9 Best Seatpost Bike Racks For Bicycles Without Eyelets

So, you've got no braze-on or eyelets on your bike but still want to install a rack? No problem! In this article, we'll share the best Seatpost bike racks that you can easily install on your bike to allow you to add bike trunk bags and panniers. 

Consider this fact:

Most cyclists ride with large, cumbersome backpacks that cause shoulder pain and are just a huge bother. Moreover, these bags aren't good for hauling groceries and other items for longer commutes. Furthermore, they have limited space and, in most cases, aren't waterproof backpacks.

Adding a rack to your bike can change the way you commute. They are cheap and require no expert assistance to install on your bike. We cover how to install a Seatpost rack and things to consider below. So if you want to know more about that, do check it out after reading the reviews on the top bike Seatpost mounted racks.

Best Seatpost Bike Rack:

  1. Schwinn Seatpost Rack 
  2. Dirza Seat post Mounted Bike Rack 
  3. Ibera PakRak Seat Post Bicycle Rack 
  4. Topeak MTX Beamrack 
  5. ROCKBROS Bike Bicycle Seat post Cargo Rack 
  6. CyclingDeal Alloy Seat post Mount 
  7. Lixada Bicycle Rack Seatpost Bicycle Rack
  8. Delta Seat Post Rack with Pannier Support 
  9. Lumintrail Seat post Mounted Rack

Schwinn Seatpost cycle Rack 

Seatpost mounted rack

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Schwinn is a household name in cycling and has built many bikes and cycling accessories that we've added to countless bikes over the years. They always seem to get it right and have just the right product when you most need it. 

The Schwinn bike rear rack is a seatpost mounted rack that you can easily attach to just about any bike type. It features a thick aluminum build with a black finish that protects the rack from rust. Moreover, it has a weight capacity of 20 lbs. 

We loved that this rack also included side rails perfect for mounting panniers and had a spot to mount tail lights. As with any Schwinn product, you can be sure that you are getting good quality. So we had to give the top spot to this Seat post cycle rack. 

Dirza Seatpost Mounted Rack

Seatpost mounts

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This rack is one of our favorite racks to use on a bike that doesn't have braze-on support or eyelets to mount a standard rack. Like the Schwinn option before it, this rack features a sturdy aluminum build and allows a max load capacity of up to 115 lbs. 

The incredible weight capacity of this rack is due to the way this mount is designed. It uses the standard seat clamp found on most other Seatpost mounts. However, it also includes frame mounts that provide additional support. 

If you know you need a Seat post cycle rack with high load capacity, this is one of the best options you will find. Moreover, it has side rails for pannier support. 

Ibera PakRak Seat Post Bicycle Rack 

Ibera Pakrak seat post bicycle rack

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The Ibera Pakrak seat post bicycle rack is another fantastic option to consider. It is built from tig welded anodized aluminum and can support up to 22 pounds of weight. Moreover, it will fit on any 26" or 700C frame. 

This Seatpost rack is very easy to install and supports a number of bike trunk bags. However, if you go with this mount, we recommend getting the Ibera PakRak bag to pair with it. The rack has a dimension of 18" L x 5.5" W x 2" H. 

Topeak MTX Beamrack 

Topeak MTX bicycle seatpost rack

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If you ended up buying a Topeak MTX bag or pannier, you should consider getting this matching beam rack. It perfectly pairs with their bag, which we've rated as one of the best trunk rack bags. Moreover, it easily clamps on your Seatpost and remains completely sturdy throughout. 

The only downside is that it has a lower load capacity of just 15 lbs. But if you know you won't be hauling things heavier than that, then this rack is one that would be worth getting. 

ROCKBROS Bike Bicycle Seatpost Cargo Rack 

seatpost racks

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The Rockbros cargo rack easily mounts to your bicycle seatpost thanks to the quick release clamp. It is built with high strength aluminum alloy that offers an astonishing load cap between 110 - 165 pounds. Moreover, it has an adjustable rod that lets you further stretch the rack between 3- 15cm.

In terms of design, this rack doesn't fall short either and actually looks very neat. It even includes a fender guard underneath the rack that will prevent dust and dirt from messing up your bags and panniers. Plus, the included side rails make mounting panniers simple and easy to do. 

As a bonus, RockBros even includes a reflector that would need to buy separately when you choose another rack. With all that in mind, you can see that this rack is one to get.

CyclingDeal Alloy Seatpost Mounted Cycle Rack 

seatpost rack reviews

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This rack is a simple seat post cycle rack that is quick and simple to install on your bike. It features a lightweight aluminum alloy build that supports up to 22 lbs. Moreover, it comes with a fender guard and a tail light bracket that you can mount a reflector on. 

The only downsides to this rack are that it doesn't have side rails for panniers and won't work on dual-suspension MTBs. But apart from that, its a pretty decent option.

