Bikes Made in the United States: (Road, Mountain, Trike, Kids) American Bike Makers

Bikes Made In The United States are a great option for many reasons. First, you know that these bikes are going to be of the highest quality possible because they’re made by hand in America. Second, buying American-made products helps keep jobs in your own country and boosts our economy. You will also find that these bikes have a certain charm about them that other bicycles simply do not have – it’s as if you can feel the care and love put into each one when you ride it!

Sadly, it is incredibly difficult to find bicycles made in the USA these days.

Most of the top brands have outsourced their manufacturing because they need to compete with other companies. Furthermore, it’s not always the case that they’ve sold out but that it’s much cheaper for them and us as consumers. 

Let’s face it…

If they didn’t move overseas, those major brands you would run to for a budget bike would go bankrupt! This is a sad reality for cycling enthusiasts, and I go over it in more detail in another article that lists where the top bicycle brands produce their bikes.

Okay, now let’s get down to business:

After weeks of researching forums, contacting brands, and visiting thousands of websites for American bike manufacturers, I’ve found most of them and compiled this list.

AMERICAN MADE Bicycles – The Ultimate List on What Bikes are Made in The USA

Throughout this section, I’ll also share the types of bikes made in the USA by the different companies. This should help you find different types of bicycles such as Mountain bikes, kids bikes, road bikes, hybrids, cruisers, etc.

313 Bicycle Works 

313 Bicycle Works is a one-of-a-kind workshop where riders of all levels can explore the creative process. From assembling your custom bike to choosing every aspect of its design and construction, the 313 team will help you bring your ideas to life.

Types of Bikes Made: Custom Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, and City Bikes

Alchemy Bicycles 

Meet the USA bike brand that builds custom bikes for adventurers. Alchemy Bicycles builds bikes that move with you to provide an amazing ride. From this brand, you can expect great American-quality road, gravel, and mountain bikes.

They have bikes that are built with a variety of materials, from carbon fiber and titanium. They are based in Colorado, so you can give them a try if you are close to their location.

Allied Cycle Works  

This American brand focuses on building superior quality road bicycles that are entirely manufactured in the United States. They only use materials from the US, so you’ll be getting an entirely American bike when you deal with this company.


This brand has been around since 2010 and focuses on custom-built handmade bike frames to produce great quality bicycles. You can get various bikes from this brand, such as custom-built mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, gravel, and road bikes.

Bent Up Cycles  

This American bike manufacturer goes after one of the most neglected bike markets today and produces great quality trikes. They make a number of custom-designed bikes too and are located in California.

Bicycle Corporation of America (BCA) 

The Bicycle Corporation of America is based in Manning, South Carolina, and manufactures bikes suitable for the entire family. They are one of the few large bike producers left in the united states.

Bike Friday 

This American bicycle brand makes its bikes in the US and is located in Oregon. You can get touring bikes, city bikes, road bikes, tandem, and E-bikes from this brand. 

Bishop Bikes 

Bishop bikes are founded by Chris Bishop out of Maryland and produces custom-built bikes of extremely great quality.

Black Market Bikes 

This brand is located in California and offers a variety of American-made bike frames and parts.

Bronson Silva Cycles  

Bronson Silva Cycles produces all the classics we love. They have all types of bikes and do more than just manufacturing. You can reach out to them if you need repairs, custom fabrication, or even full service for your bike ideas.

Calfee Designs

Calfee Designs builds its bikes in California and offers plenty of options. You can find Tandem bikes, single bikes, components, and even carbon repairs. They even offer bamboo frames so that you can DIY.

Capitol Bicycle Company 

If you live in Kentucky, you should consider checking out Capitol Bicycle Company. You can get bespoke bicycles from them built with USA tubing.


Are you looking for an American Trike brand? Then Catrike is a great brand to consider as they are one of the top tricycle brands in the world. Their bikes are made in Florida.


Chumba designs and produces handmade bikes in the USA. They are located in Austin, Texas, and offer mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and road bikes.

Co-Motion Cycles  

This American bicycle brand is located in Oregon and has been around for 30 years. They are known for producing road bikes, cyclocross bikes, touring, and tandem bikes.

Crust Bikes and where are they located?

(Custom built bikes, made in New Jersey)

This American bicycle company specializes in custom bikes and bike components. They are located in new jersey.

David Kirk 

David Kirk produces custom bicycles out of Montana. All his bikes are handmade and feature extremely high-quality finishes based on what I can see. However, he mostly builds road bikes since he’s a racer.

Detroit Bikes   

They are one of the largest bike frame manufacturers currently in the United States. Most of the bikes they offer are commuter bikes that use an American-made frame. And as should be obvious, they are located in Detroit.


Elite is another American bike maker that offers Road bikes, triathlon, and specialty bikes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ellsworth Handcrafted 

Ellsworth Handcrafted has been making mountain, urban, and cyclocross bikes since they were founded in California. They do more than just make bicycles – Ellsworth also offers their customers a wide selection of cycling gear for all types of riding styles.

Fezzari Bicycles 

Fezzari Bicycles is the place to go if you’re looking for a new custom mountain bike type from enduro, electric MTBs, Fat tire bikes, or road bikes. They are located in Utah.

Firefly Bicycles  

Firefly bicycles make custom bikes straight out of our city, Boston! They offer road bikes, all-road, cyclocross, mountain bikes, and bike upgrades. 

Funk Cycles 

Funk Cycles is a bike company in Colorado. They make American mountain bikes, fat bikes, gravel bikes, and even road bikes.

Guerrilla Gravity

Guerilla Gravity is located in colorado and builds mountain bikes that can take on any trail. They also have custom-built mountain bike frames that you can check out.


