9 Best Waterproof Biking Backpacks for Commuting

Are you tired of backpacks that claim they are waterproof? If you are, then this article will be the last one you'll need to read. We've spent the past month water testing many of the best cycling backpacks claiming they are waterproof but are just barely water resistant! We've weeded out the junk and compiled this list with only the best waterproof cycling backpacks to buy.

But before that, let's face the facts:

Biking by yourself or with friends can be very enjoyable even more so when the weather is beautiful, and the sun is out. However, just like changing gears, the weather also changes regardless of our preferences. It's a common issue all cyclists and bike commuters will inevitably encounter. 

We never know when it will take a turn for the worse, and there is always a need to carry items with you while cycling. In those cases, a waterproof bike backpack is one of the best ways to ensure that your items and cycling gear stay safe. Here are the top 10 best waterproof biking backpacks to consider: 

Best Waterproof Biking Bag

Here are the top waterproof cycling bags that we recommend:

  1. Skog Å Kust BackSåk Waterproof Biking Bag
  2. LOCALLION Waterproof Cycling Backpack
  3. Chaos Ready Waterproof Commuting Backpack
  4. IDRYBAG Waterproof Dry Cycling Backpack 
  5. Relentless Recreation Waterproof Backpack
  6. The Friendly Swede Waterproof 
  7. Timbuk2 Especial Medio Cycling Laptop Backpack 
  8. Thule Pack-n-Pedal Commuter Backpack Waterproof
  9. Overboard Roll Top Waterproof Pro-Sports Backpack

Waterproof Biking Backpack Reviews

All the best bike commuter backpacks listed above are very good bags that are not only stylish but are also much more than just a regular water-resistant bag that will ruin your gear. We've reviewed each one down below so you can get a better feel of what to expect:

Skog Å Kust BackSåk waterproof backpack - Best Overall

Skog Å Kust is one of the top brands producing actual waterproof biking backpacks. Their BackSåk waterproof backpack proved itself as one of the best throughout our testing, so we had to give it the first place on the list. This waterproof biking backpack is stylish and affordable. 

waterproof commuting backpack

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With the BackSåk, you get to various choices in colors, a whopping eight options. Moreover, it comes in two sizes that you can choose from, one with a 35L capacity that is 19 inches tall and the other is 25L and 16" tall. They are relatively large and are convenient to carry just about any gear you need to take commuting. 

BackSåk is made using heavy-duty 500-denier PVC, which means it'll be more than enough to keep water out of the backpack. Moreover, it offers excellent comfort features such as a sternum clip and thick shoulder straps with sufficient adjustability. It also has neatly designed inner compartments that will allow you to organize your gear. 

This cycling backpack is excellent and genuinely waterproof for biking. Its main compartment is IPX-6 waterproof rated. So, you can even swim across a river or submerge it in shallow water without having to worry about the items inside. However, it itself isn't "foolproof!" So if you don't close it properly or completely submerge the entire thing in water, then obviously your gear may get wet.

With that said, it is still a very good waterproof biking bag!


  • Waterproof Rating: IPX-6
  • Materials: Waterproof 500D PVC
  • Dimensions: 25L Size - 6" x 11.5" x 16" or 35L Size - 16.73" x 11.65" x 3.15"

Reasons to Buy

  • This option uses a reflective material that provides some level of visibility in the night. 
  • It floats well in water. 
  • They are sold in two sizes. 
  • It has thick shoulder straps and a sternum strap that improves the comfort.

Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack

water proof bike bag

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Next up is the Chaos Ready Waterproof biking bag. This bicycle backpack, as the name implies, is ready to handle even the harshest weather conditions. So, in case you accidentally fall into the water while mountain biking, you won't need to worry about your gear. But it isn't meant to go swimming with as it is only good enough for a few quick submersions or regular heavy rain.

This cycling backpack features a polyurethane lining with a buckle closure system that protects all items inside. Moreover, the exterior material is made with 500 PVC tarpaulin and offers almost 100% waterproofing while remaining flexible and lightweight. 

To sweeten the deal even further, Chaos Ready offers a lifetime warranty with this waterproof backpack. And when paired with the incredibly low price, we know this is one of the best water proof cycling backpacks you could find as it is fully waterproof.


