6 Best Flat Pedals For Road Bike | The Top Rated Best Platform Pedals for Road Bikes

Flat pedals are a great choice if you're interested in upgrading your road bike pedals for more comfortable commuting in the city. Unlike clipless pedals, flat pedals offer more freedom in your riding style. They provide an excellent grip on par with standard bike pedals and make it so you can wear any footwear while cycling.

Whether it's due to an injury, your hate of clipless pedals, or the discomfort caused by your cycling shoe, you won't go wrong to upgrade to one of the best platform pedals. We've reviewed many road bike flat pedals over the last three months and found some excellent choices for you. These pedals offer great comfort, a large platform, and an impressive grip so they'll all improve your riding experience. 

What to consider before buying a Flat Pedal?

Before we jump into the best platform pedals for road bikes, check out these crucial tips to consider to help you select the best option for your needs:

Pedals are pedals. 

Most people think that you need a specific kind of pedal to put on their bikes. But the truth is most pedals use the same thread pattern so they'll fit any type of bicycle you want to install them on.

So when looking at the best platform pedals, if you see MTB listed, you don't have to fret that they won't fit. As again, pedals are pedals, and only in a few rare instances will you find a bike or a pedal that doesn't support the standard 9/16" spindle.  

bicycle pedals

Material and Durability

The next thing you need to keep in mind is to always choose durable flat pedals. You are most likely interested in a flat pedal that will allow you to change up your riding style on your bike. Which means you'll eventually want to stand and pedal now and then. As such, it is essential to go with flat pedals that can bear loads and have strong durability.

The best flat pedal will feature a heavy-duty build quality using either aluminum, steel, or high strength nylon plastic. We've already made sure that the options we listed are of the highest quality, so you won't need to worry about this. 

Surface Area

best flat pedal

A pedal with a large platform to stand on is often a much better choice than a typical flat pedal, especially in cases where you plan to wear non cycling shoes like sandals or sneakers. The larger the surface area, the more contact your foot has with the pedal, which will allow you to feel more comfortable pedaling. Besides, wider platform pedals will enable you to put down more force and go as fast as you would with clipless pedals. 

Our top choices all feature pedals with a large surface area, but it's still something to keep in mind if you plan to look elsewhere.

How and Where do you plan to ride?

If you plan on doing very long commutes on your road bike, you might want to stick with your standard bike pedals. We say this because platform pedals don't improve power transfer efficiency like clipless pedals, making them less effective over long commutes. However, if you are urban cycling around town through traffic, having flat pedals offer much more freedom and control to stop and stand. They also work great for short commutes and for persons that want to ride their bike to work. 

Once you've considered all of those points, you should be able to select the right pedal. So here they are

Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike:

  1. FOOKER Bicycle Platform Pedals 
  2. Crankbrothers Stamp Flat Road Bike Pedals
  3. Alston Road Bicycle Aluminum Flat Pedals
  4. Puroma Platform Flat Road Bike Pedals 
  5. BV Bike Flat Pedals Set 
  6. Wellgo Touring City Platform Pedals

FOOKER Bicycle Platform Pedals - Best Flat road bike pedal

Axle Thread: 9/16" | Color Options: 4 | Material: High Strength Nylon

fooker lightweight platform pedals

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This pedal from Fooker is the best platform pedal for a road bike to buy right now. While it is branded as a "mountain bike pedal," it uses the standard 9/16 spindle so it still will fit perfectly on a road bicycle. We've had them installed on a few bikes and completely love how they feel.

It is built from high strength nylon, making it very lightweight but durable enough for when you want to put down the power. And it has 16 hex-head traction pins that provide the right amount of grip for any shoe and riding condition. Moreover, the large surface area makes it suitable for you to wear any cycling footwear you desire.

What we liked:

  • They offer four color options.
  • These flat pedals a very durable pedal.
  • Affordable.

Crankbrothers Stamp Flat Road Bike Pedals

Axle Thread: 9/16" | Color Options: 11 | Material: Composite/Chromoly Steel

crankbrothers stamp bike pedal review

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Like the Fooker pedals, the Crankbrothers Stamp is very well designed for use on a road bicycle. This platform pedal is even more high quality, in our opinion, and offers many more options. So, it would be an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade to a premium flat pedal. 

It features the standard 9/16 spindle, so it fits well on all bikes. And the large surface area paired with ten adjustable hex pins on either side makes it a perfect grippy pedal. 

What we loved most about this platform pedal is the durability. The body material is made from composite, while the spindle material uses Chromoly steel. When paired together, it truly makes this one of the more premium road bike pedals out there. Moreover, it is very lightweight as it weighs in at just 345 grams per pair. 

With the additional five year warranty, this pedal is one to consider. 

