Bkool vs Zwift – Which Bike Trainer is Better?

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In a world where everything has adapted itself to technology, even health and fitness needs to take a turn to survive. In an attempt to cater to an audience that prefers virtual connections and meetings over real-life ones, two cycling simulator apps have come to life. In this article, we shall compare Bkool vs Zwift and see which one is better.

So, why are we comparing these two apps in the first place? There is a very obvious answer to that question. Bkool and Zwift are the two most well-known bike simulating apps in existence at the moment. Many people have asked which one is better because we all want to use the best.

I have found both the apps to be very useful, and so, I want to share my findings of both the apps with you and whoever is interested in knowing. These simulation games are fun and helpful at keeping us fit at the same time.

Continue reading to find out which is the better and more helpful app.

Bkool vs Zwift comparison


Before we get into detailed comparisons of the features and benefits of the two apps, let us find out what they are exactly:



Bkool is a bike simulator game that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without actually going outside. You can ride through real routes, climb hills, and set new challenges for yourself. It helps in keeping you fit and healthy, and also acts as a source of entertainment for you.

Bkool will provide you with training plans and programs so that the fitness aim you set is within your reach. Since there are many Bkool players all over the world, you can play with them or challenge them. There is no rush with Bkool. You can take your own time and reach your fitness aims.



Knowing how difficult it is to set time apart for working out outdoors, Zwift has contacted top coaches and come up with over 1000 structured workouts. With the help of these programs, you can start your fitness journey at your own time without the pressure of time constraints.

There are many places that you can explore in this amazing universe. There are options for you to ride over deserts and climb mountains with volcanoes at the top. Zwift also knows how important it is to have support from other people so that you can achieve your goals with the Zwift community form all over the world.


Pricing Comparison


The first question many people have is, how much does Bkool cost? And how much does Zwift cost? When we compare the monthly price of Bkool vs Zwift, we find that Bkool has a much lower price than Zwift. So this round, Bkool will take the win.

Bkool offers a free trial for one whole month. What this means is that you can try out the Bkool app for an entire month without paying any money. Once this one month is over, you can continue using the app for $9.99 per month. That will add up to $119.88 for twelve months, or a year.

As for Zwift, they give only seven days of a free trial. Compared to the one month free trial of Bkool, what Zwift is offering is only 1/4th of Bkool’s deal. On top of this, the monthly subscription rate for Zwift is $14.99 for a single month. That is $6 more than Bkool’s monthly price.

However, you should read through the other comparisons before settling on Bkool because of its low price.

Operating system compatibility


When it comes to operating system compatibility, Bkool takes another win. The more an app allows itself to work on multiple systems, the better it is for the app to spread and go viral.

The developers of Bkool has made it available for iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. These are the most common operating systems out there, and it makes Bkool compatible with almost any device when it comes to running the app.

On the contrary, Zwift can run only on three operating systems. They are iOS, Mac, and Windows. This fact puts Zwift at a disadvantage because they are missing out on many potential customers and players who use Android devices.

Main benefit


The Zwift community is large and integrated. It allows a user to exercise with other members and enjoy the company of other players. The competition atmosphere in Zwift is very positive and encourages people to push themselves to their full potential. This app is best for racing and riding with other players in the Zwift universe.

On the other hand, if you want to set personal goals and achieve them, Bkool is an excellent app that will help you reach your aims. If you wish to have personal training sessions, you can opt for that. Or, if you want to enjoy and reach a group goal, you can always set your program to group programs.

Number of routes


The number of routes serves another victory for Bkool. Bkool has inbuilt maps and directions in New York, Copenhagen, and Bangkok. You can choose from these places without having to do any work. At the same time, if you want to add new maps, you can upload or create your own routes using their map developing feature.

On the contrary, Zwift routes are comparatively lesser in number. There are only three worlds as your choices. Within these three worlds, there are five individual routes you can take. Regardless of the less number of maps and roads, the said routes have perfect and well-done designs.

Weather conditions


Different weather conditions do not necessarily mean that you will be able to improve your workout. However, it does make your journey more fun and entertaining.

The Bkool app implements some advanced features like changes in weather like rainy and windy days. It also has a night mode that adds a hint of reality to this virtual world. Unlike Bkool, Zwift does not have any of these features. It is usually always sunny in the world of Zwift.

Avatar personalization


For both Zwift and Bkool, you can change how your avatar looks. However, the looks and physical features will depend on your level. The higher your level, the more choices you have to personalize your avatar’s looks. There is no difference between the ability to change your avatar in between the two simulator apps.

Compatible equipment


Zwift has written down a list of trainers that supports them. Regardless of this list, we believe that the app can run on most trainers and power meters as long as it is an ANT+ power meter. You can even ride it with a speed sensor.

Similarly, Bkool can run on all trainers and trainers. If you prefer going for the brand specific trainer, you can get a Bkool Turbo Trainer.

Offline workouts


Neither of the cycling simulator apps works offline. You will need a high-speed internet connection to use either Bkool or Zwift. If you do not have access to the internet, you will have to wait until you get a secure and dependable connection.

Pros of using Zwift

  • It helps you to build a supportive community and develop positive relationships with other players.
  • Zwift encourages you to enjoy all the while working on your fitness goals.
  • You can work out in the comforts of your own home and schedule.
  • You do not have to work out on a trainer that you are not comfortable with

Cons of using Zwift

  • The trainer that you use to sync with Zwift will wear out parts of your bike.
  • Without an internet connection, you may not be able to work out.

Pros of using Bkool

  • The Bkool trainer is comparatively much more pocket-friendly than other trainers
  • Bkool helps you reach personal fitness goals and improve yourself.
  • There are many features on Bkool that allows you to have a personalized experience.
  • The Bkool app subscription rate is also affordable.

Cons of using Bkool

  • The graphics on this app is not as good as we would have liked.
  • You cannot shift your workout progress from one device to another.

What are the main differences between Bkool and Zwift?


Bkool has a lower monthly rate as compared to Zwift. You get more routes on Bkool than you do on Zwift. Bkool also sells its own Bkool Turbo trainers at a comparatively lower price than other trainers. Ther are no Zwift trainers available anywhere in the market.

Zwift is better for riding and racing with other Zwift users in the Zwift community. On the other hand, you can have a more personalized training journey with Bkool.

Final verdict

Taking all the features and benefits into consideration, we can safely say that Bkool is a better cycling simulator app. It is affordable, more personalized, and has a lot more advanced features. You can also get a Bkool Turbo Trainer to use along with the app.

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