7 Best Bike Trunk Bag Reviews | (Top-Rated) Rack Trunk Bags to Consider

Welcome to our list of the best bike trunk bags!

I've spent the last few weeks researching and testing out various bike trunk bags by talking to cycling enthusiasts, checking online reviews, and taking long rides to put these bags to the test.


As cyclists, we know how important it is to have a reliable way to carry all of our necessary items on our rides. Whether it's for commuting, bike touring, or even bikepacking, a good bike trunk bag is essential. And let's be real, small backpacks and baskets just don't cut it when you need to haul more than a few items.

That's where a bike trunk bag comes in. These handy bags attach to your bike's rear rack and provide ample storage space for all of your gear. But with so many options available, it can be tough to choose the right one.

That's why I've put in the time and effort to compile this list of the best bike trunk bags. I've ranked these 7 bags based on their storage capacity, durability, features, and value to help you make the best decision for your cycling needs.

After countless miles and endless trips to the bike shop, I'm confident that these are the best bike trunk bags out there. So no matter which one you choose, you'll have a reliable and convenient way to carry all of your gear on your rides.

Let's get started!

Best Bike Trunk Bags:

  1. Ibera Bike Trunk Bags 
  2. Topeak MTX Bicycle Trunk Bag 
  3. Roswheel Bicycle Trunk 
  4. Bushwhacker Mesa Trunk Bags 
  5. BV Bike Commuter Carrier Bike Trunk Bags 
  6. BLUETOP Bicycle Rear Seat Rack Trunk Bag 
  7. ROCKBROS Bike Trunk Bags

Bicycle Trunk Bag Reviews

These bike trunks are all the top-rated trunk bags that money can buy. Each bag on the list was carefully selected after extensive review. Moreover, they offer only the best in quality, price, and performance. Let's check them out individually:

Ibera Bike Trunk Bag - Best Trunk Bag Overall

Ibera Bike Trunk Bag - PakRak Clip-On Quick-Release Bicycle Commuter Bag

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The Ibera PakRak bicycle trunk bag is a large bike bag that offers plenty of storage and features that we think you will love. It is affordable and, most importantly, large enough to hold all your items. This bag's main compartment can hold clothes, a water bottle, or even a small laptop and still have room to add a few more items.

The included side pockets also provide extra room to store more items. Plus, unlike the other bags on the list, it has a rear pocket that you can use to store a few other cycling gears. The main compartment has a wide opening that makes it easy to load your items. And the hard base and padded flooring help protect whatever you stored inside from damage if you accidentally drop the bag.

It features a smart clip-on system that makes attaching it to your bike rack hassle-free. And with the reflective stripes on the sides, top and rear of the bag, it will be easy to spot in the dark. For added visibility, there is a slot provided that will allow you to mount a rear taillight.

Topeak MTX Bike Trunk Bags

Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP Bicycle Trunk Bag with Rigid Molded Panels, 36x25x21.5-29cm , 1380ci

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The Topeak MTX trunk bag is like a transformer in disguise. While in it's regular form, this bag is very unassuming and looks like a small bike trunk bag. But on the inside, the space offered is massive.

Topeak MTX trunk bag offers up to 1,010 cubic inches of internal space thanks to the ample main storage and side compartments. The bag's main storage area measures 9.8" x 14.1" x 8.5 inches and has compartments that can be removed or inserted.

It is more than sufficient to hold a good amount of groceries, books, or cycling gear when you need it. Additionally, it boasts two transforming side compartments that expand into bike panniers to provide much more space to hold items. Moreover, the reflective side stripes add that little bit of extra design style and visibility needed for riding in the dark.

The only downside to the Topeak MTX trunk bag, which isn't something bad, is that it requires you to get their MTX rack as this bag doesn't use straps to hold it in place. With that said, when it is paired with the MTX rack, this bike trunk bag is as stable as your bike frame and will not move or shake once it is secured.

Overall, this is one of our top recommendations. And if you haven't bought a rear rack or considering upgrading to a much better one, get the set from Topeak. You won't regret it!

Roswheel Rear Bicycle Rack Bag

Roswheel 14541 Multifunctional Bike Rear Seat Cargo Bag Bicycle Rack Trunk Panniers, Black

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This bike rack bag emphasizes a high-quality design with ample internal space and durability. It offers 13 L of internal capacity that is more than enough to hold a few suits of clothes, wallet, camera, and other biking gear. Moreover, it has two side compartments with reflective stripes on both sizes and on the bag's rear to boost visibility.

This bike trunk bag is the cheapest bag on this list, so it lacks a little in style. But the functionality of the bag is still on par with the others.

