Nishiki vs Schwinn – Which is Better?

Nishiki and Schwinn are two of the most popular bicycle brands. Many people go for either one of these options because their products are reliable and dependable. Today we shall set Nishiki vs Schwinn head to head and see which one is the better brand.

Comparing these two brands will help you get a better idea regarding which choice will suit your needs and preferences. Yes, both bike brands offer a range of products, but they excel in different areas and features.

Before choosing between these two brands, the first question that should come to your mind is:

What do I want my bike to offer? Do I want a bike that weighs very little? Am I willing to spend a few extra bucks to get very high-quality parts? Once you answered these questions, it'll help you choose the brand that's better suited for you after reading this comparison.

Nishiki vs Schwinn comparison

Since it is impractical and tedious to compare every product and accessory that Nishiki and Schwinn offer, we shall focus mostly on their best hybrid bikes in this article (unless mentioned otherwise). This way, we can make clear comparisons and figure out their pros and cons.

But before we get into thes details, let us learn a bit about the two brands in focus:


Nishiki was originally a bicycle brand that Kawamura Cycle Company manufactured in Japan. It was in the year 2010 when Dick's Sporting Goods took over the rights regarding licensing for Nishiki. After this acquisition, Dick's Sporting Goods has started to sell bikes and related accessories using Nishiki's brand name.

As of 2020, Nishiki has around 50 bicycle models under its name. Nishiki aims to provide as much comfort to its rider as possible. In some of their bikes, Nishiki offers different frame sizes allowing you to adjust according to your size. With this benefit, your whole family can enjoy some quality cycling time together with the same bike model.

Pros Of Nishiki

  • The price range of Nishiki bikes is lower and more affordable than most brands in the same class.
  • Their frames are very strong, durable, and sturdy.
  • You will get different frame sizes for the same bike model, hence allowing you to get the one that fits you perfectly.

Cons OF Nishiki

  • There are not many bike models you can choose from, even though you get multiple sizes for each.
  • The steel frames of Nishiki bikes are durable but makes the bike heavy and difficult to lift.


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Schwinn bikes, on the other hand, is another big name in the bike industry based in Chicago with German roots. They are now a brand under Pacific Cycle. The ownership rights of the brand belong to Dorel Industries. Schwinn also offers scooters and many accessories as part of its product range.

Schwinn bikes are very reliable, and fans all over the world praise this brand for being dependable throughout the years. This brand gives a lot of importance to quality and makes sure that all their products have high-quality parts. There are many types of bikes, like cruisers, hybrid, mountain, road, bike path, smart-start, and electric bikes.

Pros Of Scwhinn

  • There are many Schwinn bikes in the market, and you will surely get one for any purpose, whether it is a road bike or an electric bike.
  • Most of the bike frames are aluminum allow, making them sturdy and light at the same time.
  • Schwinn mountain bikes come with many speeds, up to 21.

Cons OF Schwinn

  • Schwinn bikes are on the higher side when it comes to their prices.
  • There are no frame size choices for any of the Schwinn bikes. There is only one size for all.

Frame material

The frame material for Nishiki bikes is mostly built with aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent choice for bike frames because they are sturdy and do not weigh as much as steel frames. We also know aluminum to be rust-resistant and also have a high strength to weight ratio. Also, aluminum frames are very light and allow you to ride them more effortlessly. However, aluminum frames are often more difficult to fix than other types.

On the other hand, Schwinn's hybrid bike frame material is a type of alloy hybrid. Although there is no mention of whether this alloy is aluminum alloy or steel alloy, it is most likely that the frame is of aluminum alloy. A mix of aluminum and steel makes a frame lighter than steel frames, but as strong and durable as them.

Based on the points mentioned, it is evident that in most cases, Schwinn Bicycles will have a better frame than Nishiki bikes would. So one point to schwinn bikes in this regard.

Frame size

Finding the right bike size is of utmost importance because riding on a bike of the wrong frame size will exert a lot of stress and pressure on your back and arms. This can negatively impact your health and your overall riding experience; as such, having multiple frame sizes to choose from is always a good thing for a brand to consider. So let's look at which brand offers more between Schwinn vs Nishiki.

