Best Bike Racks for Minivan – Top Rated Options of 2022

If you love cycling as much as I do, buying a nice bike rack can be a great investment. And since you are here, I assume you have already decided to get one. Bike racks have become popular in recent years. And since there are thousands of options to choose from, you can get confused about which one to pick.

So if you are looking for the best bike racks for minivans or other similar vehicles like hatchbacks you have landed on the right page.

As a life-long bike enthusiast, I have come across a fair share of bicycle products, including bike racks. And lucky for you! Below, I have reviewed some of the most versatile bike racks I have ever used on my minivan.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump straight into the article.

Best Bike Racks for Minivans

Here are the best bicycle racks for minivans that we recommend:

  1. Allen Sports 5-Bike Minivan Hitch Racks
  2. Kuat Racks Sherpa Minivan Bike Rack
  3. SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Racks for Minivans
  4. KAC Overdrive Sports K2 Hitch Mounted Minivan bicycle Racks
  5. Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack
  6. RockyMounts MonoRail 10003 2-Bike Platform Hitch Rack

Allen Sports 5-Bike rack for minivan

best 5 bike rack for minivan

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This hitch mounted bike rack for minivan is an excellent choice for a group of cyclists traveling together as it can carry up to five bicycles conveniently. So, if your household or friends often travel in groups together, the Allen Sports 5-Bike Hitch Racks are your go-to.

The rack includes a 28-inch long arm where you can place up to five bikes at once. It also has enough space between the separate cradles to keep your bikes from ratting when you drive. This feature also prevents any possible scratches.

The rack’s arm has a tilting design. This makes your car’s trunk easily accessible even when the bike rack is in use. And when not in use, you can conveniently fold the rack down and save space.

The entire rack is made of high-quality steel and covered in black powder coating. This ensures better durability.


  • It features separate straps and cradles for each bike.
  • The individual tie-down straps add more stability and security.
  • The tilt design on this rack allows you to access your car’s trunk easily.
  • It can conveniently load up to five bikes.


  • This rack is only compatible with 2-inch hitches.
  • It doesn’t come with a lock. You’ll have to purchase it separately.

Kuat Racks Sherpa minivan bike rack

If you want something strong yet lightweight, the Kuat Racks Sherpa Bike Rack can be your ideal pick. It comes in two different hitch sizes – 1.25” and 2.0”. You can pick the one that fits your car best.

top minivan bike rack reviews

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The Kuat Racks Sherpa bike rack for minivan is made of high-quality aluminum and weighs about 45.6 pounds. Despite its lightweight design, this rack can easily carry up to two bikes (40lbs per bike). This is quite an impressive feature.

Another unique design on this rack is the presence of a foot lever, which allows you to control the rack even when your hands are not free. The rack secures each bike firmly and also provides enough space between the two. Thus, you can drive peacefully without having to worry about any damage to your bike or vehicle.


  • It is made of aluminum and is super lightweight.
  • This rack is available in two hitch sizes.
  • The presence of a foot lever increases user convenience.


  • This rack can only carry up to two bikes.
  • The process of installation can be a little tricky.

SeaSucker Talon Single minivan bicycle rack

SeaSucker Mini Van rack for bikes

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The SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack is an excellent pick for solo travelers. It is quite an unusual way of carrying your bike, but it is the best way to avoid any possible damage. This bike rack from SeaSucker is compatible with almost all types of cars.

It includes three vacuum cups, which cause zero damage to your bike or your car. It is also much lighter than other typical bike racks.

Installing these racks is super easy. You don’t need additional tools. All you have to do is clean the surface of your minivan (mounting surface), and press the pump on to the surface till the band disappears.

This bike rack for minivan also cuts down on storage problems. It weighs only about 6 lbs and can be easily carried in your backpacks or carry-ons. The SeaSucker Talon bike racks are one of the most travel-friendly and user-friendly bike racks out there.


  • It is incredibly portable.
  • This rack can hold your bikes firmly, even against strong crosswinds.
  • This rack is exceptionally lightweight. It weighs only about 6lbs.
  • It features an easy-to-use push-button pump.


  • It carries only a single bike.
  • There are no options for you to add other safety locks.

KAC Overdrive Sports K2 Hitch Mounted Rack

van bicycle rack

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The KAC Overdrive Sports hitch mounted rack is a titled platform style bike carrier. It can support up to two bikes conveniently (60lbs per bike). Though it has a capacity for only two bikes, the weight capacity on this rack is impressive.

It features an anti-wobble system. Thus, you no longer have to worry about your bikes rattling while driving. The quick-release tilt design on this rack provides easy access to your rear cargo. You can also fold up the rack when not in use.

The rack has powder-coated steel tubing and padded clamps, which not only secures your bikes in place but also protects them from all possible damages. The platform tray measures about 5,” which is enough to fit most road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, and many more.


  • It is a heavy-duty bike rack that can hold up to 120lbs.
  • The tilt design on this rack increases convenience.
  • It is foldable.
  • The padded clamps give excellent security and protection that it will hold the bike.


  • This rack can carry only up to two bikes. Thus, it is not suitable for large groups of people traveling together.

