Identify Bike By Serial Number – Guide to Identify & Lookup

Bicycle theft is a major issue in many large cities and in all likelihood we’ll all be a victim at some point! The good news is that bicycle manufacturers have begun to assign serial numbers to their bikes. These bicycle serial numbers are incredibly valuable when it comes to bicycle theft prevention.

To combat the rampant problem of stolen bikes, it’s important that you know as much as possible about bicycle serial numbers as they’ll come in handy in case you have your bike stolen. In this post, I’ll go over everything you need to know about your bike serial number. With this information, you’ll be able to identify your bike by serial number and potentially get it back if it turns up somewhere.

What are bike serial numbers?

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The bike serial number is a string of numbers that the bike company gives to your bike so they can identify details about the bike. These serial numbers are typically six to ten digits long, and it’s this number that allows bicycle owners to track their bikes in case they’re lost or stolen.

So just like your fingerprints identify you, every bike has its own unique serial number assigned by its manufacturer.

What Can You Decode with Bike Serial Numbers?

If you have the serial number of your bike, you will be able to find out information about it. This might include the date of manufacturing, type of bike, and other info which can help identify your registered bike.

How do you identify bike by serial number?

There aren’t any set ways to read a bicycle serial number because each bike manufacturer has its own way of assigning these identifying digits onto a bike or bike part. However, the first set of numbers can usually tell you when they made it (the year), and the last few digits represent assembly and an individual ID. Still, the easiest way to read the bike serial number is by using a bicycle decoder for your specific brand’s bikes.

Why is it Important to Know your Bicycle Serial Number?

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The serial will be helpful if you need to make a claim on the warranty for your bicycle in case it’s damaged. The bike company will need that serial number to process the warranty claim for you. A serial may also assist a bike mechanic in identifying the exact parts for your bicycle, which should greatly speed up your repairs.

Having all of the bicycle’s serial numbers can be very helpful in case you ever have your bike stolen. You’ll want to make sure that these are registered with a bike serial number database so you’ll be able to track it down if necessary.

Where can you find your bike’s serial number?

The bike’s serial number is typically etched into the bike frame, and you can find it near the bottom bracket, which is where your pedals are mounted to the crank arms. This location may vary depending on what type of bicycle it is and the brand. However, the locations that they put them is generally one of the following places:

  1. Bottom bracket – you can find a bike serial number on the underside, typically near the front wheel area.
  2. Headset – Another bicycle serial number may be near an opening at the head tube
  3. Rear stays – usually right behind the seat post cluster
  4. Seat downtube – found below rear stays or above the bottom bracket.
  5. Rear Dropout – Some BMX bikes may have the bike serial numbers listed here.

Once you identify the serial number on your bike, it’s very important to write it down and save a copy for yourself in case there is ever any need for identification purposes. Whether that be if someone were to steal your beloved bicycle or as part of an investigation into finding out who stole/lost their own bike! You should also take pictures of the area around where the bike serial number was found so that you’ll have all the information at hand no matter what happens.

Another thing that I always recommend doing is taking pictures of yourself with the bike in a way that clearly distinguishes identifying features of the bike. That way, you’ll have less to talk about when making claims that the bike is yours.

It can’t hurt, right?

Register Your Bike Immediately

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After you’ve found the bike’s serial number, your next goal is to register your bike in a serial number registry such as to make it easier for you if your bike is ever stolen. There are many free services that can help with this process.

While this might not always prevent your bike from being stolen, registration makes it much easier to identify and get back should you ever be unlucky enough for that to happen. Registration goes a long way in helping to deter bike theft as well.

Register Your Bike With Local Authorities

You can also register your bike with your local law enforcement agency. Most major police departments have a registration process that will allow you to list the bike in their database. This will give you added protection directly in your city, so if your bike is ever stolen, you can quickly take measures to recover it, especially since police frequently find missing bikes.

What if You can’t find the Serial Number?

If you have no way to find the bike’s serial number, you can still register your bicycle.

You need to purchase a registration kit and use the bike’s description or other identifying information (make/model) in place of the serial number on your bicycle.

The best way to go about it is to reach out to a bicycle registration and tracking company that has developed an online system for ordering kits conveniently from their website.

Another thing you could do is get a bike tracker installed on your bike to monitor the bike by GPS.

The tracker will allow you to track your bicycle in real-time so that if it ever gets stolen, all you have to do is go to the app and look where it currently is – even if the location changes while you’re looking!

