5 Best Bike Helmet with lights – Top Bicycle Helmets with LEDs for Night Riding

Do you want the best bike helmet with lights for your rides? Here's a handful of choices from among the thousands of bike helmets with lights that will make your rides significantly safer. 

But before we go into the list, consider this fact:

Most bicycle accidents occur because of riders not being properly illuminated while riding at night!

You may be the most watchful and alert rider on the road, but other drivers may not be as careful. When you ride a bike with no lights, especially between sunset and sunrise, you put yourself in imminent danger. Moreover, in most states, it is required by law that you have visible reflectors while riding.

Now there are plenty of ways to make sure you are visible at night while cycling. But apart from using bike wheel lights, the best option is to get yourself a Bike helmet with lights pre-installed. 

Here are the best bicycle helmets with lights that offer maximum safety protection from accidents and make sure you're visible.

Best Bike Helmet with Lights:

  1. BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet with Light – Best For Minimalists
  2. PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet with Rear Light – Best Ventilated Choice
  3. Adult Bike Helmet with Rear Light – Budget Pick
  4. VICTGOAL Bike Helmet with Detachable Visor Back Light – Best For Mountain Bikes
  5. Smart4u Smart Helmet with LED light – Premium Pick

BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet with Rear Light – Best For Minimalists

bicycle helmet with integrated lights

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Base Camp is a respected brand for biking gears, and this simple helmet with lights is one of their top models. Moreover, the matte color options on the helmet is a minimalist's dream. So if you're one of those who don't want a colorful helmet, this is one of the best options to consider.

Apart from the matte finish, we were impressed by the bright detachable rear light on this helmet. It comes with a switch that will allow you to alternate between two modes – steady and flashing. 

However, the rules concerning the use of flashing lights by cyclists tend to vary in different places, so it's good to check it out before activating it. 

When it comes to the design and safety components, this bike helmet has a CPSC certification, which means it's safe to use in the US. Furthermore, the combination of EPS, PC, and nylon in the construction renders this helmet sturdy and reliable. 

Moreover, it features nine air vents that will keep you cool, thanks to the superior airflow that passes through them. And it even has detachable padding that you can take out to clean when you think it's too dirty. 


  • Sturdy and reliable construction. 
  • Detachable rear light. 
  • The detachable padding acts as a buffer. 
  • It has adjustable straps for a good fit. 


  • The number of air vents is less.

PHZ Bike Helmet With LED Light – Best Ventilated Choice

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With 23 air vents, this PHZ bike helmet is one of the airiest ones. In addition, the detachable rear light with up to three modes makes this helmet among our top favorites. The battery life in this helmet's light is also unmatched and clocks in more than 40+ hours. 

You will have plenty of protection from this bike helmet as it comes with in-molding technology, EPS foam core, and a polycarbonate shell. 

Its shock absorption in case of an impact is also excellent even though the helmet is very lightweight at 300gm. Apart from these, the removable pads in this helmet also keep it fresh and free from any nasty odor. 

If you're wondering about the fit, this helmet has a fantastic fit. The adjustable straps facilitate a comfortable and personalized fit. Moreover, this helmet comes in different colorways, so you have a wider range of options. 

The addition of a USB charging cable and a portable bag makes this bike helmet a good choice for gifts.


  • Detachable rear light with three modes. 
  • Excellent battery life. 
  • Twenty-three air vents for maximum ventilation. 
  • Very lightweight and comfortable. 
  • High-quality material and construction.


  • Plastic components on the straps can be annoying. 

PHZ Urban Bike Helmet with Rear Light – Budget Pick

bicycle helmet with built in lights

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Our budget pick of bike helmet with rear lights also comes from PHZ. But apart from this affordability, you will find the air vent design unique and interesting in this helmet.

The vents in this helmet are internally recessed, eliminating the traditional air vent design in most helmets. Nonetheless, it works fantastic and keeps you cool while riding a bike. Furthermore, the combination of PC shell and EPS foam in the construction ensures that this helmet absorbs shock like a champ. You will also appreciate the soft lining on the helmet, which facilitates total comfort. 

