Best Bike Messenger Bag – 8 Top Rated Cycling Messenger Bags in 2022

Commuting on a bike saves money, benefits your health, and is hugely beneficial for preserving the environment. But one problem that many of us face is that we do not have a great way to store essential items while on a bike. Thankfully, all you need is the best bike messenger bag!

Owning a bicycle messenger bag eliminates the storage disadvantage and makes biking as convenient as driving a car. They are compact, have several compartments that can fit almost everything, and are pretty cheap. It's one of the top recommended biking gear that every cyclist needs! 

However, searching for good bicycle messenger bags is a challenge. There are many bike messenger backpacks in the market. They come in different designs, sizes, prices, and most importantly - quality. As a result, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of options. 

To make it easier for you, we've put together a list of the eight best bike messenger bags to make your purchase decision easier.

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Best Bike Messenger Bags for Cycling:

The bags listed below are the best options to consider:

  1. TIMBUK2 Classic Bike Messenger bags
  2. Reaper Retro Cycling Messenger bag
  3. Manhattan Portage Bike Courier Bag
  4. NeatPack Sling Bike Messenger Backpack
  5. Banjo Brothers Messenger Bag
  6. Chrome Industries Mini Cycling Messenger Bags
  7. Chrome MXD Segment Sling Bag 
  8. Kemy's Bicycle Messenger bags

Leaper Canvas Bike Messenger bag Review

Leaper Canvas Messenger Bag Sling Bag Cross Body Bag Shoulder Bag Coffee, L

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This buckle closure bag comes with very durable canvas fabric. It is not a very big bag, but it is large enough for a shopping trip or runs to the college or around town. The design of the Leaper Canvas cycling messenger bag is stylish and gives your outfit a spark.

There are nine pockets inside and outside the bag, which is excellent for storing a variety of items. Plus, you can use this bag as an across the body bag or a single-shoulder bag, and it comes in medium and large sizes.


  • The Leaper Retro comes in 18 colors of the same design.
  • Magnetic closures for smooth opening and closing.
  • Compact and stylish design.


  • The metal clasps are not very durable.

TIMBUK2 Classic Bicycle Messenger Bag Review - Best Overall

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag, Arcade, X-Small

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The Timbuk 2messenger bag comes with separate compartments for everything you'll store inside. There is a place to keep your laptop, files, phone, and water bottle. Moreover, the flap at the front makes it easy for you to open and close the bag.

Additionally, there is enough ventilation on the strap thanks to the air mesh material, which makes this bag comfy even over long rides. And with the over 35 color options available, you get a great deal if you wanted the bag to match your bike. 

Moreover, you get a coordination strap pad along with the bag. So if you wanted an excellent bike bag that is also waterproof, this is a good choice.


  • You can attach blinky bike lights to the vista loop.
  • It has high-quality materials.
  • The inner lining is easy to clean.
  • It is one of the most waterproof messenger bags you can get.  


  • These messenger bags cannot hold many things besides a laptop, phone, keys, and some books.

Manhattan Portage - Best messenger bag for Nighttime Visibility

Manhattan Portage Medium Professional Bike Messenger Bag (Navy)

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The Manhattan Portage is a high-quality Cordura Plus nylon waterproof messenger bag that will help you keep up with the city's fast-paced and busy life. The Manhattan large bike messenger bags have a massive storage capacity with one large compartment and some side pockets and makes biking with multiple items very convenient.

Some additional features include buckle straps, reflective stripes, and Velcro closure. Moreover, you can get this bag in navy, black, or orange.


  • The pockets come with zippers
  • The fabric used makes it a waterproof bag fabric
  • The reflective bands will make you visible even at night


  • It is not as big as some buyers thought.

NeatPack sling bag - Best Budget cycling messenger bag

NeatPack Versatile Canvas Sling Bags, Travel Backpack, Wear Over Shoulder or Crossbody Bags - Black

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You can fit your 12-inch tablet or laptop into the NeatPack small bike messenger bag with ease. The strap has a padded and breathable design so that you do not feel exhausted even after a whole day of carrying it.