  • Materials: 500 PVC Tarpaulin and Polyurethane lining. 
  • Waterproof: Class 3 protection for heavy or light rain and quick submersions.
  • Dimensions: 17.1" x 11.7" x 2"

Reasons to Buy

  • This backpack is impervious to water for most use cases. 
  • It is lightweight but still offers enough internal space to hold your items.
  • There are two mesh pockets and an outer pocket to store items you need to access quickly. 
  • They offer a lifetime warranty. 

IDRYBAG Waterproof Dry Backpack

waterproof cycling backpack

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Another excellent water proof bag for biking is the IDRYBAG dry sack. Like the previous options, this cycling backpack also features the 500D material that has proven to be completely watertight. Further, it has a very neat design that completely stops water from getting into the top. 

With this backpack, you have four color options to choose from that will get you compliments all day. It has sufficient back padding and a waist strap to secure it on your back. Moreover, there are enough internal compartments to organize your gear. 

If you need an excellent waterproof biking bag, this is undoubtedly a reliable option. 

Reasons to Buy

  • IPX6 rating.
  • This option comes in three sizes 20L, 30L, and 40L capacity, which will hold most of your cycling gear. 
  • It is easy to close offers multiple carrying options. 
  • One of the most affordable water proof cycling backpacks you can own. 

Relentless Recreation Dry Backpack for Cycling

water resistant biking backpacks

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Relentless Recreation has another good waterproof backpack that you can use for biking. Like any great waterproof commuter backpack, it must at least use 500D PVC tarpaulin. It has a sizeable 30L capacity and multiple compartments and pockets to house your items. 

This commuter daypack is available in three color options and is very lightweight while remaining durable enough to secure your gear even in the worst weather. When we tested this option, we had absolutely no leakage even after hours of riding in the rain. However, it doesn't have very comfortable straps and isn't very breathable, so we wouldn't recommend it as an everyday commuting backpack. 

Reasons to Buy

  • It is a reliable commuter daypack that you can depend on to keep all your items dry.
  • It is built with 500D PCV that is known to offer IPX6 waterproofing. 
  • It is a cheap waterproof backpack that you can have as your backup cycling bag for the rainy season. 

The Friendly Swede waterproof backpack

bike backpack waterproof

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This backpack is a beautifully designed, waterproof cycling backpack. It is perfect for carrying your laptop and other cycling gear while commuting. Moreover, this unisex backpack is sold in three color options, but our favorite option is the white and black versions.

As a dry bag, it uses 500D PVC tarpaulin and is very durable and water resistant. It is also lightweight since it weighs in at just one and a half pounds. Internally, the waterproof backpack is completely watertight and has multiple compartments to store a 13-inch laptop, phones, and a camera. There are also three external pockets, but they aren't fully waterproof, so don't store items you wouldn't want to get wet in them.

Reasons to Buy

  • It is built with 500D PVC.
  • They offer a three-year manufacturer's warranty on it. 
  • It is easy to roll up and offers great waterproof protection.
  • It is compact and lightweight but large enough to carry enough cycling gear.  

Overboard Waterproof Pro-Sports Backpack

water resistant cycle backpack

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The Overboard Pro-Sports Backpack is a versatile waterproof bag for cycling that can be used for more than just cycling. It is pretty large and offers excellent durability and comfort from the breathable shoulder straps and padded back panel. The backpack even features a sternum strap that allows you to secure the it around your back for fast-paced riding.

It is built using PVC tarpaulin which is very water resistant and comes in 2 sizes and two color options. Moreover, it has plenty of internal and external pockets to store everything. With this waterproof bike backpack, you won't ever have to worry about bad weather as it is entirely waterproof. 

Reasons to Buy

  • It has a lot of internal storage compartments.
  • This backpack is built with PVC Tarpaulin so that no water will get inside.
  • You can use this bike for any type of sport. 
  • It has comfy straps and a padded back with excellent airflow.

Timbuk2 Especial Medio Cycling Laptop Backpack

waterproof biking bag

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The Timbuk2 Especial is one of the best waterproof backpack for commuting you can buy. It is a large backpack that offers plenty of internal compartments to store your items. However, some reviewers didn't like how deep the compartments are and how inaccessible they are to view. 

