Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100 – The Top Rated Budget Bike Helmets

So you want to keep your noggin safe without shelling out a fortune? We've got you covered. Today we bring you the best road bike helmet under $100 list. You will have the easiest decision to pick the best road bike helmet by the end of this post.

But before we get into the reviews, check out this rather distressing fact about bike helmets.

According to a recent report, up to 54% of cyclists' accidents involved riders not wearing a bike helmet. This statistic is very alarming, considering how affordable bike helmets have become. But even more disturbing is that 29% of bicyclists' injuries were due to wearing the wrong helmets. The same report also suggests that a good road bicycle helmet could've prevented these fatalities and injuries.

You see, safe road helmets have an aerodynamic design and an elongated shape that protect your head. Moreover, these helmets also come with thick inner liners, which can be lifesaving in case of a fall. This is in stark contrast to the traditional helmets that are instantly recognizable by round shapes without vents. Those types are stylish helmets meant solely for commuting and not for high-speed cycling with road bikes.

As such, it's crucial to know which type of bike helmet is the proper one to wear. To save you time in searching for a good helmet, we've listed the top Road Bike Cycling helmets under 100 below:

Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100:

  1. Giro Register MIPS Cheap Road Helmet
  2. Smith Optics Signal MIPS
  3. Kask Rapido Budget Road Bike Helmet
  4. Bell Falcon MIPS
  5. LAZER Helmet Blade+
  6. Cannondale CAAD MIPS

Giro Register MIPS Cycling Helmet – Best Fitting Option Under 100

Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet - Matte Black (2022), Universal Adult (54-61 cm)

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These Giro bicycle helmets comes from one of the most credible companies in outdoor gear. So it is exceptional in quality, and it can give some premium-priced helmets very stiff competition. Considering all of the facts, we felt it is one of the best mountain bike helmets under 100.

The lining in the Register cycling helmet is MIPS, which is supreme in helmet protection technology. You can ride with confidence, knowing that your head is safely protected in the helmet. This synthetic helmet is engineered in the brand's test lab to ensure the highest quality and performance.

With 22 vents and in-mold construction, this cycling helmet is practical as it is durable. A notable feature about this road helmet is that it has an excellent fit, which is why it takes the top spot on our list. Moreover, the addition of reflective strips and removable visor is what makes this helmet a total winner.

Smith Optics Signal MIPS Helmet – Most Lightweight Option Below $100

Smith Signal MIPS Bike Helmet Black S

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If you like the protection of a helmet but do not enjoy the heavy feeling, these are maybe the best bike helmets for you. Clocking in it at 299 grams or 10.58 oz, a practical road bicycle helmet can't get lighter than this.

In terms of materials, too, this helmet does not compromise. It has an in-mold shield and EPS foam, which makes it sturdy and reliable. Moreover, the 21 vents will keep you cool and keep your sweat at bay. The integrated provision for sunglasses is also a nice touch.

You will love that this Smith Optics helmet comes in different colorways. With sizing options ranging from small to XL, you will find your desired size even if you need a helmet for large heads. In addition, this road helmet has multiple certifications, so you cannot doubt its quality in any way.

Kask Rapido Road Bike Helmet – Best Ventilated Helmet 

KASK Adult Road Bike Helmet RAPIDO Anthracite [Size 58]

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The Rapido is a road helmet that comes with the maximum number of vents. This is fantastic for ventilation during your cycling sessions. So in cases where you ride in hot climates or generally sweat a lot, this is the perfect road helmet for you. It's also pretty good for mountain biking, so if you are also looking for a mountain bike helmet you can consider it. 

The materials of construction include a combination of a polystyrene cup and a polycarbonate helmet shell. So this one outstandingly absorbs shock and will serve as a great protector for your head. The pivot system is another feature, which facilitates a great fit of the helmet. In combination with the Central ratchet wheel, this feature ensures that you get a precise fit, irrespective of your head circumference.

In addition to its great quality, the Rapido budget bike helmets comes in several different bright colors. And of course, the availability of size options is a big bonus.

Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet – Best for Sweaty Folks

Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Bike Helmet - Stride Matte/Gloss White/Smoke - Large (58–62 cm)

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Are you a champion at sweating during cycling? The Bell Falcon mips bike helmet are the best budget bike helmets to your sweaty prayers. Even if you don't sweat buckets, if the climate you live in and the cycle is humid, this bike helmet is a great choice.

It comes with a unique sweat pad design, which pulls the sweat away from your forehead. In terms of construction, the Falcon helmet comes with a MIPS liner and polycarbonate shell. So this road helmet is great in terms of reliability and durability. Talking about reliability, the addition of reflective strips is also very helpful.

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These cheap cycling helmets also comes in different sizes to suit every rider. And of course, the Falcon's color options are a neat feature that you can't ignore. If you are wondering about the number of vents in the Falcon, it comes with 18 vents. This mips bike helmet does not have the highest number of vents in the best road bike helmets under 100, but it is enough to keep your head cool.

LAZER Helmet Blade+ - Best for riders with small heads

LAZER Helmet Blade+ MIPS, White, Small

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Some of us have a head circumference that is a little bit on the smaller size. So finding the perfect sized helmet can be a challenge. However, Lazer's Helmet Blade+ could be considered among the top of the best budget bike helmets choice for you.

It comes with the ARS system. So getting a custom adjustment on your head just becomes seamless. In addition, the 22 vents will keep your head exceptionally cool, irrespective of the intensity of your rides. Moreover, the bottom shell construction keeps your head safe in case of impacts.

A notable feature of the Helmet Blade+ is the Z-LED light at the back of the helmet. Apart from the safety aspect it provides, the LED is rechargeable and is compatible with Mudcap accessories.

Cannondale CAAD MIPS Helmet – Best for Casual Riders

Cannondale CAAD MIPS Equipped Road Bicycle Helmet (Blue with White - Small/Medium)

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For those who ride their bike for a casual evening or a weekend, this budget road helmet is an excellent way to keep your head protected.

It comes with an EPS liner and a polycarbonate shell. So you can be confident about its shock-absorbing abilities. With up to 16 vents, you will also get sufficient ventilation for your head. In addition, these materials also make the helmet very sturdy and durable.

The color options on this CAAD road helmet are limited. However, you will find the blue color very appealing. This road helmet comes in two sizes – small and medium.

FAQ about road bike helmets under $100

If you are a bike rider who wishes to garner more information about road bike helmets, don't miss out on the FAQ section.

What makes the Best cheap road bike helmet?

Irrespective of the price tag, the best road biking helmet is the one that fits your head. The perfect fitting road helmet sits snugly on your head without putting any pressure anywhere. In addition, you want to look for a bike helmet that comes with a good number of vents. Ideally, a bike helmet with more than 18 vents is a good choice.

Furthermore, the best road bike helmet should have a CPSC standard sticker on it.

What is the best budget bike helmet?

The Kask Rapido is a good budget bike helmet option. It has a large number of vents for excellent ventilation, and it has an in-mold shell that is both lightweight and strong. It also has a detachable visor, and it is available in a range of sizes to ensure a proper fit.

What are the best road helmets options under $100?

There are several good road helmet options under $100, including the Giro Register MIPS, Smith Optics Signal MIPS, Kask Rapido, and Bell Falcon MIPS. The Giro Register MIPS has an aerodynamic design and an elongated shape that provides excellent protection for your head, as well as 22 vents and in-mold construction for durability. The Smith Optics Signal MIPS is extremely lightweight, with an in-mold shield and EPS foam for added strength. The Kask Rapido has a large number of vents for excellent ventilation, and the Bell Falcon MIPS has MIPS technology and a detachable visor for additional protection.

What is a MIPS helmet?

A MIPS helmet is a type of helmet that features MIPS technology, which stands for "Multi-Directional Impact Protection System." This technology is designed to reduce the rotational forces that can occur during a crash or impact, which can help to reduce the risk of brain injury. MIPS helmets typically have a layer of low-friction material that allows the helmet to rotate slightly on the head, which can help to dissipate impact forces.

Is it important to wear a helmet when cycling?

Yes, it is important to wear a helmet when cycling. A helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment that can protect your head in case of a fall or collision, and it can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury or death. Even if you are an experienced cyclist, accidents can happen, and a helmet can provide valuable protection in case of an unexpected event.

