Best Bike Seat For Prostate – Top Rated Prostate-Friendly Bicycle Seats

So, your nether regions have been through the wringer on bike saddles, and you want to change that with a prostate friendly seat? Sure, why not? After all, we are talking about caring for the family jewels, and that includes riding on a seat that is comfortable for the groin.

Here's an interesting/alarming fact about riding with bikes with the wrong seats.

Riding with uncomfortable and wrong bike saddles can damage the nerves in the prostate area. As a result of pressure from the bike saddle, some serious side effects can happen to you, which may be both temporary and long-term, especially for male riders.

This includes numbness, pain, swelling, blockage of blood vessels, and the dreaded ED or erectile dysfunction. But just so you know, male riders are not the only ones who can suffer from perineum numbness and swelling.

If you can prevent all these by getting yourself the best bike saddle that is prostate-friendly, why wait any longer? Prostate-friendly bike saddles have special designs and provisions, which will put less pressure on the groin. Besides, the hollowed seat also keeps the nether regions well ventilated, which is fantastic.

So here, we present the best bike saddle for the prostate after months of testing them.

In a rush to find the best prostate-friendly bike? Here's a quick overview of the saddles covered in the review.

Best Bike Seat For Prostate:

  2. ISM PR 2.0 Saddle
  3. Cingfanlu Universal Fit Bicycle Seat
  4. Selle SMP TRK Saddle
  5. Hobson Pro Hub X2 Saddle
  6. Selle Royal Men's Respiro Saddle
  7. SQlab Unisex – Adult's Bike Saddle

AEROELASTIC AE Saddle – Best Overall

Sprostate friendly bicycle seat

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Our premium pick of the top prostate-friendly saddle is pricey but is definitely up there in quality. In terms of design, too, this one looks futuristic from the side and totally unlike a bike saddle, which is very impressive.

The AE saddle comes with two partitioned seats, which have minimal contact on the perineum. In terms of materials, this seat has chromo rails along with a high-quality plastic frame, so the saddle is good in terms of strength and durability. Moreover, the padding is sufficient to keep your prostate very safe, and the material is of good quality.

To get the best experience with the AE saddle, you just need to get the adjustment correct with the saddle. In this regard, you'll also need to consider your height and riding style while installing the saddle. Once you've done that and have the saddle set up, you'll likely never experience pain when riding ever again.


  • Two portioned seat design.
  • Good quality materials.
  • Minimal contact with the prostate.
  • Good padding and material.


  • It carries a premium price.

ISM PR 2.0 Saddle – Best for Mountain Bikes

best bike seat for prostate

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ISM saddles are very popular among professional bikers and with very good reason. The saddles are exceptional in quality, and this one is no different. The PR 2.0 is an excellent saddle for mountain bikes and is easy on the prostate as well.

It has a noseless design that keeps all pressure off the soft tissue in the groin area. The saddle's new and improved shape also ensures the best thigh clearance, making it great for mountain biking. Of course, this saddle is ideal for hybrid bikes, road, and triathlon bikes.

The addition of a high-quality taillight in the PR 2.0 saddle is a bonus in terms of safety. Moreover, you can choose between a red or a white taillight according to your preference.


  • Noseless design that is prostate friendly.
  • Excellent thigh clearance.
  • Great quality and construction.
  • Comes with taillights.


  • Not suitable for beginners.

ISM Touring Bicycle Seat – Most Affordable Option

prostate bike seat

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At less than $100, you cannot get a bike saddle that is this cheap without compromising the quality. This universal fit bike saddle is also easy on the prostate, which is one more reason to love it.

The saddle has PU leather on the outside and high-density foam on the inside for comfort and durability. It also comes with a cover that is water and dust resistant for extra protection. The saddle's reflective strips ensure that you can use this saddle in low light conditions.

But the feature that makes this saddle prostate friendly is the noseless and armless design. There is minimal contact between the saddle and the groin area, so you can ride comfortably for as long as you want. Furthermore, the middle of the saddle's airflow vent keeps the nether region cool and well ventilated. You will love the honeycomb design and the anti-slip components on the seat as well.


  • Noseless and armless design for maximum comfort.
  • Made of premium materials for strength and durability.
  • Excellent design for ventilation.
  • Comes with a lifetime free replacement offer.


  • The universal fit might not give you a customized experience.