If you need to carry any valuable item, you can keep it in the hidden pocket on the back of these bags. There is a pocket on the strap where you can keep your phone and listen to music as you walk or ride your bike.


  • The pocketsIt is very lightweight come with zippers.
  • It comes with an RFID security pocket.
  • Ergonomically designed padded strap.
  • It has very adjustable shoulder straps.


  • It is not a waterproof bag, only water-resistant.

Banjo Brothers Messenger Bag - Best for Organization

Banjo Brothers Messenger Bag (Medium, Red)

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One distinctive feature about the Banjo Brothers bag is that it comes with a divider that you can remove if you do not want to use it. If you have to move out quickly, there is a handle at the top for easy pickup.

Moreover, it has light-reflective piping and tab for visibility at night. The ballistic fabric construction on these messenger bags will ensure durability.


  • The shoulder pad on these large bike messenger bags is removable
  • Ideal size for any height
  • Organized compartment inside


  • We cannot fully adjust the larger strap.

Chrome Industries Mini messenger bag - Best Classic Bike Courier Bag

Chrome Industries Mini Metro Messenger Bag - 13 Inch Laptop Satchel with Signature Belt Buckle Closure, All Black, 20.5 Liter

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Being in production since 1995, this brand has been able to deliver what the people wanted. You can fit a 14-inch laptop into this stylish bicycle courier bag. The quick-release buckle strap allows you to remove the bag effortlessly whenever necessary.

There is also a daisy-chain loop if you want to attach a bike light. Overall, this is an excellent choice if you want a classic messenger bag.


  • Ideal for motorcyclists and bikers who needs a durable bag
  • The size is compact and perfect for light commutes
  • It comes with quick-release straps


  • It might be a bit pricey for some buyers.

Chrome MXD Segment Sling Bag 

Chrome Industries Kadet Sling Messenger Bag - Low Profile Crossbody Pack with Signature Belt Buckle Closure, Black/Aluminum, 9 Liter

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If you want a stylish, yet useful large bike messenger bags, the Chrome MXD Segment Sling bag is the product to get. It has a streamlined and slim design with massive storage capacity. The material is 1680d ballistic nylon, durable and strong.

You can use it as a sling bag or a waist pack. The two quick access pockets can hold your phone and earpiece with ease.


  • The sleek design features a classy style
  • It uses excellent quality materials 
  • There is a security pocket inside the bag


  • There is only one color option.

VX Vonsury messenger bag

Messenger Bag for Men,Water Resistant Canvas 15.6 inch Laptop Shoulder Bag Vintage Satchel Bag for Work School Travel by VONXURY

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This affordable yet stylish bag by VX VONSURY has adjustable shoulder straps. One interesting feature about this bag is that you can place your devices so that you do not have to remove them through a security check. Moreover, it has a large enough main compartment that will allow you to store several things, such as a 17" laptop, iPad, wallet, etc.


  • It has a reflective logo for night-safety
  • The zipper is waterproof
  • It's one of the most budget friendly among the best bike messenger bags.


  • Needs more space in the side compartments

Buyer's Guide - What Does The Best Bicycle Sling Bag Need?

We all know that the final purchase depends on a person's preferences and choices. However, when it comes to bicycle bags, there are a few things you should look out for to get the best one:

Comfort Above Everything Else

Make sure your bag comes with comfy straps not to hurt your shoulders or back when you load it with your things. Wide and padded straps are more comfortable than narrow ones. Since you will be carrying your bag even while you are riding and during other times too, you should make comfort a top priority.

Proper Ventilation

By ventilation, we mean that there should be enough airflow in between your bag and your back. Riding is an exercise, and there is a chance that you might sweat, especially during summer or hot days. This feature will keep you dry and cool.

