Best Bike Seat For Your Balls – Perfect Bike Saddles for Groin Comfort

Has your family jewels been at the mercy of uncomfortable bike saddles? Well, you don't have to suffer anymore in silence. Today we bring you the best bike seat for your balls list.

Before you dig deep into this rather sensitive topic of groin protection, consider this fact.

According to one study, up to 50% of male cyclists experience the dreaded erectile dysfunction. Several cycling participants in another study reported penile numbness while some endured weeklong impotence.

So you see, the ramifications of using the wrong bike seat while cycling is far and wide. Riding with uncomfortable bike seats can leave your nether region sore and numb. However, it goes way beyond the uncomfortable numbness. It can cause long-term ill-effects to your manhood, which can be distressing.

The worrying thing is that these unpleasant symptoms in your most vulnerable area worsen through the years. But you can solve all these distressing side effects on your groin by installing the best bike seat for your balls that don't hurt.

Ready to find out what the Best male bicycle seats? Here they are:

Best Bike Seat For Your Balls:

  2. ISM Pn3.1 Saddle
  3. Selle SMP Dynamic MTB Saddle
  4. Wittkop Bike Seat
  5. Bikeroo Universal Bike Seat
  6. IPOW Comfort Bike Seat for Men
  7. Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic
  8. DAWAY C66 Bicycle Male Friendly Seat

AEROELASTIC AE Saddle Review - best bike seat for men's balls

bicycle seats for males

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Our current top recommendation is the Aeroelastic AE saddle for ultimate comfort to your balls. This seat features a very unique design that you won't find anywhere else. And just from the design, you can tell that it will be a comfortable bike seat that won't put any pressure to your balls. 

It has two partitioned soft seats that perfectly cushions your sit bones. And the saddle nose rests lower than the seat cushions to allow the nose to stay clear of your nuts. With this design, you'll be able to ride your bike for much longer and in far more comfort than you would on most other bike seats. 

If you're looking for the ultimate comfort for your balls, you won't regret going with this saddle. However, there is one slight issue with this seat that you must take note of and that's the angled design. Some bikes like comfort or cruiser bikes that have angled seatposts may make this seat uncomfortable. As such, we'd only recommend getting this saddle if you ride a Road Bike, Mountain Bike, or Fixie. 

ISM Pn3.1 Saddle

best bike saddle to prevent numbness

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The ISM PN3.1 bike saddle is another excellent bicycle seat that provides ample comfort for your ball sack. They feature a split nose design that has a wide opening that just allows your balls to sit firm and won't rub and get squished. Moreover, it has lots of internal padding so it will feel very comfy even during long rides. 

The split design also allows plenty of airflow to your balls so it'll feel pretty good if you know what I mean. Overall, this bike seat will allow maximum blood flow and reduce genital numbness so you won't find them uncomfortable to use. If you want the best in comfort, this saddle is a great option to consider. 

Selle SMP MTB Seat 

best bike seat for your balls

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For male riders, these seats are perfect for genital comfort. They feature a sleek road bike design and sport a premium finish that is indicative of a seat from Selle. We've had many saddles from this brand over the years and we've never been disappointed in how comfortable they are to add to a bike. And the Selle SMP Dynamic MTB saddle for men is no exception to what we've come to expect from them. 

With this bike saddle, you get a truly comfortable seat that lets you completely avoid genital discomfort and numbness thanks to the bent nose. 

Wittkop Bike Seat – Best for City Bike Riders

Wittkop Saddle

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With bike saddle partitioned into five-zones, a bike seat can't get fancier than this one. If you are a cyclist who zaps around the city frequently with your bike, this bike seat can be your perfect partner.

Constructed from high-quality memory foam, this bike seat will cushion your butt and, of course, your balls. In terms of comfort, this bike seat is unrivaled due to the five-zone concept. The hollowed areas called the 'no pressure area' and 'escape area' will be especially kind to your groin, which is fantastic.

Moreover, the airflow in this seat is excellent, so it keeps your groin cool. Besides, the material is waterproof, so there is reliability and durability. Furthermore, you will love that this bike seat works with e-bikes and regular ones with equal ease.