But we didn't mind that at all. We loved the fact that we could store all our cycling gear in an organized fashion. Moreover, in terms of waterproofing, it has an internal watertight drop liner, and we've ridden in the rain for a few hours, and nothing inside was wet. Granted, it wasn't extremely heavy rain, but it was enough that it would've soaked the items in any other "water-resistant bag."

These waterproof bike backpacks are very durable and ideal for bike commuting in any weather. It features reflective bits that boost visibility in the dark. Besides, it has breathable shoulder straps and flexible cooling panels at the back. There are also provisions to route headphones on the backpack so you can leave your iPod or phone inside.

Reasons to Buy

  • It is built with 500D Ripstop Condura Nylon that boots waterproofing and durability.
  • They offer a lifetime warranty. 
  • You get tonnes of compartments and space to haul all you need.
  • It is very comfortable, thanks to the thick shoulder pads and chest strap.

Thule Pack-n-Pedal Commuter Backpack

waterproof biking bag

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The Thule Pack-n-Pedal is a stylish roll top commuter backpack that offers excellent protection from water. You can get this backpack without ever having to worry about water damaging items stored inside. To ensure that your items are safe, Thule built this backpack to feature a watertight main compartment. Moreover, the roll-top compartment completely seals the top of this waterproof backpack for biking.

While the main internal compartment offers excellent waterproofing, the rest of the backpack provides IPX4 waterproofing, which is just water-resistant or almost waterproof. However, Thule includes a rain cover that you can put over it to protect all the inside items. The cover can be reached quickly and is easy to put over the it.

Size and comfort are also very sufficient with the roll top Pack n Pedal waterproof backpack. It measures 18.9"x13.4"x6.7" and weighs just 2.56 lbs. For comfort, it features padded shoulder straps and thick back padding. 

It also comes with a helmet attachment that you can use to clip in your helmet to the backpack. Overall this is one of the best waterproof bike bags with excellent waterproofing to consider.

Reasons to Buy

  • IPX4 Waterproof and an included rain cover with a reflective screen. 
  • It is large enough to carry all your cycling gear. 
  • There is a removable laptop compartment inside that can hold a 15" laptop.
  • Thule has included a helmet attachment. 
  • It is comfortable to commute with even over long distances.
  • It looks great even though there is only one color available. 

LOCALLION Cycling Backpack - best waterproof biking backpack for Visibility

best waterproof biking backpacks

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Our last waterproof cycling backpack is from a brand call Locallion. It offers excellent comfort thanks to the breathable back materials. Moreover, it has comfy shoulder pads with good adjustability and a waist strap to stabilize the it while cycling.

The Locallion backpack comes in 8 different colors and is a very cheap waterproof backpack that provides good waterproofing. However, we don't think it is the best option for cycling in VERY heavy rains as water leaks through the zippers. It is made with water resistant nylon fabric, but this material isn't very waterproof, so it'll only offer a short window for you to get out of the rain. 

Apart from the not so great waterproofing, this option makes up for its shortfall by offering exceptional features. It has multiple internal compartments, side mesh pockets, and even an emergency whistle. And the already low cost makes it an even better deal.

Reasons to Buy

  • This option has safety reflectors that improve your visibility.
  • It offers good enough waterproofing for biking in light rain.
  • The breathable materials used to design this one makes it perfect for cycling when it's hot outside. 
  • It has multiple sections inside to help to organize your gear.

Wrap Up 

Waterproof bike backpacks are hard to find, and most of those that you do find are barely resistant to water. The items we listed are the best waterproof backpack for biking we've seen over recent years. So we recommend you giving those a shot first. 

You won't be disappointed with them in any way. The Skog Å Kust BackSåk, The Friendly Swede, and Timbuk2 Especial Medio are the ones we consider as the best cycling backpacks with waterproofing. We loved the features and style of those three and would highly recommend giving them a go.

While waterproof backpacks are good, you can also go the cheaper route to make any bag waterproof by adding a rain cover to your backpack. So if you already own one, there is no need to go and buy special "waterproof bicycle backpacks" since rain covers are just as effective.

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