Waterproof Features

If you are riding a bike, you cannot hold an umbrella even if it starts to rain. As such, you should always look for a waterproof bag to keep the contents inside dry. Waterproof messenger bags will be slightly costlier than the others, but it is worth the price.

If you plan on carrying a laptop or other electrical devices, you can put on a rain cover for added safety.

Size Of The Bag

Most cycling messenger bags come in three sizes, namely small, medium, and large. The best size for you will depend on what you plan to carry. If you need to take your laptop with you, you can buy a bag corresponding to your device's size.

On the other hand, if you do not need to carry big things, you can go for a smaller and more compact size.

Other Additional Features

Handlebars and eject buttons on the bag are two additional features that some bike messenger bags may have. These are not compulsory, but will surely make your life easier and the product more convenient.

If the bag's material is reflective, you will not need to worry about riding a bike at night.

Wrapping Up

Are you going to school, college, or work? In any case, the best bike messenger bags will satisfy all your carrying needs. If the product you want is comfortable, waterproof, and comes with great additional features, you are making the right choice.

With that said, all the products mentioned above are excellent choices. The best option for someone else might not be the best one for you. Make sure you base your purchase decision on what you need and your preference by looking at the pros and cons of each. 

If there's something you're still confused about, check out the frequently asked questions down below!


What is a bike messenger bag?

As the name suggests, a bicycle messenger bag is an ideal bag for bikers. It usually has one long adjustable strap. You can wear it across your body and tighten it so that it sticks to you. This way, it will not hinder your movements.

There are several parts inside a cycling bag so that you can keep everything inside. Some can even hold your laptop and water bottle at the same time. They also have an easily accessible design and zippers for each part.

Why should you buy a bicycle messenger bag?

If you still have some doubts about whether you should buy a cycling messenger bag or not, take a look at the following points. These are the benefits and advantages that they have over backpacks and other similar products in general:

Very easy to use

All bags exist to hold your things and offer ease of use. However, the messenger bag excels in this category over any other variant. If you need to take something out of it, all you have to do is pull it to the front and take out what you need.

On the other hand, you have to remove a backpack to unload it. This process does not sound very challenging, but once you experience how much easier it is not to take a bag off, you will not want to go back.

More storage capacity

What is the use of a bag if it cannot hold what you need it to carry? Most cycling courier bags have more storage capacity than other types of bags. Besides, there are many compartments and areas to store different kinds of things.

Backpacks usually have as much more space for storage than messenger bags do. So only opt for bags if you need to carry just essentials and don't want a bulky backpack. You can also find a few large bike messenger bags that have more capacity than the normal ones.

They are compact

Considering the number of things that messenger bags can carry, you will be surprised by how compact they are. The average messenger bag might even look more compact than a regular backpack.

They also have a more stylish design that looks fun and convenient at the same time. While riding a bike, you do not want a massive thing on your back to make you lose balance. The center of gravity for courier bags are much lower than backpacks and will increase your stability.

What can I put in my bike messenger bag?

You can carry all that you need, like laptops, chargers, water bottles, books, phones, keys, and many other things. How much you can carry will depend on how big the container is and the compartments that it has. Think of what you need to carry before settling on the size.

Are bike messenger bags better than backpacks?

If you plan to ride a bike while carrying your things, a bike bag will be better than backpacks. You do not have to remove a sling bag to take the contents out. This type of bag will not hinder your balance either.

Can I use my bike messenger bag for any purpose other than riding?

Yes. Although the primary purpose of messenger bags is to use it while riding a bike, you can use it anytime you want. In other words, they are multipurpose and flexible products. They also have a very trendy design.

Will I be able to use my bike messenger bag in the rain?

If your bicycle courier bag is waterproof, you can use it even in the rain. Before you buy one, see if it has waterproof features. If it is not waterproof, you can buy a rain cover to keep your stuff dry and safe.

What is the best cycling sling bag for carrying items while cycling?

