Best Foldable Bike Helmets for Commuters – Top 6 Best Options

Helmets are an essential part of cycling safety! And without one, you could end up seriously injured if not worse after an accident on a bike. Moreover, in most states, it is illegal to ride a bike without a helmet.

Let's be honest:

Who likes walking around with large full-face helmets or a bag to hold your helmet after you are done riding? Our guess is not that many persons do. Moreover, it isn't the safest move to strap your helmet onto your bike handlebars when you are done biking as that makes it easy to steal. 

As such, getting a collapsible bike helmet is one of the best moves you can make to get rid of the hassle. Instead of lugging around a heavy cycling helmet, you can easily use a folding helmets. They are easy to store and, in most cases, weigh less than a regular helmet while still providing sufficient protection. 

In this article, we'll go over the best folding bike helmets that you can buy to protect yourself while cycling conveniently. 

Best Collapsible Bike Helmet

Here are the best foldable bike helmets for commuting to consider:

  1. Overade Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet
  2. FEND Folding Commuter Bike Helmet
  3. Brooks England Foldable Helmet
  4. Closca Collapsible Helmet
  5. Brilliant Bikes - 174Hudson Stack Portable folding Helmet
  6. Morpher - Flat Folding Helmet

Overade Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet

top collapsible bike helmet

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This collapsable helmet is one of the best folding helmets you could buy right now. It folds features a five-step folding or unfolding process that is very quick to complete. Moreover, it looks very stylish while still providing adequate protection for your head. 

The Overade Plixi is built with ABS plastic for the shell, which makes it very durable. And for the inner material, it uses Expanded Polystyrene that is very firm but soft enough that you won't really notice it. When both materials are paired together, you get a very durable bicycle helmet.

The foldable design also allows this folding helmet to be very breathable and adds to the comfort. So if you are someone that hates wearing a bike helmet, you would most likely change your mind after giving this one a try. 

Reasons to Buy

  • It is compact and folds to a very small size, which will fit perfectly in a small bike messenger bag.
  • It is built with premium-grade materials that make it durable.
  • The Plixi comes with a carrying pouch that you can sling across your shoulders. 
  • It has a visor at the front that protects your eyes from sun and rain. 
  • Putting on and taking it off is very easy to do. 
  • This helmet comes with reflective stickers that will improve your visibility at night.
  • It is very lightweight and comes in two sizes.

FEND Folding Commuter Bike Helmet

collapsible helmet

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The FEND helmet is an excellent folding helmet for commuters. It comes in 2 colors of matte black and matte yellow and looks very stylish. Moreover, it folds by 50%, which makes it easy to store in almost any type of bike bag. 

In terms of safety, this foldable bicycle helmet offers one of the highest safety ratings. It even exceeds the US CPSC and European EN1078 safety criteria. This means you get the same and, in some cases, better security for your head than some really expensive bike helmet. 

If you need a safe, stylish, and foldable helmet, this one is an excellent choice. 

Reasons to Buy

  • This helmet uses durable ABS and EPS for good impact protection under 20 MPH.  
  • Its stylish matte finish makes it a very unique looking helmet. 
  • The company offers a really good Happiness Guarantee so you can either refund or replace it if you don't like it or have some defects.

Brooks England Foldable Helmet

folding bike helmets

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The Brooks England Carrera Folding helmet is a little more basic than some of the other options on this list. When folded, the size is only reduced by 20%, which is less than most of the other options. However, it meets all the safety criteria necessary, so you can feel assured that it can protect your head. 

The design of the helmet is where it shines as it comes in two colors and is very lightweight. This folding helmet only weighs 330 grams. Moreover, its design allows for great ventilation. The look and finish of it might not be to everyone's standards, but we felt that it is very unique.

Reasons to Buy

  • Stylish and Affordable.
  • It can safely protect your head.
  • They fit perfectly once you've identified the right size for your head. 
  • These folding helmets are very light, so you won't feel like it's a burden to carry it around.

Closca Collapsible Helmet

best foldable bike helmet

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One of our favorite helmets of all time is this one from Closca. It is one of the best collapsible helmets you can find online. And sports a unique look that most persons will love. 

The Closca Collapsible helmet weighs just 580 grams. Moreover, when folded, this helmet is more than 50% smaller than when it isn't folded. This large reduction means that it will fit in your bag easily. And you won't have any issues with taking it with you everywhere. 

The Closca helmet also features an NFC that you can set up to contact an emergency number. So in the case where the already impressive protection fails, you can quickly call to get help. 

Reasons to Buy

  • These folding helmets have a greater volume reduction than most of the other helmets. 
  • It comes in three different sizes.
  • It features the ability to connect to NFC. 

Brilliant Bikes - 174Hudson Stack Portable folding Helmet

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The Stack collapsible bike helmet is a great bike helmet for commuters or to take bikepacking with your bike. This helmet is very stylish and comes in 4 unique colors. Moreover, it is a self collapsing helmet that reduces by almost 50% when folded in. 

The helmet is very lightweight as it only weighs 330 grams. Moreover, it meets all safety requirements and will sufficiently protect your head. 

Overall this helmet is perfect for commuters and persons that don't want to wear a heavy helmet. It is reasonably affordable and should fit most riders since they offer them in different sizes. 

Reasons to Buy

  • This helmet is rated highly by customers.
  • It weighs just 330 grams. 
  • It collapses into a very small size. 
  • Very stylish. 

Morpher - Flat Folding Helmet

collapsible bike helmet

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The Morpher helmet is another excellent collapsible helmet that you can fold almost completely flat. It is much easier to fold up than the Overade Plixi and could literally fit in a small bag or your pocket if it is large enough. 

The helmet folds up neatly and is securely held together by strong magnets when folded. Moreover, it is just as easy to put on as any other cycling helmet and is just as safe as some of the most rigid ones you can find. 

Weighing in at just .63 KGs, this folding bike helmet is super light, and you won't even notice that you are carrying a bike helmet around with you. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Rigid design ensures that this helmet meets all the safety criteria.
  • It folds up in a really compact form. 
  • This helmet is built with mostly recyclable materials.

The Bottom Line

If you truly hate biking with regular cycling helmets, then buying a foldable bike helmet is a good idea. They are very compact, and as is the case with the items we've listed weigh less than regular helmets. Moreover, they offer the same and sometimes even better protection than the other helmet types.

These are our top choices in collapsible bike helmets. We hope you've found one that suits you, but if not, do check this page often as we will update it once we've reviewed any other folding helmet.

Is a collapsible bicycle helmet safe?

These types of foldable helmets are just as safe as any other bicycle helmet. They are often more stylish but still feature a sturdy build. So you can rest assured that they are very safe to wear while cycling.

Can folding helmets only be worn when cycling?

No, you can wear folding bike helmets for almost any other type of sport. However, some of them will only protect you from impacts below 20 MPH. Make sure you check if your preferred bike helmet covers the safety rating.