Thule Apex XT bike rack for minivan

The Apex XT Bike Hitch Rack from Thule is available in two models – 2-bike and 4-bike models. So, whether you are traveling single or in groups, you can find a fit in the Thule Apex bike rack. It weighs about 33.9 pounds.

cheap minivan bike racks

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The rack includes anti-sway and anti-wobble features. So, your bikes won’t bounce or rattle against each other when you hit the road. This feature is extremely useful as it avoids any damages on your bikes as well as your car.

It has an inbuilt cable lock to secure your bikes firmly. When not in use, you also have the option to fold it down and make some space. The tilted design on this rack gives you easy access to your car’s rear.


  • It has anti-wobble features that minimize possible damages and scratches.
  • The cushioned padding keeps contact between the bikes and the car at a minimum.
  • You can choose from two types of models according to your needs.


  • For carrying non-traditional bike types, you’ll need a separate adapter.

RockyMounts MonoRail 10003 2-Bike Platform Hitch Rack

rockymounts platform rack for vans

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The RockyMounts MonoRail Hitch rack comes in two hitch variants. One is the 1.25” hitch variant, and the other is a 2” hitch model. The 1.25” hitch model can hold up to two bikes, while the 2” variant is ideal for holding three bikes.

The best thing about this bike rack for minivans is that it holds the bikes by their wheels and not frames. This means that your bike frames are completely free from the risk of damages.

This rack can hold a wide range of bikes like road bikes or triathlon bikes, toddler bikes, women bikes, fat-tire bikes, and lots more. It also features cable and hitch pin locks, which ensures to hold your bikes at the right place without any rattling.


  • It has an impressive weight capacity of up to 120 pounds.
  • You have to attach the bike wheels on to the bike rack and not your bike frame. This minimizes damages.
  • You can easily access your car’s trunk without removing the bike rack.


  • This rack can only hold up to two bikes.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some things you should consider before buying a bike racks for minivans:

Size of the rack: 

The first thing you need to consider while buying a bike rack is to get the appropriate size for your minivan. If the bike rack is too big for your car, it may cause a lot of issues while driving. You can find the dimensions of the bike rack on the manufacturer’s label. So, always make sure to check that the rack size is appropriate for your car size.

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Bike Holding Capacity: 

Getting the right bike carrying capacity is essential. If you and your friends want to carry four bikes for your next bicycling trip only to find out that your bike rack has a capacity for only two bikes, that can be a bummer! So, depending on how many bikes you usually load, pick the right bike rack with the desired capacity. Bike racks for minivans can have a capacity of up to five bikes.

Security features: 

Most bike racks offer locking cables and straps for added security. If your rack doesn’t have one, that’s not an issue as you can always buy additional bike locks at reasonable prices. But if you can find a bike rack with inbuilt security cables, that’s excellent!


If you opt for a bike rack for minivan that secures your bike by its frame, go for racks that offer a padded design. Paddings on the rack can protect your bikes as well as your car from any possible scratches and other damages.

Choose the right type of bike rack: 

There are three main types of bike racks to choose from. All three have their own pros and cons. You can go through each of them and pick that one according to your convenience.

  • Hitch-Mounted Rack – This is one of the most popular types of mounted bike racks. A hitch-mounted rack, like the name suggests mounts on a hitch receiver at the back of a car. These racks are usually mounted lower than other rack types. Thus, loading and unloading bicycles are easier on hitch-mounted racks. On the negative side, some hitch-mounted racks may make it difficult for you to access the car trunk or affect the rearview while driving.
  • Upright Rack – Upright mounted bike racks carry your bike in an upright position. It is one of the safest methods of carrying your bike. However, it may degrade your car’s fuel performance. Also, loading and unloading bikes become quite problematic.
  • Strap-Mounted Rack – If your car doesn’t include a hitch receiver, strap-mounted racks are for you. As compared to other types, these are relatively easier to mount. Thus, putting them on and off is hassle-free and easy. Also, strap-mounted racks are more affordable than the rest. However, this type is not as secure as its counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need a bike rack?

Bike racks are essential for bike transportation by road. If you frequently travel or go camping and want to take your bike along with you, you might want to consider getting a good-quality bike rack. Racks are the safest and most convenient way of transporting your bike from one place to another.

Are all bike racks heavy?

Different bike racks have different weights. While some are bulky and heavy, some may be more lightweight than others. The weight of a bike rack also depends on its carrying capacity. For example, a 2-bike capacity rack may weigh around 20 pounds while a 4-bike rack can be heavier around 40 pounds.

Can I access my car’s trunk with bike racks on?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of rack you own. Most bike racks come with foldable features while not in use. Thus, such racks allow you to access your car’s trunk easily. In general, if you have a hitch-mounted rack attached to your car, accessing your vehicle’s trunk becomes quite difficult.


Bike racks make transporting your bikes convenient and hassle-free. If you often travel along with your bike and cannot squeeze it inside your minivan, a bike rack is a must-have. All the bike options reviewed above are some of the best in the market.

Each product offers different features and falls under different budget categories. So, depending upon your budget and needs, you can pick the one that suits you best.