One of the best cycling sling bags is the Leaper Canvas or the Chrome MXD Segment Sling Bag. Both have padded laptop sleeve and internal pockets for organization, as well as a fully adjustable shoulder strap for comfort.

What are some good bike messenger bag brands to consider when purchasing a bike bag for biking?

Some of the best bike messenger bag brands include Leaper, TIMBUK2, Chrome Industries, and Manhattan Portage. These brands offer high quality messenger bags with a range of features, such as waterproof materials, padded laptop sleeves, and internal pockets for organization.

What are the most important features to consider when looking for the best messenger bags for biking?

When looking for the best messenger bags for biking, you should consider features such as a waterproof material, padded laptop sleeve, internal pockets for organization, and a fully adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. A well-ventilated bag is also important to prevent sweating while riding.

What is a bike courier bag and how is it different from a bike messenger bag?

A bike courier bag is a type of messenger bag specifically designed for carrying items while cycling for delivery purposes. It is typically larger than a standard bike messenger bag and may have additional compartments or features to accommodate a higher volume of items.

What are some good options for stylish messenger bags that can be used for everyday use?

Some stylish messenger bags that are suitable for everyday use include the Leaper Canvas, TIMBUK2 Bag, and the Manhatttan Portage Bike Courier Bag. Both of these bags have a sleek and stylish design, as well as practical features such as padded laptop sleeves and internal pockets for organization.

What is a joint waist strap and how does it benefit a bike messenger carrier?

A joint waist strap is a strap that connects the shoulder strap of a messenger bag to the waist. It helps to stabilize the bag and distribute the weight of the items being carried more evenly across the body. This can help to prevent back and shoulder strain, especially when carrying heavy items.

Are there any small messenger bags that are suitable for carrying a laptop and other essentials while cycling?

Yes, there are small messenger bags that are suitable for carrying a laptop and other essentials while cycling. The Chrome Industries Bag is a good option, as it has a padded laptop compartment and internal pockets for organization. It also has adjustable straps for a comfortable fit.

What are some good shoulder bags for carrying items while cycling?

Some good shoulder bags for carrying items while cycling include the Reaper Retro Bag and the NeatPack Sling Bike Messenger Backpack. These bags have a single shoulder strap for easy access to items and a range of compartments for organization.

Are there any bike messenger bags with internal pockets specifically designed for organization?

Yes, there are bike messenger bags with internal pockets specifically designed for organization. The TIMBUK2, for example, has several compartments for organizing items such as a laptop, phone, keys, and other essentials.

how does a Shoulder Strap benefit a bike messenger bag?

A shoulder strap is a strap that is worn over the shoulder to hold a messenger bag in place while cycling. It helps to keep the bag secure and allows the rider to easily access items while on the bike. A fully adjustable shoulder strap can also help to ensure a comfortable fit.

Are there any fully adjustable shoulder straps available on bike messenger bags?

Yes, most bike messenger bags have fully adjustable shoulder straps to ensure a comfortable fit. The Chrome MXD Segment Sling Bag, for example, has a fully adjustable shoulder strap that can be customized to fit the wearer's body.

What are the most popular bike messenger carriers currently on the market?

Some of the most popular bike messenger carriers currently on the market include the TIMBUK2 Bag, the Chrome MXD Segment Sling Bag, and the Manhattan Portage Bike Courier Bag. These bags have a range of features and are popular among commuters and delivery cyclists.

Are there any well-ventilated bike messenger bags to prevent sweating while riding?

Yes, there are well-ventilated bike messenger bags that can help to prevent sweating while riding. The TIMBUK2 Classic Bicycle Messenger Bag, for example, has an air mesh material on the strap for ventilation.

Are there any larger messenger bags suitable for carrying a variety of items while cycling?

Yes, there are larger messenger bags suitable for carrying a variety of items while cycling. The Banjo Brothers Bag, for example, has a large main compartment and several pockets for organizing items. It is also made from durable materials and has a stabilizing strap to keep the bag in place while riding.

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