And yes, the rear LED light in this helmet is why we picked this one for our list. If you know anything about lights, LED provides more illumination and visibility. It charges via a USB, and you can switch between three modes at the flick of a switch. With the adjustable straps, the two-color, and size options, you can rest assured that this helmet will not let you down in any way.  

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  • Internally recessed air vent design. 
  • The shock-absorbing feature is excellent.  
  • The rear LED with three modes and fast charging feature.
  • Very comfortable fit.
  • It is very affordable.


  • The one-handed adjustment feature is tricky to use.

VICTGOAL Bike Helmet with Detachable Visor Back Light – Best For Mountain Bikes

bike helmets with built in lights

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The rigors of mountain biking demand that you wear a top-class helmet. So if you engage in this type of bike riding to any degree, this helmet with lights will take care of you nicely. 

It features high-quality materials on the inside and the shell, so you can confidently ride with it. Besides, the lightweight component is something that you will find indispensable while biking for long periods. The 22 vents in the helmet will keep you sufficiently cool, while the breathable padding keeps the sweat from accumulating. The addition of a detachable visor in this helmet is a practical and nice touch. 

In terms of lighting, this VICTGOAL is second to none. It features an LED safety light, a bright taillight, and six LED bulbs with three modes. You have enough options from slow flashing to fast flashing to keeping the lights normal. This is also why this biking helmet is ideal for use in night riding. If you don't need to wear the helmet at any point, the portable pouch will come in very useful. 


  • Great ventilation and moisture-wicking components. 
  • Detachable visor for added safety. 
  • Excellent rear light setup. 
  • Suitable for night cycling. 


  • They have limited color options.

Smart4u Smart Helmet with LED taillight – Premium Pick

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With a price tag that's very close to a hundred bucks at the at writing, this helmet isn't the most budget-friendly. However, it comes with stellar features that make it a great investment, especially if you love taking your bike for a frequent spin. 

This helmet is a winner with a polycarbonate shell and EPS construction. So the energy distribution and the shock absorption features are outstanding. You will love taking calls through this helmet's built-in Bluetooth connectivity and the wind-resistant microphone and dual speakers. Another fantastic feature of the helmet is sending SOS alerts in case of accidents that work via the 3-axis gravitational acceleration sensor.

In terms of lighting setup, this helmet does not compromise one bit. Equipped with six LED warning lights and a visibility range of up to 150 meters, you can confidently ride anytime, anywhere with this helmet. If you're wondering about the feel, the fit, and the size of this fantastic helmet, it has 13 vents, adjustable straps, and fits 54-58cm of head circumference. 


  • Premium material and build-quality. 
  • LED lights up to 150 meters of visibility. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity to answering calls.
  • Sends SOS alert with GPS location in case of emergency. 
  • 13 air vents for maximum ventilation. 


  • Carries a premium price tag.


This section answers a few of the most important questions on bicycle helmets with lights. 

What type of light should I look for in a bike helmet?

Most bike helmets come with a traditional halogen light and, more recently, LED lights. Bike helmets with LED setup are more energy-efficient, provide a better range of visibility, and typically last longer. However, bike helmets with LED light systems tend to be on the expensive side, so they are not everyone's cup of tea. 

On the other hand, bike helmets with halogen are very affordable. But on the flip side, they have a shorter range of visibility and have a shorter lifespan. If you choose a bike helmet with a halogen setup, use a flashing mode to prolong the battery life. 

Which is better in a bike helmet – front light or rear light?

This primarily depends on where you ride your bike. The front light in a helmet can illuminate your path while riding on trails. However, on busy roads, a front light on a bike can become a source of confusion for other drivers. In this case, using the front light in combination with a rear light is the best course of action. 

Rear lights on a helmet are the most common. But they are of no use when you need to illuminate your path in the dark. 

Besides, most rear lights on a bike are pretty small. So if you choose a rear light setup in a helmet, look for a light that is of considerable size like the ones on our list.

Wrapping Up

Bike helmets with lights have a practical and safety aspect. Also, riding with a helmet with light is a legal requirement.

So take your pick of the best bike helmet with lights on our list; you won't be disappointed with the choices.

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