6 Best Bike Helmets for Ponytail & Women’s Hairstyles – [Buyer’s Guide]

If you regularly wear ponytails and ride a bike, you've surely come across issues when wearing bike helmets. But that'll all change today as we've compiled a hand-picked list of the best ponytail helmets to consider owning!

But before we share the top bike helmet with a ponytail hole with you, consider this fact. 

The ratio of male to female bike riders is roughly 2:1. This means that almost all brands and bike manufacturers target male riders with every type of gear. Although most bikes and gears are marketed as unisex, the struggle to find a helmet that works well with women's hair, especially a ponytail, is, not surprisingly, difficult. 

Regular helmets often sit too high, so you have to use the vents to thread your ponytail. On the other hand, if the helmet sits on your ponytail, the helmet sits too low on the front and compromises the safety aspect. So yes, finding bike helmets with ponytail holes that are suitable for women hair is not fun at all.

Lucky for you, we've done the hard work, so just read through the post and take your pick from the best bike helmet for women's hair when you're ready. 

Best Bike Helmets for Ponytail and Women's Hair:

  1. ABUS Bike-Helmets Urban-I 3.0 – Premium Choice
  2. Bell Women's Glow Lighted Bike Helmet – Best For Low Light Conditions
  3. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet – Most Affordable Choice
  4. Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet – Most Ventilated Helmet
  5. BELL Womens Citi Bike Helmet – Best for Road Biking
  6. Giro Vasona MIPS Women's Recreational Cycling Helmet – Best For Sweaty Riders

ABUS Bike-Helmets Urban-I 3.0 – Premium Choice

Abus Urban-I 3.0 - Polar White - S (51-55)

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Our premium choice of the best bike helmets with ponytail holes hits a good balance between quality and performance. Moreover, it is a very stylish bike helmet, so we're sure you'll love wearing it. 

The ponytail friendly Urban-I 3.0 women's bike helmet with ponytail hole is made to absorb shocks in case of impact as it features an EPS outer shell. It comes with 12 air inlets, which keeps your head cool and sweat from accumulating. Moreover, it has reflective strips and a fully adjustable ring that'll allow you to fit it securely on your head. 

We recommend checking out the ABUS Urban-I 3.0 because it has a dedicated vent for a ponytail at the back of the helmet. So whether you are a female or a male rider with long hair, you will love putting your hair up and riding safely with this helmet. 

Bell Women's Glow Lighted Bike Helmet – Best For Low Light Conditions

Bell Glow Women's Bike Helmet, Adult

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Despite its dark color, this Bell helmet has practical features for use in low light conditions. Most importantly, it is ponytail friendly and looks stunning at nights when the patterned design is illuminated!

The centerpiece of this women's bike helmet with ponytail hole is the cutout, so it fits most women hairstyles you'd wear when riding a bike. Plus, it also comes with a great fit thanks to the adjustable dials and straps. In addition, the safety components in this helmet are top-notch as it includes reflective graphics, the flashing mode, and a glowlight for increased visibility. 

You will also appreciate that these helmets have 13 vents that optimize airflow at all times. Furthermore, this women-specific helmet complies with the US safety standards so that you can be confident about its reliability. This bike helmet has a universal fit, but it's best for female cyclists.

Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet – Most Affordable Choice

Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet, Lightweight Microshell Design, Adult, Blue

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Our pick of the most affordable bike helmets with ponytail holes is also among the most lightweight options you can find. It packs all the right features together, such as style, safety, and comfort.

The Thrasher helmet comes with full shell coverage and a lightweight micro-shell that makes it reliable and lightweight. The padding and the adjustable dial fit knob ensure a great fit for every rider that wears this helmet. You will love the moisture-wicking pads as well as the 20 air vents that keep your noggin dry and cool. 

The Schwinn Thrasher bicycle helmet's color options are by far the most diverse of all the helmets we've ever reviewed. So you'll be sure to find a style and color that matches your bike or preference. Moreover, the angular design of the bicycle helmet gives you a cool look. And, of course, you can put your hair up and wear the helmet without compromising its practicality. 

Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet – Best Ventilated Helmet

Giro Bronte MIPS Adult Recreational Bike Helmet (Matte Black, UXL 58-65 cm)

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With up to 22 air vents, the Giro Register is one of the best-ventilated bicycle helmet with ponytail holes on the market for women hairstyles. It features a dedicated cutout for the ponytail that is perfectly positioned. However, if your hair is super thick, you might have some issues as the hole isn't as thick as we'd like it to be. 

In terms of construction, too, the Register cycling helmet is top of the class with its MIPS protection system. This feature in the helmet ensures that your head is fully protected in case of an unfortunate impact. In addition, the rugged in-mold construction ensures that it'll feel comfortable while you wear it. 

Furthermore, you will find the quick-dry padding and reflective pads, and the removable visor very convenient and useful while using this ponytail friendly helmet. 

The Giro Register is available in different colors, too, which makes it a good choice. And although this helmet has a universal fit, the adjustable straps ensure that anyone can get a good fit irrespective of your age or head size. However, if your head circumference is on the generous side, you can go for the XL size or check out the best XXL bike helmets that we've found. 

BELL Womens Citi Bike Helmet – Best for Road Biking

For females with ponytails or other hairstyles, this helmet from Bell is a good choice. It has a robust construction and a no-nonsense design, making it great for road cycling or commuting. 

Bell Glow Women's Bike Helmet, Adult

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The Bell Citi bike helmet is specifically designed for women and is fully compliant with the required safety standards such as CPSC. In addition to its sturdy construction, this ponytail friendly helmet has a removable cloth visor. However, the cloth component may not be very appealing to some riders. 

Nevertheless, with 13 cooling vents, this helmet will be an excellent product to ride with during the summer times as it will make sure your hair stays cool at all times. 

The only downside is that it only comes in one size. But it'll fit anyone with a head circumference between 52 and 58 cm.   

Giro Vasona MIPS Women's Recreational Cycling Helmet – Best For Sweaty Riders

Giro Vasona MIPS Womens Recreational Cycling Helmet - Matte Titanium (2022), Universal Women's (50-57 cm)

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If you sweat buckets while riding or the climate you ride in is quite humid, the Vasona helmet will be a fantastic solution. It features 22 air vents, along with the quick-dry padding, which works in combination to keep your head dry and cool at all times. 

Other features that make the Vasona ponytail friendly cycling helmet a great choice for females is its women-specific design and the ponytail cut out. Plus, this helmet's removable visor is a nice touch of practicality for when the sun is out. 

When it comes to the quality, the Vasona bicycle helmet is a total winner in our books. It features MIPS technology and full hardbody coverage, so be assured of its reliability and durability. This Giro women's helmet has a universal fit, but the adjustable straps make sure that you get a snug fit. 


Here is a couple of additional information about the best ponytail helmets in the form of FAQs.

Why use the best ponytail helmets?

Bike helmets with ponytail holes are designed to optimize safety. And since men and women with long hair might find it difficult to tuck their hair properly, these helmets offer a perfect solution. You never want to ride around with your hair flying all over your face, as this can be a safety hazard while riding a bike.   

Another point of consideration is the correct use of the helmets. Experts agree that the proper fit of a helmet is critical to make it effective. So when you wear a regular helmet with a ponytail, the helmet might not sit correctly on your head, which renders it ineffective in case of an unfortunate accident. 

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How do I wear a ponytail helmet correctly?

Ponytail compatible bicycle helmets have a dedicated cutout at the back of the helmet through which you can thread your ponytail. If your helmet has such a design, put your ponytail and position it so that it sits in the right alignment with the cutout. It may be a high or a low ponytail, depending on the design of the helmet. 

Alternatively, some helmets have a groove/curve at the shell's bottom to accommodate a ponytail or a bun. These types of helmets are also supplemented with a fitting strip or a tab. Ponytail helmets with adjustable straps are easier to use as you don't have to keep positioning your ponytail and pull it through a narrow opening. 

Final thoughts

As we briefly mentioned earlier, finding the best ponytail helmets takes some amount of digging. But thankfully, some brands such as Bell and Schwinn are getting serious about coming up with inclusive gears, including ponytail-friendly helmets. Furthermore, this list of the best ponytail bike should serve as a great place to find the right one you'll like and save you time and money!

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