Best Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling – Comfort For Any Budget

If you are a fan of cycling, you must be knowing how much better your performance gets with cleats. But there is one problem. Cycling and spin shoes slip suck when walking on any type of flooring and make sense only when you are cycling. How can we solve this issue? Is there a shoe that you and I can wear while cycling and outside or anywhere else?

The answer lies in the best non-cycling shoes for cycling.

These non cycling shoes help improve and enhance your performance while cycling and allow you to walk on any surface at other times. They function as regular shoes that you can wear, but also multi-function as cycling shoes. Even without cleat compatibility, these shoes increase your impact.

In this article, we'll share the top seven best regular non cycling shoes that perform great as a for cycling:

Best Non-Cycling Shoes For Cycling:

  1. Reebok Crossfit No Clip Cycling Shoes
  2. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Sneakers for Biking
  3. Adidas Men's Sleuth Regular Non Cycling Shoes
  4. Tommaso Milano Con Cycling Shoe
  5. Tommaso Montagna 100 Non Cycling Shoe
  6. Five Ten Men’s Freerider Pro
  7. New Balance 09v1 No Clip Cycling Shoe

Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave

Reebok came into existence after athletes asked for more speed. The first running shoes also came from this world-renowned brand, and they did not stop at just that. The Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave is an excellent non clip cycling shoes that will satisfy all your running and cycling needs. If athletes say yes to this shoe, surely you and I can too! As such it is considered one of the best regular non cycling shoes to wear when biking. 

best regular shoes for cycling

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Let us start with the upper material. The new Flexweave on the Crossfit Nano 8.0 allows for more stability, durability, and much more breathability. The construction has a unique eight shape that manufacturers can interlace with several other fibers to create a surface ensuring lightweight too.

Now, coming to the insole, there is extra cushioning towards the forefoot. This feature makes sure your feet stay comfortable even during and after a rigorous exercise routine. It also increases the performance and enhances the fit of the shoes.

As for the outsole, the forefoot flex groove and high-abrasion rubber material make up for flexibility and durability. While cycling, we usually use our toes or the forefoot to push the pedals. The toe section will provide you with the sturdiness and protection that your toes might need.


  • These regular shoes for cycling are very flexible and ideal for all CrossFit sports.
  • There is enough padding to make sure your feet remain cushioned at all times.
  • It is incredibly lightweight yet offers stability.
  • The Flexweave upper material allows for breathability.
  • The perfect size will perfectly fit your whole foot.


  • There are some complaints about the sizing of these shoes.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

When it comes to the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35, all we can think about is speed and responsiveness. This fantastic pair of non clip bike shoes by Nike is one of the smoothest performing footwear in the entire industry. The design is perfect, not just for running, but cycling too.

non clip bike shoes

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Comfort is what comes first, and the Flymesh fabric on the upper fulfills that with high points. This material is lightweight and breathable. When you are cycling, you do not want the weight of your shoes to affect your performance. The airflow is free enough to keep your feet dry even after a long and intense cycling session or run.

Also, the flywire cables along the shoe length will provide you with all the security and support you might need. We love the design of this shoe because it has a beveled heel that allows you to transition from touchdowns and releases much more quickly and smoothly.

The midsole is so soft that you can feel the cushioning to the fullest degree and feel less pressure on the toes. The sock liner curves to the shape of your foot to provide adequate underfoot support.


  • This regular shoes for cycling offers support like no other.
  • The materials that the brand used are lightweight.
  • It can snugly fit your feet even if they are narrow.
  • The padding is soft and comfortable.
  • The color options that they offer are very attractive.


  • The shoe leaves the ankles out in the open.
  • The tongue is unnecessarily long.

Adidas Men's Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoe

adidas non cycling shoe

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One feature of these Adidas shoes that stood out for us is the use of high quality leather for the upper material. On top of this, it is also stronger than other leather variants which makes this a very durable shoe to consider. Plus, it is much thinner, which makes it less bulky and more comfortable over longer wear durations.

There some parts of the upper is suede. This material gives it a better look and design. Boots or shoes with a broader opening allows the user to put it on easily—this shoe’s opening measures around 3 inches. The tongue is long enough to offer all the coverage that you might need.

The EVA midsole is light and flexible. Durability and support are the two benefits that this regular shoes for cycling is sure to provide.


  • The quality of this non cycling shoe is up to the standards of a top quality brand.
  • The sizing is correct and fits perfectly.
  • It uses high-quality leather.
  • Padding is enough for cycling and walking.
  • It is lightweight yet durable.


  • The padding might not be enough to other high-intensity sports.

Tommaso Milano Cycling Shoe

What is better than a regular shoe that can also function as bikes shoes attached with cleats? A shoe that does both and is affordable, all at the same time! And this is precisely what the Tommaso Milano Cycling shoe offers to you.

regular shoes for cycling

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First of all, let us talk about how Tommaso sells their shoes at factory direct value. Instead of selling it to intermediaries and increasing the price with each step, this brand will sell directly to the buyer, hence keeping the cost as low as possible.