Looking Up A Serial Number

Knowing how to look up a bike’s serial number is important for locating a missing bike or buying a new one. It’s also useful in making sure you get bike parts that are compatible with the bike. As such, knowing exactly where to go look up the serial is crucial.

The best places to go to do a bike serial number lookup is one website such as or These sites are bike registry sites that allow you to search for a bike by entering the bike’s serial number.

They also help to recover stolen bikes as they are set up so the bike owner will be notified if the bike pops up anywhere else online or offline without being registered with its serial number.

So while it’s not a foolproof way to prevent the bike from being stolen in the first place, bike indexes can be a great help to make sure you get your bike back if it does go missing.

How do you perform a Bike Serial Number Lookup?

To perform a lookup of a bike serial number, you need to go to one of the websites mentioned above and enter the bike’s serial number.

The bike index site will provide you search field that you can input the bike serial number into. Then all you have to do next is hit search, and the index will provide you with a list of matches. Once you have the list of matches, you can go through the details about those bikes and their location. However, to ensure this is your bike, contact any potential sellers or owners in person for verification purposes.


Can you tell the age of a bike by the serial number?

Only some bike brands use a date code in the bike serial number which would allow you to tell the age of a bike. However, most don’t so you won’t be able to use it to determine the age. 

Yes, almost all bicycles include a serial number on some part of the bicycle frame. 

Is the serial number the same as the frame number on a bike?

Yes, the frame number and serial number are the same in all cases. However, depending on the bike model and age the placement of the number may vary. 

Can you track down a bike by yourself?

Yes, you can personally track down your bike if you know the bike’s serial number and find its location online. However, confronting a thief isn’t safe, and I wouldn’t recommend doing it in most cases. Instead, I would alert the police and have them deal with the matter, or if you spot someone riding your bike, you could tail them from a distance until the police show up.

Does an E-Bike Have a Serial Number?

Like most other types of bikes, an electric bike has a serial number engraved on the bike’s frame.

Where is Fuji bike serial number located?

You can find the serial number under the bottom bracket for Fuji bicycles in most cases.

Where is Trek bike serial number?

Trek serial numbers are found near the bottom bracket and are usually in the form of a sticker with a barcode or a string of numbers and letters.

Where can I find Specialized Bike Serials?

Specialized typically put their serial number on the bottom bracket of their bikes. You can also check the down tube for a serial number in the form of a non-removable sticker.

Where is Scott’s bike serial number?

Scott bikes also tend to have their serial numbers on the bottom bracket.

How can I identify my bike by its serial number?

You can identify your bike by its serial number by checking the common serial number locations on the bike’s frame, such as the bottom bracket, headset, rear stays, seat downtube, or rear dropout. You can also use a bicycle serial number decoder or a bike serial number decoder to look up the serial number and find more information about your bike.

What is a bicycle serial number decoder?

A bicycle serial number decoder is a tool that can be used to decode a bike’s serial number and find more information about it. These tools can be found online and are typically specific to a certain brand of bike. They can help bike owners identify their bike’s model, manufacturing date and other details.

How can I use a bike serial number decoder to find my stolen bike?

A bike serial number decoder can be used to find a lost or stolen bike by inputting the serial number in the decoder and searching for information about the bike. The decoder may provide information about the bike’s location if the bike has been registered with a bicycle serial number database. It’s important to register your bike with a database after purchasing it, so if it’s stolen, it could be easier for the police to find it.

How can I use a bicycle serial number identifier to find my lost bike?

A bicycle serial number identifier is a tool that can be used to find information about a bike by inputting the serial number. These tools can be found online and are typically specific to a certain brand of bike. They can help bike owners identify their bike’s model, manufacturing date and other details. The identifier may provide information about the bike’s location if the bike has been registered in a bicycle serial number database. This can be helpful in case of a lost bike.

How can I register my bike’s serial number in a bicycle serial number database?

To register your bike’s serial number in a bicycle serial number database, you will typically need to provide the serial number and information about the bike’s make, model, and color. Some bike shops or manufacturers also provide this service, or you can check with your local police. You can also register your bike with the company, for example, Rad Power Bikes registration.

Wrapping Up

Bike serial numbers are an important part of bike security as much as properly securing your bike. So whenever you buy a bike, it is vital to write down the bike’s serial number and take pictures so that if your bike ever gets stolen or lost, you’ll have all the necessary information at hand for recovery purposes. Your next goal should be registering the bike to make it easier for recovery purposes (should the unfortunate event happen). You can also register with local law enforcement agencies like police departments which will help deter theft!

I hope all of this information has been helpful to you!

Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Daniel White