7 Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seats | Buyer’s Guide

If you're looking for the most comfortable mountain bike seat, this article will be your gold pot at the end of a rainbow. We know how horrible it is to shred trails on a bike seat that sores your butt. We've had that experience far too often, even on some of the most expensive bikes!

Having the wrong mtb saddle is literally a pain in your a**! Thankfully, a bike saddle can be easily replaced with a more comfy option. A comfortable mtb seat can have you riding your bike for hours on end and transforms the entire feeling of a once uncomfortable bike.

The only difficulty most persons will face is finding the right bike seat with just the right amount of comfort. In this article, we've compiled the top six most comfortable mtb saddles. It took us months of trial and error to find the best mountain bike saddles that offer great cushioning, but we made sure all our selections met the criteria that will be important to you.

Our top options are all the best priced, offer premium padding comfort, features good airflow, and hit the right pressure points. So without any further delay, here are the top choices.

Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seats:

  1. WTB Rocket Mountain Bike Saddles
  2. Wittkop Bicycle Saddle
  3. Velmia Bike Saddle for Mountain Bicycles
  4. Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic Comfortable Mountain Bike Seat
  5. Selle Royal Men's Respiro Moderate MTB
  6. GRM Bike Saddles

WTB Rocket Saddle - Best Mountain Bike Saddle Overall

WTB Rocket Saddle Review

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This bike saddle is backed by one of the best mountain bike saddles manufacturers around, Wilderness Trail Bikes. They've been in this business since 1982 and have produced numerous bike components that have served customers for years. So when we found the WTB Rocket Saddles, we knew that we would get the most comfortable MTB saddle from this company.

This soft bike seat is so highly rated that lots of professional bikers and even Steve Peat uses it. So you can be assured that you are getting a great quality saddle. With the WTB Rocket Saddle seat, you'll have the best comfort to tackle any mountain trail.

It features a comfy design with a long tapered nose that will allow you to shift riding positions comfortably. And it comes in two styles that will suit different types of riders. The carbon style is perfect for anyone who wants a lightweight saddle that maximizes riding ease while the Comp variant is for those who want the best comfort. Either way, both styles are lightweight and provide sufficient cushioning for any rider. 

If you're interested in the best saddle for max comfort, then this is the one to buy. 

Wittkop Bicycle Saddle - Best Stock Replacement

most comfortable mountain bike saddle

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Wittkop is one of those continually progressing brands that offer newly improved products year after year. And the Wittkop bicycle saddle has been on the receiving end of this continuous improvement. Their new bike saddle provides premium comfort and impressive quality, all at a very low price. 

This comfy mountain biking seat features an innovative 5 zone concept that made this seat one of the best we've tested. The 5 zone concept makes it one the most ergonomic saddles and has all the right features to make it the perfect seat for your bike. Besides, it is also 100% waterproof thanks to the welded seams that will allow outstanding durability.

It is a well made mtb saddle that offers class-leading ventilation and padding in all the right areas. With this saddle, you get a gentle flow of air that is targeted directly on your privates to keep them cool. Moreover, the memory foam material provided just the right amount of padding for our sit bones, so we had no discomfort even on long rides. 

Plus, it's much cheaper than the more expensive options while still offering exceptional comfort.

Velmia Bike Saddle - Best Memory Foam Option

best mountain bike seat

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Velmia's mtb saddle is another excellent option for budget buyers. It is very sleek and has all the right features to make it viable to be considered the most comfortable mountain bike seat. The Velmia saddle is built with high-quality memory foam and welded seams, which will last through any condition for years. 

This comfortable mountain bike saddle features a slim design that makes it very lightweight at just around 400 grams. And the unisex ventilation slot allows it to provide excellent airflow to keep your private area cool. Besides, it is one of the easiest saddles to install, and it'll fit on almost any mountain bike

If you're in the market not just for a comfy bike seat but also for a good balance of features, you'll love this one as we'd classify them as the best mountain bike saddles in that regard. 

Selle Royal Men's Respiro Moderate MTB - Best in Ventilation

most comfortable mtb saddle

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Selle Royal Respiro mtb seat is one of the top choices for anyone with a wider hip. It features one of the most unique ventilation systems that you will find on a bike saddle. Moreover, it doesn't slack in comfort thanks to the tridimensional gel structure. 

This comfortable mountain bike seat features a very stylish design that packs both comfort and function together. It has gel padding at the right sit points that boost the overall comfort of your ride.

Plus, the unique air channel at the seat points and Cool-Cover let this MTB saddle remain cooler than any other bike saddle we've tested. Selle Royal uses their Royal vacuum technology that makes this saddle completely water-resistant.  

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If you need a comfy bike seat option with proper ventilation, style, and padding for your sit bones, get this saddle. 

GRM Bike Saddle - Best Budget Option 

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GRM's saddle is a very comfortable mountain bike seat that will fit almost any bike type. It is the best budget option out there that you will find offering impressive comfort. Moreover, there are two styles available: GRM Sport and GRM Comfort. 

The sport saddle variant has an additional indentation that provides excellent airflow and puts less pressure on your groin. The larger comfort saddle style is suitable for both men and women but would be preferred by females. This is because the larger style is wider and has thicker padding for wide hips or larger seat bones. 

The GRM seats aren't only very comfortable but also feature excellent durability. It is built from soft polyurethane memory foam, which is wrapped by wear-resistant PVC leather. 

We've had this mountain bike saddle on one of our bikes, and it felt very soft and nice even after long rides. 

Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic Seat - Best Padding in Class

best mtb saddle

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The Planet Bike A.R.S offers possibly the best padding out of all the saddles on the list. We say "possibly" since comfort from padding is subjective, and we all have different size sit bones. Either way, this comfortable saddle features gel pads in the sit bone area, so it felt very soft throughout.

One thing that we didn't like with this saddle is that it doesn't offer adequate waterproofing. This is because the outer fabric isn't as high quality as some of the other mtb seats. Thankfully, it makes up in all other areas.

The A.R.S is very affordable, lightweight, and has a good airflow design. It will fit on any bike. And as one of the highest-rated bike saddles, you can be assured of its comfort. 

The Bottom Line

The comfort of your bike seat is essential when mountain biking. So if you feel that your current saddle isn't doing a good job and offering the best comfort possible, we recommend swapping to one of the items listed. These seats are the most comfortable options you'll find right now and have all been handpicked after days of testing.