Nishiki vs Diamondback – Which has the Best Bike For You?

It is difficult to say no to exploring the mountains with a mountain bike. While this sounds fun and adventurous, you do not want to buy a bicycle with poor quality as these activities require that your bike is sturdy and durable. So to ensure that you only get the best we always say it's best to choose something from either Nishiki or Diamondback.

However, since you can't choose a bike from both brands to ride at the same time, it's always good to know which bike is better for you. As such, we've put together this comparison of Nishiki vs DiamondBack.

Why? Firstly, both Nishiki and Diamondback prioritizes mountain bikes over other types of bikes. This fact is a good start for comparison since it means they know how to build great MTBs. Secondly, we found out that whether you choose Nishiki or Diamondback, you will get durability and quality from both.

Today, we will compare the mountain bikes of Nishiki vs Diamondback and attempt to get to the bottom of which brand is better. Even if there is no clear winner, you will at the very least get an idea of which one you should choose. After all, everyone prefers to make an informed purchase decision over impulse purchases.

Nishiki vs Diamondback comparison

As mentioned earlier, mountain bikes need to be strong, comfortable, and easy to control. Buying a mountain bike that does not deliver these benefits will be a waste of money and come back to bite you on the trail. It's the same for road bikes too, having one that is too heavy and uncomfortable is a terrible idea. Thankfully, Nishiki and DiamondBack bicycles deliver solid performing bikes in all the areas that they target. But before we get into the detailed comparison, here's a quick overview of both brands:

Nishiki Bikes

Nishiki has gone through a lot of acquisitions before settling as a brand under Dick’s Sporting Goods. Initially, Nishiki was a Japan-based bike brand that sold bicycles and other related accessories. Nishiki is still a well-known bike brand even after shifting ownership, especially with the Nishiki Men's Anasazi hybrid bike.

The reason why people still trust and go for Nishiki bikes is that they are affordable and lasts for a long time. They used steel of very high quality to make their frames. If not, they use aluminum frames, making their bikes lighter and giving them a more relaxed design. We know Nishiki bikes to provide comfort and ease of control even while riding through rough terrain.

Pros Of Nishiki

  • Nishiki offers very affordable prices for their excellent bikes.
  • There are many types of bikes that Nishiki sells in the market ranging from mountain bikes to comfort bikes.
  • Even beginner cyclists can use Nishiki bikes without any problem.


  • Nishiki’s strong steel frames make their products heavy and difficult to lift.


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Diamondback is another bike brand based in Kent, Washington. Regent, L. P. Is the owner of this popular brand name. Diamondback started off as a BMX company in its initial stages. After some years, they shifted to making mountain bikes as well as road bikes. As of now, they manufacture 12 different bike types.

This bike brand is another name known for its affordable bikes. But since 2011, they have entered the high-end market with prototypes. Similar to Nishiki, Diamondback also gives importance to offering a comfortable and reliable ride to its buyers. They have nailed their mastery test of mountain bikes and road bikes with flying colors.

Pros Of DiamondBack

  • Diamondback makes their bike frames with aluminum, making them sturdy and lightweight at the same time.
  • They have excellent high-end options for different types of bikes.
  • Diamondback does not exchange anything for quality.


  • You can get only mountain bikes or road bikes as there are no options for comfort bikes or balance bikes.


When it comes to affordability, Nishiki bikes win the match by a huge margin. If you are on a tight budget, we suggest you go for a Nishiki bike instead of a Diamondback bike.

You can get an excellent Nishiki mountain bike for just under $300. For hybrid bikes, the price is slightly higher at around $420 for the Nishiki Men's Anasazi hybrid bike at the time of publishing this comparison of Nishiki vs Diamondback. As for road bikes that you can use for daily transport, you can get their highly acclaimed Nishiki road bike for under $550. As you can see, these prices are quite reasonable for the quality and dependability that the Nishiki brand provides.

On the other hand, Diamondback bikes tend to be highly-priced because of the super high-quality materials that they use, the research that goes into the designs, and the brand name itself. The lowest price for a Diamondback mountain bike is $600 at the time of publishing this comparison. For a kid’s mountain bike, you will get one for $450. Moreover, you can get the cheapest Diamondback road bike for $550.