Selle SMP TRK Saddle – Best for Tall Riders

bicycle seat for prostate

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This wide saddle is a great one to consider for those riders on the tall or heavier side. Apart from its comfortable size, this saddle is also compatible with outdoor and indoor bikes.

This Selle saddle features what is called the eagle-break nose with the rear raised slightly. In addition to the comfort factor, this design contributes to the overall stability of the saddle. This is perfect as your butt is positioned very comfortably on the saddle. Moreover, the central cutout is a considerable size that allows your prostate full freedom and comfort without any unnecessary pressure.

When it comes to the saddle's construction and design, it is good in quality and reliable too. It comes with a steel rail while the shell is Polypropylene, and the padding is polyurethane, so it is sturdy and durable.

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  • Large and comfortable sized saddle.
  • Dropped-nose design for added stability.
  • Central cutout for prostate comfort.
  • Good quality material and construction.


  • The price is on the higher side.

Hobson Pro Hub X2 Saddle – Most Comfortable Design

prostate safe bicycle seat

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The Hobson Pro is a fantastic saddle that is extremely easy on the prostate. Among the reasons why this is our choice of the most comfortable saddle is that it is designed for long-distance rides.

Features of the Pro Hub X2 that make it very easy on the prostate include the two-seat design and gel padding. In addition, this is also one of the few bike saddles that allow pad adjustment to make every rider happy. Furthermore, the outer material of the saddle is a Nu-leather that is water-resistant and has perforations. This combination keeps the saddle well ventilated and, of course, long-lasting.

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This saddle's overall construction and quality are top-notch, with a magnesium base and aluminum powder coat. And yes, this saddle is compatible with different types of bikes both on and off the road. So if you need the best bike saddle for the prostate that works with a spin bike, this would be a good option.


  • Two-seat design for minimal pressure on the prostate.
  • Comfortable and adjustable pad.
  • Well ventilated with a water-resistant cover.
  • Good quality construction with a magnesium base.


  • No anti-slip feature on the seat cover.

Selle Royal Men's Respiro Saddle – Best for Road Bikes

prostate friendly bike saddles

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Road bikers who are looking for a comfortable saddle for your prostate will love this one from Selle. And judging by the reviews, this saddle seems to be a favorite of many riders too.

The ventilation channel in this saddle is a feature that is unique to the Respiro saddle series. This is among the top features that take care of your nether regions while riding a road bike for long hours. In addition to keeping the pressure off the perineum area, it also keeps the groin well ventilated at all times.

Furthermore, the Royal vacuum technology addition keeps the saddle completely sealed, so it is water-resistant. Similarly, the tridimensional gel structure and the cool cover add optimum comfort for riding in any situation.

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  • Large central ventilation channel for comfort and ventilation.
  • Water-resistant and cool cover.
  • Tridimensional gel structure for added comfort.
  • The clip system facilitates easy attachment.


  • Not the most lightweight saddle.

SQlab Unisex – Adult's Bike Saddle – Best For Those With Sensitive Bums

bicycle seats for prostate problems

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If for some reason, medical or otherwise, you have a bum or prostate area that is more sensitive than normal, this could be the perfect saddle for you. It is designed to distribute the weight according to medical aspects, which you will find very useful.

It has a massive dip in the middle of the saddle that acts as a cradle for your groin. Also, the step saddle technology means you can adjust the saddle according to your weight and height. You will love that this particular model of saddle offers the maximum relief for the prostate from all of the SQlab saddles. This is also why this saddle is a great choice for those with wide hips and overweight riders.

The material of the saddle is, of course, sturdy, well-padded, and water-resistant. Clocking in at 3lbs, this SQlab bike saddle is also very lightweight.


  • It comes with a maximum dip feature in the saddle.
  • You can adjust the saddle according to the rider's weight and height.
  • This bike seat offers up to 85% of relief in the prostate area.
  • Water-resistant and sturdy cover material.


  • Not easily available due to high demand.

Final thoughts

Riding with a saddle that is easy on the prostate is a critical point of consideration if you want to ride bikes without the consequences. As we have discussed at the beginning of the post, the side effects of continued pressure on the prostate are not very attractive.

This list of the best bike saddles for the prostate should give you a head start to get back on your bike with the most comfortable seat. They cover a wide range from affordable ones to premium saddles and everything in between, so you won't be disappointed if you decide to get one from our recommendations.