Bushwhacker Mesa Trunk Bag

Bushwhacker® Mesa Trunk Bag Black - w/ Rear Light Clip Attachment & Reflective Trim - Bicycle Trunk Bag Cycling Rack Pack Bike Rear Bag Frame Accessories Behind Seat Pannier Grocery

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Among the best bike rack trunk bags that we recommend is the Mesa Trunk bag from Bushwhacker. This brand has been around for a while and sells some high-quality products. And the Mesa Trunk bag is no exception.

It has near excellent ratings across the board from experts and reviewers. This bike rack bag retails for an affordable price that you will find attractive.

The Bushwhacker Mesa bike trunk bag is built with 600 denier polyester material that makes the bag durable enough to haul items for years. It has plenty of room inside to store your details and has compartments to spare. The main compartment of the bag measures 12" L x 6" W x 7" H.

Plus, the two large side pockets provide a good amount of extra storage space for items you need to reach quickly. The side pockets measure 10.5" L x 2" W x 5" H. The internals of the Mesa Bike trunk bag is insulated right around and will keep your drinks cold or warm hour hours on end. Plus, it has thick paddings that further raise this bag's quality and prevent your items from being damaged.

Mounting the Bushwhacker bike trunk bag is easy to do thanks to the 4 point mounting. Overall, this is an excellent bicycle rack trunk bag that you will appreciate adding to your bike.

BV Bike Commuter Carrier Trunk Bag

BV Bike Commuter Carrier Trunk Bag with Velcro Pump Attachment, Small Water Bottle Pocket & Shoulder Strap

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The BV bike trunk bag is a lightweight bag that features tonnes of great features. It is built with 600D polyester and 1000D Cordura that makes it a very high-quality bike trunk. By itself, the bag weighs just 1 lb and has a large main compartment that measures 12" x 4-6.75" x 5.5". It also has two good size side pockets for storing extra items.

The BV trunk bag is perfect for commuting or bike touring thanks to the included features. It features a reflective 3m Scotchlite trim that improves your bike's visibility when it's dark out. Moreover, the added compartments for storing a water bottle and mini-pump were great to see.

Installing the bicycle trunk bag onto the rack uses two velcro straps and holds the bag firmly in place. With this bag, you have all you need in a bike trunk!

ROCKBROS Bike Trunk Bag

ROCKBROS Bike Trunk Bag Bicycle Rack Rear Carrier Bag Commuter Bike Luggage Bag Pannier eBike Accessories Storage Bags With Rain Cover

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RockBros bike trunk bag is the perfect choice for persons that want a bag with multiple compartments and unrivaled versatility. This bag has a relatively large main compartment, like the other bags on this list. It has an internal dimension that measures 13.9" x 6.6" x 6.4 inches. You also get an internal separator board that you can use to organize inside the bag.

Externally, the bag features reflective straps and side compartments that improve visibility. Moreover, it has a large water bottle holder with compatibility to attach a taillight onto the bag.

This bag is one of the few bicycle trunk bags with panniers in the form of side compartments. The ROCKBROS bag's compartments can be folded out and expanded to provide more room to store items.

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The inclusion of a rain cover also adds to the versatility of this bag. Even though the materials offer some water resistance, having the rain cover was really good to see. And to make it even better, this bicycle trunk bag is easy to mount to the rack as it uses velcro straps and fixed buckles to fix it securely on your bike rack.

BLUETOP Bicycle Rear Seat Rack Trunk Bag 

Bicycle Rack Bag Rear Seat Trunk Bag Bike Cargo Bag, Cycling Luggage Bag Shoulder Bag Bike Pannier Outdoor Sports Bag, Bike Carrier Bag Multi Sports Travel Bag Bicycle Trunk Pack for Commuter Outdoor

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This seat rack trunk bag by Bluetop is a very budget-friendly bag that we know you will fancy. It offers a large internal capacity that measures 15.3''L x 6'' W x 6.7'' H and can hold plenty of items. Moreover, the water-resistant polyester material it is built from offers excellent durability.

The bag has a water bottle holder and two side compartments equipped with reflective stripes for improved nighttime visibility. Plus, there is an adjustable strap included that makes the bag easy to sling across your shoulders.

Fitting is easy since it uses two velcro straps to secure to the rack and sits securely behind you. With this bicycle trunk bag, you can load it up with your most important items without having to worry about it deforming in a short time.

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Bike Trunk Bag

When it comes to hauling gear on your bike, a bike trunk bag is a convenient and practical choice. These bags attach to your bike's rear rack and provide additional storage space for items such as clothes, tools, or groceries. However, with so many available options, it can be tough to know which is best for your needs. Here is a buyer's guide to help you choose the best bike trunk bag for your cycling needs.