What we liked:

  • This is a premium platform pedal.
  • There are many color options to choose from.
  • These flat pedals for road bikes use a Chromoly steel spindle material.

Alston Road Bicycle Aluminum Pedal 

best flat road bicycle aluminum pedal

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The Alston Road Bicycle Flat pedals are an excellent aluminum pedal that you might fancy. It features a unique three bearing structure design and has a sufficiently large platform surface. Moreover, it is very easy to install and will work with all kinds of bicycles. 

They aren't too big or too small that you'll find them inconvenient on your bike. And the ten anti-slip nails on either side make it very good for casual or even slightly more intense commutes. If there was ever a flaw with this pedal, it would be with the threading as there have been a few complaints about it failing for other reviewers. 

However, we've had it installed and tested over 3000km and have had no issues so far. So we will still recommend giving them a shot if you like the style and pricing and want one of the best flat pedals.

What we liked:

  • It is one of the best aluminum road bike platform pedals.
  • You can purchase it in one of three color options. 

Puroma Platform Pedals - Best for Gripping

fooker best flat platform pedals

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Puroma has always received great reviews and ratings from customers. And we've used many of their products on our bikes over the years. So when we set out to test the best road bike flat pedals, we had to include theirs. 

Needless to say, they've made an excellent lightweight platform pedal that we had no issues with during our tests. 

The Puroma Flat pedal features a nylon composite body that offers good durability and a fairly large surface area. It was very comfortable during long rides and offered impressive grip thanks to the 12 hex pins on either side. These pedals use the standard 9/16 Chromoly steel axle bearing, so it fits on all bikes. As such, you can buy these pedals confidently.

What we liked:

  • Puroma is a very reputable brand.
  • These flat pedals have a large platform surface with lots of hex pins to boost grip.

BV Bike Pedal Set 

BV Bike pedals

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BV's bike pedals feature a standard old school pedal design that we fell in love with at first glance. It is built with resin, which makes it a very lightweight but durable platform pedal. And it features two reflectors that help boost rider visibility in the dark. 

These bike pedals use the standard 9/16" spindle that is built from sturdy boron steel. So you'll be able to install them easily on your bike with ease. Plus, they included textured markers on the left pedals so you can easily identify which side the pedal should be installed on. 

Moreover, it features a wide surface area and grip nodes instead of hex pins, so even if you decided to ride barefooted, you wouldn't have any issues. This means you can wear almost any kind of footwear with these lightweight road bike platform pedals. Furthermore, it's one of the most affordable pedals around and offers a one year warranty so you'll have no regrets when buying it. 

What we liked:

  • It is the most affordable platform pedal you can find.
  • Their quality and durability were excellent. 
  • It has reflectors and a unique traditional pedal look.

Wellgo Touring City Road Bike Platform Pedals

Best bike platform pedals

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These alloy road bike platform pedals are an excellent option to go to if you're sick of clip ins and restricting your feet. They come in at a very affordable price and offer outstanding durability. With these pedals, you can install them on any bike that uses a 9/16" axle thread with ease.

Moreover, you'll be getting a 12 months warranty to back up your purchase. So although Wellgo has been ranked as one of the largest bike pedals manufacturers in the world, the fact that they stand behind their pedals was good to see.

What we liked:

  • It is backed by a very good warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flat Pedals

platform pedals for road bikes

Here are the three most commonly asked questions about flat bike pedals and road bikes:

Can you use flat pedals on a road bike?

Yes, road bikes like all other bike types use the same 9/16" axle threading. So you can safely use a flat pedal on a road bike as long as you make sure that it uses the standard axle threading. 

Why are flat pedals better?

Flat pedals are often classified as better since they offer a larger platform for your shoe. They are also considered a better option since they can be used with any shoe instead of being restricted to only cleated shoes. Moreover, flat pedals are generally more comfortable when you commute through traffic or short distances daily. Or in cases where you want to wear shoes that are good for walking around. 

Which type of shoes is best for platform pedals on a road bike?

You can wear any shoe you want with platform pedals on your bike especially if you opt for a a pedal with straps. Even if you wanted to wear flip flops, a flat platform pedal would allow you to do so with comfort. If you're going to find the best shoes to wear, you can check out some of our other guides:

Wrapping Up

If you've suffered any leg or back injury due to riding your bike, switching to the best flat pedal can help. They allow you to ride in a more comfortable style. And offer excellent performance and grip that you won't necessarily notice that you aren't using clipless pedals. 

Moreover, they are an affordable replacement for when you decide to change up your riding style. Overall, you won't go wrong with adding them to your bike, and they can always be kept as your backup for whenever you decide to use them. We've already listed the best flat pedals for road bikes, so feel free to go with any option we've reviewed.