Secondly, you can attach SPD two-bolt cleats on these shoes. The laces make you feel like you are wearing a pair of comfortable tennis shoes, but we all know they are shoes that can enhance your performance when cycling.


  • The price is affordable and delivers in terms of quality too.
  • The rubber sole on this non cycling shoe has alot of grip.
  • It is an excellent introductory shoe to using cleats for cycling.
  • The insole is comfortable and fits snugly.
  • You get a two years manufacturer’s warranty.


  • They are not for wide feet.
  • You have to buy cleats separately.

Tommaso Montagna 100 Men’s Cycling Shoes

non clip cycling shoes

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The Montagna 100 regular shoes for cycling are another excellent pair of shoes by Tommaso. Similar to the shoe mentioned above, it is affordable and of good quality. The fiberglass outsole will ensure that you get the most out of your actions and every effort that you exert.

We love this shoe because it blends comfort, style, durability, and affordability almost perfectly. The synthetic upper material can hug your feet and give enough breathability at the same time. This brand offers a 100% guarantee that the size you choose will fit and ensure returns and exchange if they do not.

You can attach SPD cleats if you want.

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  • Your feet will not feel sore even after wearing them for a long time.
  • Installing the cleats is a simple process.
  • The Velcro straps make it easy to put on and adjust.
  • You do not feel any discomfort even if you tighten the straps.


  • It fits only two-bolt SPD cleats.

Five Ten Men’s Freerider Pro

If we are going to talk about the Freerider Pro non cycling shoe by Five Ten, we cannot ignore the fact that the brand designed this shoe specifically for cycling in mind.

best sneakers for biking

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Like most exercises that we engage in, cycling makes us sweat profusely. Our other body parts stay out in the open to dry, but the feet remain enclosed inside a pair of shoes. Thus, the sweat does not dry as quickly and starts to give off a foul odor. Knowing this issue all too well, Five Ten has given the upper material for this shoe a new fast-drying synthetic construction.

The textile lining also adds to the breathability and makes sure to absorb moisture or sweat that might come out. This textile lining also helps retain the shape of the shoe even after regular use. As for the midsole, it is compression-molded EVA for immense flexibility.

The outsole is of S1 dotty rubber to increase the shoe’s gripping ability. While cycling, you want the forefoot to be sturdy to give you more stability. The impact-resistant Poron toe will offer the stiffness that you need.


  • It is the ideal choice for bikes with flat pedals.
  • The outsole sticks to the pedal very well.
  • The hard toe cap offers protection from hits.
  • You get enough traction even on the ground to climb mountains.


  • Some people might not like the stiffness of the shoes.
  • The soft white EVA midsole is less durable than the gray variant.

New Balance 09v1 non cycling shoe

The New Balance 09v1 regular non cycling shoes is another one of those shoes that is SPD cleat compatible. This feature means you can put in SPD cleats on these shoes and gain more energy transfer and stability while cycling or working out in a spin class.

best shoes for cycling without clips

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Since the provision of SPD compatibility is not protruding, you can wear these shoes anywhere you want. They will not let you slip if you decide to take a run outside after rain. They will not make tapping sounds on the floors, either. It is a multi-functioning shoe that will surely be worth the money you spend on it.

The midsole is lightweight EVA. White EVA is softer than the gray counterpart and just as firm. This outsole will absorb shocks effectively, allowing you to perform exercises without feeling sore. The three adjustable straps hug the shape of your foot and secure the fit.

The upper material is a synthetic and breathable mesh material that also has odor-eliminating properties. We all know how sweaty things get while cycling. This specific feature on the 09v9 takes care of excess sweat and unwanted odors.


  • You can wear them as regular sneakers or cycling shoes with cleats.
  • The design of the shoe is stylish and hip.
  • Putting on the right cleats is a simple process.
  • They are comfortable and sturdy at the same time.
  • Excellent value for the product.


  • The material of the tongue is slightly stiffer than the rest of the shoe.
  • The soft white EVA midsole is less durable than the gray variant.


cycling shoes without clips

Can We Use Cleats With Non Cycling Shoes For Cycling?

Some shoe options in the market allow you to attach cleats on them if you want. At other times, they will function as regular non cycling shoes that you can wear to go out for a walk or go on a quick shopping errand.

Are Non Cycling Shoes Better For Cycling?

The answer to this question depends on whether you plan to carry two shoes to a spin class or cycling session. If you do not want to take two shoes, non-cycling shoes like one of the products mentioned above will be ideal for you.

With this type of shoe, you can wear them for both cycling and even to walk or run whenever necessary. Regardless of if you are indoors or outdoors, you can wear these shoes on any surface you want.

Can I Wear Running Shoes For Cycling?

No rule says you cannot wear running shoes for cycling. However, to reach your full cycling potential and performance, we suggest you get your hands on cycling shoes or non-cycling shoes for cycling.


If you want a regular non cycling shoes that you can use when cycling and when you want to go out for a run or a walk, the products mentioned above are some of the best choices in the market.

Do not let the SPD cleat compatible soles keep you from enjoying cycling indoors and outdoors. Get your hands on the best non-cycling shoes for cycling today!