Nishiki offers four frame sizes, namely 15", 17", 19" and 21". What these numbers mean is that you can get a frame size that will kids or adults and offers multiple choices instead of settling for the only size available.

Unlike Nishiki bikes, schwinn bikes do not offer any options for frame size for most of their bike models. There is usually only one size available for a specific bike model. And if you cannot fit on this frame, you do not have the option to ask for a smaller size. However, you can always select a different model bike from them. So in terms of frame options per model, nishiki bikes wins this round, but Schwinn has multiple models available for you to select from, so it's not far behind.


Generally speaking, the average of Nishiki bikes are much more affordable and pocket-friendly than that of Schwinn hybrid bikes. You can get your hands on an excellent Nishiki hybrid bike under $300. On the contrary, the lowest current price for a Schwinn hybrid bike starts a little over three hundred dollars at the time we published this comparison.

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We consider Schwinn bikes as a more high-end brand. They even offer hybrid bikes costing more than $2000 that comes with a motor to help you climb uphill. In essence, the price range of Schwinn bikes is very wide, while Nishiki hybrid bikes will not burn a hole in your pocket even with a tight budget.

These prices reflect the ones on their official websites and not other online shopping sites and are subject to change at any time.

Suspension Mechanism

The most common bike type that makes use of suspension are mountain bikes. So for this particular feature, we will be comparing two similarly priced mountain bikes of both Nishiki and Schwinn.

The Schwinn mountain bikes come with "Schwinn Suspension Fork" so that you can control your ride effortlessly even through rough terrain and surfaces. This suspension system on schwinn bikes has an arch that connects both sides of the lowers, which connects it to the axle. Suspension fork mechanisms are heavy, even if its material is of the lightest one.

Similarly, the Nishiki mountain bikes have full steel body frames and suspension systems. This material makes it very durable and sturdy, but at the same time, removes the lightweight feature from the bike. However, the difference is that Nishiki mountain bikes have full suspension. As a result, you can have a more comfortable and faster ride, all at the same time.

The suspension system of Nishiki is more dependable and comfortable than Schwinn when comparing their top-selling mountain bike at the time we published this article. With that said, you still have to check out the Schwinn reviews and Nishiki reviews to identify the best models to buy.

Product line focus

Nishiki's brand makes some of the best mountain bikes in the industry. If you want a mountain bike, you do not have to think twice about settling for a Nishiki product. You get quality, durability, and comfort, all in one product. We can say that making mountain bikes is Nishiki's specialization. And the only brand that can compete with them might be DiamondBack in regards to mountain bikes.

Unlike Nishiki, Schwinn likes to put their focus on road bikes, hybrid bikes, and other similar bikes. So this brand gives more importance to weight and ensures that their bikes are easy to maneuver. Therefore, both have different priorities when it comes to the type of bikes they focus on perfecting. So choosing them will still come down to the type of bike you want. We recommend Nishiki and DiamondBack for MTBs and for Road bikes or Hybrid Bikes, then go for Schwinn.

What the main differences between Nishiki vs Schwinn?

The first difference between Nishiki vs Schwinn is that Schwinn bikes are typically more expensive than Nishiki. The average price of Nishiki bikes is the lowest price of a Schwinn bike. However, Schwinn bikes are lighter and built more durable than Nishiki bikes.

Moreover, Nishiki offers up to four frame sizes so that the buyer can choose the one which suits his height and weight. On the contrary, Schwinn does not offer multiple sizes per bike. There is only one size for one Schwinn bike model.

Additionally, while Nishiki likes to focus and give more importance to mountain bikes, Schwinn prioritizes racing bikes. We can consider mountain bikes the specialty of Nishiki, and Road and Hybrid bikes as the specialty of Schwinn.

Final verdict

There is no clear winner between Nishiki vs Schwinn bikes. It all depends on your budget and for what purpose and type of bike you want to buy.

If you do not want to spend a hefty amount on the purchase, we suggest you go for a Nishiki bike. They offer decent-quality products at an affordable price range. If you want to buy a high-quality road bike that is lightweight and offers great performance, going for a Schwinn bike will be the better option.

Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Daniel White