Gunnar is another American bike producer that is located in Waterford, Wisconsin. They specialize in producing bike frames for all the different types of bikes.

Holland Cycles 

Holland Cycles builds road and gravel bikes in California. They are known for building bikes great bicycles without compromising on quality.

Independent Fabrication  

Independent Fabrication is a custom bike maker located in New Hampshire. They have the ability to create cyclocross and road bikes for all types of riders, as well as off-road bikes that are perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts!


This company offers American-made bikes that perform exceptionally well. They specialize mostly in mountain bikes and are located in Oregon.

Litespeed Bicycles  

Litespeed Bicycles, the American-made bicycle company located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a great place to look for high-quality titanium and carbon fiber bicycles.

Lynskey Performance Designs  

Lynskey Performance is an American bike manufacturer specializing in the design of road bikes, mountain bikes, and custom titanium bikes. They are based in Tennessee.


Moots is a Colorado-based bike manufacturer that offers titanium frames, mountain bikes, and cross country models.

Mosaic Bespoke Bicycles  

Mosaic is known for its quality mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel/cyclocross bike frames, and city commuter models. All Mosaic’s handcrafted creations come from Boulder, Colorado.

Quiring Cycles  

If you’re looking for custom-built frames, you can check out Quiring Cycles. They are located in Michigan and have been around since 1999.

RANS Bikes 

The RANS bicycle company started in 1973 and continues to produce high-quality bikes built right in Kansas.

REEB Cycles  

REEB Cycles offers custom Mountain, Kids Bikes, Road bikes, Fat bikes, and Gravel bikes. Their bikes are manufactured in Lyons, Colorado.

Renovo by Pure Timber  

This company makes some unique wood bikes under the brand name Renovo. They are located in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Rock Lobster Cycles  

Rock Lobster produces American-made road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross, and track bikes that are custom built in California.

Sage Titanium 

The Sage Titanium Bike Manufacturing Company specializes in producing a diverse assortment of high-quality products that cater to every rider. Their durable road, mountain, cyclocross, and custom-made bicycles are also constructed in the USA!

Santana Full range of tandem bikes made in California

Seneca Cycle Works   

Seneca Cycle Works has the perfect bike for any mountain, road, or off-road terrain. They have a wide variety of models to choose from, and every model is hand-built by experienced professionals right on-site in Vermont!

Seven Cycles  

Seven Cycles is a custom bike manufacturer that has been making frames for all types of cyclists in Massachusetts. They use materials like titanium, carbon steel, and stainless steel to create bikes with the best features for any type of riding you’re looking for. Whether it’s road racing, touring, or just exploring your town on two wheels – Seven Cycles can make one perfect frame!


Shinola’s Luxury Urban Bikes are made in America and hand-assembled for you.

They are a luxury bike company that was born from a desire to bring back manufacturing jobs; Shinola has been building bikes since 2011 with the help of their partners who they have collaborated with on design, engineering, assembly, and distribution. All parts used by the manufacturers are sourced domestically, which also adds an extra American touch!

Silent Cycles   

Silent Cycles is a company that makes bikes with steel frames out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. This American brand manufactures bikes that you can be sure will always have an unrivaled record-breaking performance.

Silent Cycles offers mountain, cargo, and road bikes are designed for riders who want unmatched durability paired with unparalleled functionality.


Skylar makes Custom mountain bikes and gravel/all road bicycles. Based in Montana, they are the perfect option for that all-around cyclist who wants to go big but not too far with a bike made just for them from Skylar Bikes.

Slingshot Bikes  

Detroit-based Slingshot Bikes has two factories where they design and handcraft high-quality road bikes and mountain bike frames.

Sotherland Custom Bicycles  

The Sotherland Custom Bicycles company offers steel frame Road bikes, touring bikes, and cyclocross bikes built in Wisconsin. Whether a cyclist is looking for their next ride or to add another bike to the stable of classics, these one-of-a-kind frames are made from top-quality materials with care by skilled craftsmen who understand how much riding means to you.

Spot Bikes 

Spot Bikes offers a variety of bikes that are designed and built-in Colorado. They offer different types of high-quality mountain bikes for whatever terrain or activity you’re looking to conquer!


This brand is one of the leading manufacturers of BMX and Freestyle products. They have been in business for over 40 years, founded on three principles: quality, integrity, pride. They are located in IOWA and also produce bike frames and accessories.

Strong Frames

Strong Frames is a bike company located in Montana, specializing in custom titanium frames. From CX to gravel and from road bikes to mountain ones- they’ve built it all!

Turner Bikes 

This brand has been around since 1994 and has produced quality American-made bicycles. You can get Mountain bikes, road bikes, or cyclocross bikes from them.

Utah Trikes

Utah Trikes manufactures custom build trikes for leisurely commutes or racing. They are located in Springville, Utah.

Vassago Cycles 

Vassago offers mountain bikes and mountain bike frames built using USA-produced steel.

Ventana Mountain Bikes USA

Ventana specializes in handbuilt bikes and is located in Northern California. They offer mountain bikes, fat bikes, and tandem bikes.

Worksman Cycles  

Worksman Cycles offers American-made bicycles and industrial bikes using heavy-duty materials in the USA. They offer Cargo bikes, tricycles, bikes for heavy people, and commuter bikes. They are located in New York City.

Wyatt Bikes  

Wyatt bikes are a true American bike maker located in Bangor, WI. They focus on American mountain bikes. However, you can get other bike accessories and frames from their site.

Zinn Cycles 

Zinn Cycles offers all the bike types you can wish for, from Road bikes, Mountain, Fat bikes, Touring, E-bikes, Commuters, you name it. They are located in Portland, Oregon, and have been around since 1982.

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