Purpose and application

Generally speaking, Nishiki has a wider range of products when it comes to types of bikes. What this means is that you can choose between different models regardless of what the purpose of buying a bike is. If you want to climb mountains, you can buy a mountain bike.

You can also get hybrid bikes like the Nishiki Anasazi and comfort bikes according to what kind of activity you want to engage in, or you can buy a balance bike too. With Nishiki, you will get a bike for every purpose.

Unlike Nishiki, Diamondback focuses only on mountain bikes and road bikes. There are a few hybrid bikes that they manufacture, but many people consider those as entirely mountain or road bike. In other words, Diamondback is an option for you only if you want to buy a mountain bike or a road bike, and nothing else. However, you can feel assured that you will get the best of these bikes.

Frame material

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Most of the Nishiki bikes make use of high-quality, strong steel for their frames. On the other hand, the majority of Diamondback bikes use light yet sturdy aluminum to allow its rider, maximum freedom.

One thing to note here is that not all Nishiki bikes use steel, and not all Diamondback bikes use aluminum. There are some Nishiki hybrid bikes with alloy frames or aluminum frames. Steel frames tend to be very sturdy and durable, but also heavier than aluminum frames. At the same time, aluminum frames are very light and easier to control. But they are not as durable and rigid as steel frames.

Most mountain bikes use steel frames to add extra long-lasting features and steady control on rough terrains. The comfort that frames provide mainly on its design, and not the material itself.

Ease of Riding

If you are not that experimental or adventurous with your bike rides, you might prefer a relaxed ride more. Another case is if you are a beginner in the bicycle game and do not have much prior knowledge or experience about bikes. Nishiki has beginner-friendly bike options that have a design to suit the needs of entry-level cyclists.

On the contrary, the mountain bikes and road bikes that Diamondback offer need a certain level of expertise to go on a problem-free ride. The features on a Diamondback bike are slightly complicated, and beginners may find their operations rather daunting.


Diamondback bikes win this round regarding lightweight, considering its frame material. Since the frames of most Diamondback bikes are of aluminum or aluminum alloy, they are much lighter than the steel counterparts. Bikes with lighter weight allow the rider to climb uphill much more effortlessly.

Unlike the Diamondback, Nishiki bikes have mostly steel frames for their products. As a result, they can be heavy and difficult to carry around. You might be thinking, why do you need to carry a bike? Well, sometimes you need to lift bikes while climbing stairs. It is best for road bikes to be light for this very reason.


Nishiki offers a lifetime warranty for their bicycle frames, and one year for their replacement. For full suspension bike frames, they provide a warranty for five years from the date of purchase. Similarly, Diamondback also offers a lifetime warranty for rigid bike frames and five years for full suspension bicycle frames. The warranty period is the same one year for frame replacement.

What are the main differences between Nishiki vs Diamondback?

Nishiki is on the lower-price range and much more pocket-friendly than any of the Diamondback bikes. You will get Nishiki bikes as good as Diamondback ones for a significantly lesser amount. Nishiki bikes are much more beginner-friendly and simple than Diamondback products.

With Diamondback, you can say goodbye to backaches because they are very light and do not exert stress on your legs while going uphill. Unlike Diamondback bikes, Nishiki bikes are a lot heavier but sturdy. Nishiki exchanges strength for lightweight, while Diamondback prioritizes lightweight over sturdiness and stiffness.

Nishiki has more bike models for you, while Diamondback sells only mountain bikes and road bikes in their collection.

Final verdict

So which one is better between Nishiki vs Diamondback? We cannot draw out a clear winner, but Nishiki seems to be a better option if we consider only the points above. It is more affordable, more durable, and has more options than Diamondback.

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At the same time, Diamondback bikes are much lighter and offer very high-quality premium products too. Their bikes are very comfortable when we compare them to other mountain bikes. And the lightweight benefit helps in shooting road bikes over the others in the same industry.

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Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Daniel White