Backpack or Shoulder Bag

One of the first decisions you'll need to make when choosing a bike trunk bag is whether you want a backpack-style bag or a shoulder bag. Backpack-style bike trunk bags can be worn on your back when you're off the bike, while shoulder or messenger-style bags can be worn over your shoulder or across your body. Remember that some of them offer you the option to carry it in your hand. Consider your preference and how you plan to use the bag when deciding which style is best for you.

Waterproof Material

If you plan on using your bike trunk bag in wet weather, it's essential to choose a bag made of waterproof material. Look for a waterproof liner or roll-top closure bag to keep your items dry. Alternatively, you can opt for a bag with a removable rain cover to provide extra protection from the elements.


When it comes to bike trunk bags, durability is key. You'll want a bag that can withstand the rigors of regular use and can handle being thrown around on your bike. Look for bags made of high-quality materials such as waterproof nylon or polyester, and consider bags with reinforced corners or a hard base to protect your items.

Pannier Compatibility

If you're planning on using your bike trunk bag for longer rides or bike touring, you may want to consider a bag compatible with panniers. Panniers are bags that attach to the sides of your bike's rear rack and provide additional storage space. Look for bike trunk bags that can convert into panniers or have side pockets that can be used as panniers.

Exterior Pockets

Exterior pockets can be a convenient feature for storing smaller items that you need quick access to. Look for bike trunk bags with zippered or velcro pockets on the outside of the bag for storing items such as your phone, keys, or tools.

Mounting System

The mounting system is how the bike trunk bag attaches to your bike's rear rack. Velcro straps, buckles, and clips are all common mounting options. Consider the ease of use and stability of the mounting system when choosing a bike trunk bag.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of a bike trunk bag refers to the amount of gear it can hold. Consider the size of your items and how much storage space you'll need when choosing a bike trunk bag. Some bags have a large main compartment, while others have multiple smaller compartments for better organization.

Other Features

Other features to consider when choosing a bike trunk bag include a tail light hanger for added visibility, zippered pockets for secure storage, and thick padding to protect your items. A compact bag that doesn't take up too much space on your bike's rear rack may also be a useful feature and a durable bag that can withstand regular use.


What is the best bike trunk bag?

In my opinion, the Ibera Bike Trunk Bag is the best bike trunk bag on the market. It has a large storage capacity, a hard base and padded flooring to protect your items, and a clip-on system for easy attachment to the bike's rear rack. It also has reflective stripes for visibility and a rear light clip attachment for added safety.

What is the most stylish bike trunk bag?

If you're looking for a stylish bike trunk bag, the Lixada Bicycle Rack Bag is a great choice. It has a unique design and comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal style. It also has a detachable shoulder strap for carrying off the bike and a rain cover to protect your items in wet weather.

Are there any bike trunk bags that are waterproof?

Yes, the BV Bike Commuter Carrier Bike Trunk Bag is a waterproof bike trunk bag. It has a waterproof material and a roll-top closure to keep your items dry in wet conditions.

What is the largest bike trunk bag?

The Topeak MTX Bicycle Trunk Bag is the largest bike trunk bag on the list. It has a main storage area of 9.8" x 14.1" x 8.5 inches and two transforming side compartments that expand into panniers for even more storage space.

Is there a small bike trunk bag option for those who don't need a lot of storage space?

For those who don't need a lot of storage space, the Roswheel Bicycle Trunk is a good small bike trunk bag option. It has a compact size that still provides enough space for essentials, and it attaches easily to the bike's rear rack with straps.

Can a bike trunk bag be used as a backpack?

The Bushwhacker Mesa Trunk Bags can be used as both a bike trunk bag and a backpack. It has a detachable shoulder strap for carrying off the bike and a rear light clip attachment for added visibility.

Are there bike trunk bags with a shoulder strap for carrying off the bike?

The BLUETOP Bicycle Rear Seat Rack Trunk Bag has a shoulder strap for carrying off the bike. It also has a reflective strip for visibility and a rain cover to protect your items in wet weather.

What is the most durable bike trunk bag?

The ROCKBROS Bike Trunk Bags are known for their durability. They are made of high-quality material and have a sturdy attachment system to the bike's rear rack. They also have a reflective strip for visibility and a rain cover to protect your items in wet weather.

The Bottom Line

The Ibera trunk bag and Topeak MTX trunk bags are two of the best bike trunk bags to install to your rear bicycle rack for commuting or bike touring. They offer incredible storage capacities. And are built to last and secure your items.

If you go with either option, you'll be well set to haul items. However, the other items listed are also excellent options to consider, and some are very cheap and easy to mount to your existing rack. If you need more information on choosing a bike rack or bag, check out our detailed buyer's guide.

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