reputations in the home gym world. Assault Fitness has its primary focus on making the most convenient, helpful, and practical air bikes and air treadmills.

On the other hand, Schwinn is yet another innovative brand name that we can consider as one of the leaders when it comes to air resistance technology. These two brands have popular products that put them a level above the rest when it comes to a home gym and fitness equipment.

I found that both the Airbike Classic and Airdyne Pro have similar features, yet some prefer one over the other. So with this article, I want to help you find out which one will suit you more.

Now, let us get into the Assault Airbike Classic vs Schwinn Airdyne Pro comparison and settle this issue once and for all. Is one product better than the other? Continue reading to find out more.

Assault bike vs Airdyne comparison


Before we start with the feature comparisons, learning more about the brands and products will help with a clearer and more informed decision-making process.

Overview of Assault Airbike Classic


Assault made sure that the whole frame of the Airbike classic is formed durable steel, thus, keeping durability and quality as two of the most important priorities. It comes with an adjustable seat to offer ultimate comfort.

The display on this bike shows everything from the distance you covered to the calories, time, and heart sensor. We know how important and useful our phones are. This air bike has made a stand for phones and tablets.

The thing about air resistance bikes is that the faster a person pedals, the more resistance they get. This mechanism also means that more wind will blow on your face the faster or harder you pedal. But this is a good thing because working out will make you sweat and crave for a cool breeze.

Schwinn Airdyne Pro


The Schwinn Airdyne Pro has almost every single thing that you could ever ask for on a stationary indoor exercise bike. Regardless of how tough you want the resistance to be, this amazing indoor bike is up for the challenge.

Comfort is the number one priority for Schwinn. The Airdyne Pro has multi-directional handles. What this design does is allow you to have a better grip, whether your preferred grip is vertical or horizontal. The original seat is extra padded for extra comfort. You can even clamp in your seating if you want.

Durability is next on the priority list. The double-coated steel construction and solid steel cranks make sure you do not need to buy another indoor bike for a long time.

Introduction of air resistance technology


Here, we can confidently say that it was Assault Fitness that introduced the air resistance technology back in the 90s. Thus, if we hear the word “air bike,” we automatically think of Assault Airbikes. They have gotten the first-mover advantage in this case. They sort of monopolized the market when it came to air bikes.

That was until Schwinn entered the scene with their version of the air bike. This product came in the form of Airdyne Pro. What we admire about this company is that they were able to impress the people with their air bike. After so many years, they gave Assault Fitness a run for their money.

Although Assault Airbike Classic was the first to showcase this new technology to the world, we cannot ignore what an excellent product Schwinn Airdyne Pro is.

Design differences between Schwinn Airdyne Pro vs Assault Bike


There is not a lot of differences between the Assault Airbike Classic vs Schwinn Airdyne Pro.  After all, they are both air resistance fitness bikes. The major difference is only in the size of their resistance fans, which we will discuss now.

First of all, the size of the fan catches our eyes. While the Schwinn Airdyne Pro has a 26-inch diameter fan that creates resistance, this is not the case for the Assault Airbike Classic. The fan for the latter measures only 25-inches in diameter.

Since the Airdyne Pro has a bigger fan, it may have a slight advantage over the Airbike Classic when it comes to resistance creation. After all, logic points towards the fact that larger things have and produce more resistance.



You might not move your air bike a lot once you find a proper place for it in your home gym. However, this statement does not mean that you will never move it again. What makes a product more portable is its lightweight.

The Airbike Classic takes the cake in this area because it weighs less when compared to the Airdyne Pro. The weights of the Airbike and the Airdyne are 110 pounds and 113 pounds, respectively. This number might seem insignificant, but it does make a difference.

Size Comparison


Although the Airbike is lighter, it contrasts when it comes to the overall assembled size of the two bikes. We find that the Airbike is bigger than the Airdyne. The Airbike has the following dimensions when fully assembled for use: L 49 x W 22 x H 51 inches. On the contrary, the Airdyne has these dimensions: L 42 x W 20 x H 52 inches.

So what we conclude from this is that you will find it easier to set up this machine even in a comparatively smaller space. However, we recommend you to place both devices in a big enough space so that you do not feel restricted while working out.

LCD screens


When it comes to the comparison of consoles between Assault Airbike Classic vs Schwinn Airdyne Pro, both have exceptionally large screens. The screens display the times, distance covered, watts, pulse, speed, and calories burned.

The difference lies in their programs. The Assault Airbike comes with pre-programmed settings for various workouts that the user can choose from. This feature is not the case with Schwinn Airdyne. However, it does come with nine programmable options for working out.

If you want simplicity and user-friendly features with your console, you should go for the Assault Airbike Classic. The alternate option that you have is workouts already programmed into the Schwinn Airdyne Pro.



The warranty for Schwinn Airdyne Pro is much more attractive than the same for Assault Airbike Classic. While the first product comes with a 10-year warranty for the frame, Assault Airbike Classic gives buyers a 5-year frame warranty.

If we compare the warranty periods for the parts, there is no difference. Both warranty periods are for two years. As for the labor warranty, there is no information available at the moment for the Airbike Classic. However, for the Airdyne Pro, you get six months of labor warranty.



The price of a product plays an important role in purchase decisions. We always want to go for a relatively lower-priced product that offers all the benefits we need. If money is a concern of yours, it will be better if you go for the Airbike Classic.

The current price of the Airbike Classic is around $699. On the other hand, the Airdyne Pro sells at a regular price of about $1299.

Pros of Assault Airbike Classic


  • The Assault Airbike Classic is affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket
  • The features on this bike are very user-friendly and simple to use
  • You do not have to worry about moving it around thanks to its comparatively lightweight

Cons of Assault Airbike Classic

  • The warranty period is only 5 years which is somewhat limited
  • The resistance fan is not as strong as the one on Airdyne

Pros of Schwinn Airdyne Pro

  • The Airdyne has nine workout programs that you can choose from
  • It has a big and strong resistance fan that will give you the push you need
  • The Airdyne Pro has a comfortable seat and grips

Cons of Schwinn Airdyne Pro

  • The price range of the Airdyne Pro is on the more expensive side
  • There are no preprogrammed settings on the Airdyne Pro

What are the main differences between Assault Airbike Classic vs Schwinn Airdyne Pro?


The Assault Airbike Classic is more affordable as compared to the Schwinn Airdyne Pro. Although the Airdyne Pro offers a much better warranty period of 10 years, while the Airbike Pro gives only 5 years of warranty to its buyers.

The diameter of the resistance fan on the Airdyne is 26 inches. In contrast, it is only 25 inches in diameter on the Airbike. This might be the most distinctive design feature between the two. The Airbike is relatively lighter than the Airdyne, which will make it easier to move around when required.

Since Assault Fitness has been the original player in the air resistance fitness equipment, it might have more customers and better goodwill. At the same time, Schwinn was able to enter the same industry with its top-notch products, so it is a worthy contender.



We cannot say that one product is much better than the other when it comes to comparing Assault Airbike Classic vs Schwinn Airdyne Pro. We say this because they both have an equal number of pros and cons.

While it may be more pocket friendly to buy the Assault Airbike Classic, the warranty periods and features on the Schwinn Airdyne Pro justifies its high price. Since they are both excellent products, you will not regret purchasing either. Your buying decision will ultimately depend on how much money you have set aside to buy an indoor exercise bike.

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