Lixada Bicycle Rack 

seatpost rack with panniers

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This rack is similar to the other racks in that it is pretty basic. It offers a weight load capacity of 20 lbs and easily attaches to your seat post. Plus, it is very cheap, which is why we decided to include it on the list. 

However, it doesn't have things like a fender guard or pannier rails. So if a basic, affordable Seat post cycle rack is what you need, this is a good choice. 

Delta Seat Post Rack with Pannier Support 

bike seat post rack with pannier support

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The Delta Mega Rack is a reliable Seatpost rack that you can count on to last you quite a while. It has a weight capacity of 20 lbs when you use it without the included legs. But once you add those to the setup, you significantly increase the load limit of this rack.

It has side rails that support panniers, and the main rack area is large enough to fit reasonably large bike trunks. You can get this seat post rack at an affordable price that we think is worth it. 

Lumintrail Seatpost Frame Mounted Rack


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The Lumintrail bicycle seatpost rack lets you mount the rack to both the frame and seat post for excellent stability. It has a weight capacity of 55 lbs that will support large bags and panniers. Moreover, it is very easy to install.

With this seat post bicycle rack, you can expect to be touring or commuting in no time. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Seat post Rack

Before buying a mount for your seat post, there are a few things that you NEED to consider first! These are very important and can stop you from wasting more or push you to make the best decision to improve your bike. So make sure you read and consider these points or check out our Ultimate Buyers Guide for Racks and Bags before going and getting your rack.  

Will it Fit

The first consideration you need to have is whether a Seatpost rack will fit, and is it really what you need. First, you must make sure that your bike doesn't have eyelets, thus requiring you to get a seat post bicycle rack. If you don't have braze-on eyelets, you then need to confirm that the rack will fit your Seatpost. 

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Some Seatpost bicycle racks like the Ibera PakRak only fit on 700C frames. Moreover, some bicycles with dual suspension frames or shock absorbers might prohibit using Seatpost racks. 

How much do you need to carry?

Without knowing how much weight you typically take on your regular commutes, you won't know which rack is ideal. In cases where you can't check, we recommend going for the racks with the highest load capacity like the racks from ROCKBROS. 

Do you plan to use panniers?

Some people don't know what pannier bags are and thus won't need even to consider them. But if you know what they are and plan to use them for commuting or bike touring, you will want to make sure your rack supports panniers. The way to know if your rack supports panniers is by looking out for racks that feature side rails

Also, note that side rails are mostly "U" shaped and different from frame mounts.

Do Seatpost racks and panniers change the way the bike feels?

Yes, they do change the way the bike feels, but not by much. A standalone Seatpost rack doesn't affect how the bike feels, even if you add a basic bike trunk. The change comes when you add panniers to the bike. If the panniers aren't appropriately balanced, it might feel heavier when turning on the side with higher loads. 

As such, bike touring veterans always recommend balancing weight between panniers on each side equally. 

How to mount a Seat Post rack without eyelets?

Mounting your Seatpost racks on a frame with no eyelet isn't rocket science. You simply need to follow the instructions below, and you should be able to set up just about any kind of Seatpost rack. 

  1. The first step is to remove all the parts of the rack from the packaging. 
  2. Identify all the parts and place them in an organized way by the bike. Most bicycles will include Allen wrenches needed to install the racks. 
  3. Next up, you need to assemble the main rack area, which in some cases may already be assembled. 
  4. Following that, you need to attach the fender guard below the rack and tighten the Allen bolts. 
  5. The next step is to take the rack and check it against the Seatpost to see if it fits without the need for the paddings. 
  6. If pads are required to make it fit securely, you will need to add them before attempting to install the Seatpost rack.
  7. Once you've added the paddings, clamp the seat post mount around the post and tighten it on as securely as possible. 
  8. The next step is to attach the frame straps to the rack and the bike frame following the same step to mount it to the saddle post. 
  9. Once that is done, you can then add the pannier rails as the last step. 

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Wrapping it Up 

If you commute long distances by bike and frequently need to take multiple items with you, you should get a rack installed. Racks are great even if you aren't commuting very far and just need a way to haul items or groceries. With a Seatpost rack, you take the guesswork out of getting your bike equipped to transport a lot of items.

They are quite universal and hardly have any particular requirements for your bike. As long as you note the things to consider that we listed above, you should be fine. Moreover, Seatpost bicycle racks are very affordable and don't require you to install them permanently. 

With that said, you should see that owning a rack like these is only beneficial with no negatives. The best Seatpost racks that we recommend giving a shot first are the Dirza Rear seat post Rack, Schwinn's Seatpost Rack, or the one from ROCKBROS. 

If you also need to purchase a bike trunk, always try to get a rear rack supported by the bike trunk bag's design. This way, you'll save yourself from unnecessary headaches. 

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We've come to the end of the article, which rack is your favorite? Join the discussion below and share your reviews on the rack you got.