Bikeroo Universal Bike Seat – Premium Choice

Bikeroo Universal Saddle

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This universal bike seat replacement from Bikeroo is for you if you don't mind spending a little extra for your groin. It comes with neat features that promise to make every bump comfortable.

The dual spring suspension in this bike seat is quite different, making it one of the most comfortable. Moreover, the soft thick padding is a fantastic relief for the prostate area and the tailbone. This feature is also why this versatile bike seat can be an excellent choice for elderly riders. In addition, the waterproof component ensures reliability and durability for years of riding.

This bike seat also comes with many accessories, which is another excellent feature we were impressed about seeing. It includes a clamp adaptor, mounting tools, and video mounting instructions. In similar veins, this seat cover is also compatible with all bikes, which is great. The premium quality and the addition of accessories fantastically balance the high price.

IPOW Comfort Bike Seat – Best Affordable Option


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This bike seat is an excellent choice for your nut comfort if you don't want to shell out a lot. In addition, it also works with outdoor and indoor bikes seamlessly.

When it comes to the features, this Ipow comfort bike seat does not disappoint. With high-density memory foam construction and dual shock-absorbing suspension systems, your balls will be very safe. The center has a hollowed design, which facilitates airflow and adds comfort simultaneously.

Of course, the faux leather is waterproof and comes with six-layer stitches. This makes the seat cover very durable, as well as abrasion-resistant. A nice touch in this bike seat is the addition of a reflective strip. You will also find the small mounting tool indispensable while installing the cover.

Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic Black Bike Seat – Most Stylish Design

Mens comfortable bicycle seat

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Do you like cycling gear that offers a delicate balance of practicality and stylish design? Look no further than the A.R.S. bike seat from Planet Bike. In terms of versatility, this bike seat is a total winner.

It comes with an ergonomic design that provides anatomical relief no matter how long you ride. In addition, the full-length center recess keeps your vulnerable area safe and protected. It also facilitates air circulation and keeps the pressure off your groin. The SoftGel padding and the waterproof cover ensure fantastic comfort and durability as well.

As mentioned earlier, the A.R.S. bike seat works with almost every bike. You can replace the stock seat on any hybrid, stationary, or even electric bikes with equal ease. This classic bike seat also comes at a reasonable price to top it off, making it a great bike saddle for men.

DAWAY C66 Foam Padded Leather Seat – Most Versatile Option

Daway C66

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For anyone who needs a seat replacement for their bike that won't hurt your balls, the C66 seat is a good choice.

It constitutes P.V.C. material that is waterproof and anti-scratch. So it renders the seat durable and sturdy. In addition, the high-density foam with shockproof component adds comfort to the highest degree. Moreover, the hollowed center keeps your nether regions safe and well ventilated.

You will love the taillight with five L.E.D. in this bike seat. It works on batteries but can run up to 36 hours without any problem, which is impressive.

Furthermore, it works with almost all bikes, making it our choice for superior comfort around your groin.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains additional insight on the topic of bike seats and your balls.

What features should a good bicycle seat for men offer?

Most of the best bicycle seats for your balls will have the features we list below:

  • Leather or P.V.C. leather material – It helps to maintain the flexibility to keep your nuts comfortable.
  • Shock absorbing features – This will be indispensable for bumpy rides.
  • Padded design with or without memory foam – Adds a flexibility component too.
  • Center recess or a hollowed design – It aids ventilation and freedom of movement.

Why use a bike seat that designed with your balls in mind?

A straightforward answer? To keep it safe.

Riding with the wrong bike seat can cause a lot of side effects for your balls. In addition to the numbness and the pain, it can cause a long term issue, aka erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, if you love bike riding but don't want to sacrifice your manhood in the process, you should install one of the best bike seats for your balls. The bike seats on this list are a useful reference for starters.


Although most men will hop on a bike without worrying about their nether region, it can cause serious side effects if you are using the wrong seat. Everything from your riding style, the posture, and of course, the best seats for your balls can contribute to the fun of riding a bike.

As male bike riders ourselves, we present this list of bike seats after careful consideration and testing. So if you are looking for a scrotum friendly bike seat, the ones on our list will take care of you nicely.