Best Bike Rack Covers for Travel – Ultimate Traveling Protection for Bikes and Racks

Owning a suitable traveling bike rack cover is required for anyone looking to transport a bike on a bike rack. However, finding the right rack cover isn't easy these days with the number of covers available online. Moreover, in most cases, these bike covers aren't even suitable to be used as a bike rack cover. 

So over the past few months, our team had to attend quite a few cycling events. We knew that the weather at this time of the year wasn't the best, and we needed the bikes to remain in pristine condition. 

We spent days searching and finally found great covers that fit perfectly over the bike and rack. In this article, we'll list and review each of the covers we used and recommend. Apart from these covers, there aren't many others that are worth buying so you can save time by just selecting one of the transport covers listed.

Best Bike Rack Covers for Travel:

  1. Formosa Covers Bicycle Covers for Bike Racks 
  2. TeamObsidian Transportation Bike Cover 
  3. YardStash Transport Waterproof Bike Cover 
  4. Velo Sock Full Bike Rack Cover for Transportation 
  5. FifthStart XL Ripstop Bike Rack Covers
  6. OVERCOVERED Heavy-Duty Bike Rack Cover

Bike Transport Cover Reviews

Here's what we found after testing each of these bike covers,

Formosa Bicycle Covers for Bike Racks 

Formosa bike covers for transport

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This bicycle rack cover from Formosa Covers is also one that we rated very highly. It completely covers your bike and offers protection through any weather condition you might encounter while transporting a bike. 

This bike cover also features two large semi-transparent sections that we found very cool. Once we saw it, we quickly realized how lacking other transportation bike covers are. Most bike rack covers completely block out the taillight of your vehicle, which can cause accidents. With this cover, the two reflective transparent panels allowed the taillight to reflect through.

Moreover, it will fit almost any type of vehicle and rack.

What we Liked:

  • The transparent reflective panels are one of the best features of this cover.
  • It offers incredible weather and waterproof protection. 
  • It will fit just about any vehicle. 
  • You can easily install it over your bike and rack in minutes. 

TeamObsidian Transportation Bike Cover 

Schwinn gtx womens hybrid bike

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Our first choice in a bicycle transportation cover is the one from TeamObsidian. This is a high-quality bag that fits perfectly on platform-style hitch racks on any vehicle. It is fully waterproof thanks to the diamond ripstop material and looks pretty durable at first glance. 

We loved this cover for more than just the waterproofing that it offers. With the TeamObsidian bicycle transport cover, you can cover any single bike type that you need. The design of the bag also accurately lets the transport cover wrap entirely around the bike. Moreover, it offers complete protection from the elements thanks to the anti UV layer and PU coating. And if that isn't enough of a reason to make this worth trying, they also offer a full 2-year warranty!

What we Liked:

  • It is large enough to cover a single bike, regardless of what type of bike it is. 
  • You can get it at an affordable price.
  • This travel bike rack cover is well built to offer almost impenetrable protection while transporting your bike. 
  • It has reflective stripes all around the bag. 
  • This cover is easy to set up over your bicycle and rack.

Velo Sock Full Bike Cover for Transportation

Velo Sock bike covers for traveling

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If you want the perfect transportation cover that'll get you through snow, rain, and wind, you want to check out the Velo Sock cover. It neatly fits over any adult bicycles and especially triathlon, road, or mountain bikes, and looks neat on your vehicle's back. Moreover, the form-fitting design drastically reduces the wind resistance you experience in other bike transport cover. 

It features a polyester-spandex material that repels water and fully protects the bike from the elements. Plus, it is very easy to put over your bike, so easy that it shouldn't take more than 2 minutes. The only downside is the high price. But for a full bike transportation cover this beautiful and practical we think it is worth the price. 

What we Liked:

  • It is a very durable transportation cover. 
  • The design and fitting of this bike cover are unlike any other transport cover.
  • It will protect both your car and bike from scratches, tire marks, etc. 
  • The Velo Sock fits most adult bicycles. 

YardStash Transport Waterproof Bike Cover 

Yardstash bicycle covers for bike racks

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The Yardstash Bike cover was featured in our list of best waterproof bike covers but can also be used as a transport cover. This cover is entirely weatherproof and will get your bikes through even the toughest of situations. It is easy to set up and covers your entire bike. 

You can cover just about any bikes from beach cruisers to electric bikes or mountain bikes. Whatever type of bike you decide to cover with this one will be completely protected. It has a durable build quality while remaining one of the most affordable bike covers you can find. 

What we Liked:

  • It is built using 600D Polyester that provides excellent weather protection.
  • They include a carrying bag that will allow you to compactly roll it up when you're done with it and pack it away in the bag.
  • The company that sells it offers a complete replacement guarantee.
  • It comes in multiple sizes, which will allow you to cover multiple bikes at once. 
FifthStart Waterproof Bike Cover. Ripstop Fabric & UV Resistant. Double Stitched & Heat Sealed Bike Covers Outdoor Storage Waterproof With Unique Breathe Valves. Ideal Bicycle Cover (1,500mm Black & Blue)
  • (12 Month Warranty) WATERPROOF RATING 1,500mm. Most innovative bike covers outdoor storage waterproof approach to protecting your bike: Whether your bike is your main form of transport or weekend fun, your investment is protected by the durability of our outdoor bike storage. The FifthStart bicycle covers outdoor storage waterproof offering is uniquely designed to protect your bike from the elements.
  • The Extra large dimensions: 82 x 46 x 30 inches (208 x 116 x 76cm) gives the option to use as a bike cover for transport on rack. This product provides protection for a wide range of bikes. Please note this cover is for ONE bike, does not cover two bikes. Bike cover waterproof outdoor. An ideal bicycle bag

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What to Consider when Choosing your Bike Covers for Traveling?

There are quite a few points that you need to take note of before pulling the trigger on a new bicycle cover for your vehicles rack. We'll cover each point, so make sure you do put some thought into these things beforehand. 


The first thing to note is what material the bicycle cover you like uses in its construction. Some materials are more durable than others, while some of them offer weather protection that you may find relevant. As such, it is good to know exactly what you're getting when you buy a cover. 

Typically, you'd want a waterproof covering that features polymer and has some level of UV protection. This way, you effectively eliminate rusting, which is one of the main factors that degrade and reduce your bike's lifespan. 

Some bicycle covers may also feature lighter materials that reduce air resistance, damaging your vehicles rack or causing accidents. So you want to make sure you stick with the best bike rack cover material which uses a polymer-based fabric. 


Most rack covers are built reasonably large and can accommodate any size bike. However, sometimes manufacturers explicitly state the size bikes that can be covered. So before buying a bike rack cover, make sure you check the specifications to see if it will fit your bike. 

In the case where the cover is universal, you won't need to worry about the sizing as that bicycle rack covers offer more than enough room. Plus, the larger bike rack covers will offer the ability to tighten the cover over the bike. 

Brake Light Clearance

Brake lights are by far one of the most important aspects of any vehicle, and having it completely covered up can spell trouble for you or other persons on the road. As such, you always need to ensure that the rack covers you select allow you to wrap them around the bike tightly and allow your brake lights to be seen. Or you will need to wire brake lights onto your car racks.

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The transportation bike rack cover with the highest taillight visibility that we've encountered so far is Fermosa Covers. 


If you travel around quite often with a bike attached to your vehicle, you'll need to invest in a bike transport cover. They protect your investment and don't cost a lot to acquire. We've listed the best options available, so you won't need to do any more searching.