What should I consider when buying a new bicycle helmet?

When buying a new bicycle helmet, you should consider the fit, safety standards, and features of the helmet. It's important to choose a helmet that is properly fitted to your head, as a poorly fitted helmet may not provide adequate protection. You should also ensure that the helmet meets safety standards, such as those set by the CPSC or EN. In terms of features, you may want to consider ventilation, MIPS technology, and a detachable visor, among others.

What are the most important safety features to consider when choosing a new helmet?

I think that the most important safety features to consider when choosing a new helmet are the impact protection system and the chin strap. The impact protection system, whether it is MIPS technology or another type, is what helps to absorb and dissipate impact forces in case of a crash. The chin strap is also important, as it helps to keep the helmet securely in place on your head, which can help to ensure that the helmet is able to provide maximum protection.

Are there any additional safety features that I should look for in a new helmet?

In my experience, I have found that most helmets with additional safety features, such as reflective elements and a detachable visor, can be very helpful. Reflective elements, such as reflective strips or logos, can help to increase your visibility to other road users, which can be especially important if you are cycling at night or in low light conditions. A detachable visor can also be a useful feature, as it can help to protect your face from the sun or other elements while you are riding.

What are the best helmet features for a commuter helmet?

In my opinion, the best helmet features for a commuter helmet are ventilation, a detachable visor, and reflective elements. Commuting by bike can often involve riding in hot or humid conditions, so ventilation is an important feature to help keep you cool and comfortable. A detachable visor can also be useful, as it can help to protect your face from the sun or other elements. Reflective elements can also be helpful, as they can increase your visibility to other road users and help to keep you safe while riding.

What is the lightest helmet that I can find under $100?

The Smith Optics Signal MIPS helmet is likely the lightest helmet that you can find under $100. It weighs just 299 grams, making it one of the lightest helmets on the market. It also has an in-mold shield and EPS foam that help to make it sturdy and reliable, and it has 21 vents to help keep you cool and prevent sweat build-up.

Are there any budget helmet options that still have good safety features?

Yes, there are several budget helmet options that still have good safety features. The Cannondale CAAD MIPS is an inexpensive helmet that has MIPS technology for rotational impact protection, as well as an in-mold construction that helps to keep the helmet lightweight and strong. The Lazer Helmet Blade+ is another budget-friendly option that has a range of ventilation ports and a detachable visor for additional protection. Both of these helmet are good options for those looking for a budget-friendly helmet with good safety features.

How do road helmets work to protect your head?

Road helmets work to keep your head safe in the following ways:

  • The outer shells work to distribute the shock in case of an impact.
  • MIPS and foam liners reduce friction and absorb shock.

Besides, road helmets are tested in lab conditions that simulate real-life scenarios. Also, road bike helmets under 100 from credible companies must meet several safety certifications.

So a good bike helmet can keep your head pretty safe from impacts. However, even the best bike helmets are not designed to protect against sharp objects. The same applies to an object that has a high velocity. So while you're out riding, take care to avoid accidents. This advice is particularly important for mountain bikers. 

What are the ways to reduce cycling injuries?

Effective prevention of injuries while cycling is a combination of factors but always includes wearing helmets. Having a good knowledge of necessary cycling skills is one of the most effective ways to mitigate injuries. In most countries, there are cycling education programs, which impart their skills. Experts agree that having basic training in cycling can effectively reduce injuries by up to 80%.

In the US, the national cycling program is Effective Cycling. Be sure to check out the program, especially if you are learning to cycle or have children who want to learn cycling.

In addition, watchfulness and alertness while cycling can also be effective in minimizing injuries. And of course, wearing a good collapsible helmet or full-face helmet is a fantastic way to be safe while cycling.


The best bike helmets under 100 dollars are by no means a substitution for careful cycling on the road. However, it is an effective way to remain safe. You should also know that the road bike helmet's quality is paramount for shock absorption. So never compromise on getting the best road helmet that you can spend on.

Our recommendations for the best road bike helmets under $100 are all very versatile. So irrespective of your taste in technology, colors, or design, you should find one for yourself from the list.

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