Can You Use Peloton Without Subscription? (Yes, But)

Many people consider Peloton to be one of the best exercise machines available, and for good reason. Their bikes are beautiful, plus they come with plenty of classes and content that will keep you engaged and active for months to come. But all of this comes at a cost!

If you have already bought a peloton bike, you can attest to how expensive it was to purchase. Generally, you would pay between $1500 – $2500 to get a good setup from Peloton.

So when you add on the fact that you will have to pay monthly for a subscription to fully unlock the power of Peloton, it might seem like a lot. This subscription is, in my opinion, the most useful thing about the bike apart from how beautiful it looks.

But what if you don’t want to commit to a peloton subscription? Is this even possible?

I put together this article to provide you with all the answers on whether it is possible to use the Peloton bike without a subscription.

Let’s take a look:

Key Takeaways:

  • You can use a Peloton without a subscription, but it comes with certain limitations
  • Without a subscription, you will only have access to 2 prerecorded classes, the Just Ride features, and basic performance metrics.
  • A Peloton All-Access subscription gives you unlimited access to everything Peloton offers.
  • The Peloton App membership gives access to thousands of classes and is cheaper than the All Access Membership but won’t be usable on the bike or other devices.

Can you Use a Peloton Bike Without Subscription?

Yes, you can use a peloton bike without a subscription, but it does come with certain limitations. Without the peloton membership, you will only be able to access a limited range of classes and content. This includes 2 prerecorded classes loaded on your bike or Peloton tread and a “just-ride” feature that only shows your basic performance metrics.

The prerecorded classes for the bike are pretty basic, and although you can take those classes, your class metrics won’t be recorded or even saved to your profile. If you only use the Peloton App, you will get access to 5 pre-recorded classes.

Considering the huge library of fitness content available with a peloton membership, these basic options are quite limited. You won’t be getting any of the Scenic Rides, runs, or rows. But you can still use a Peloton without subscription like any other bike or fitness machine.

You’ll just have to devise your own workouts and goals and use peloton’s basic performance-tracking metrics to stay on track. However, if you want the full peloton experience, it is definitely worth taking out a peloton subscription for all the classes, content, coaching, and community features available.

That leads me to the next point, what do you get with a Peloton Subscription?

Peloton Subscription

Peloton Subscription

Peloton’s subscriptions are available in 2 forms, the App Membership, which costs $12.99/month, or the All Access Membership at $44/month plus any applicable taxes. If you own a Peloton Bike, Bike+, or Tread, you’ll want to get the All Access Membership. Otherwise, you will only get access to the limited features of owning a peloton without a subscription.

All Access Membership

With the All Access Membership, you will have unlimited access to all peloton classes and content in the peloton app. This membership level includes a growing variety of live streaming, on-demand classes, scenic rides, and challenges.

You’ll also be getting real-time performance tracking that will be saved to your membership profile so you can track your progress. Moreover, you’ll be able to create up to 5 profiles in the Essentially, you’ll be getting everything that a Peloton membership offers at the cost of $44/month!


  • Access to all peloton classes and content
  • Unlimited streaming of live and on-demand classes
  • Profile tracking to monitor your progress
  • Create up to 5 profiles
  • You get access to everything Peloton has to offer on the bike and app.
  • Access to in-app metrics such as heart rate monitoring, calories, and advanced metrics.
  • Access to leaderboard competitions and challenges.


The main con of the all-access membership is that it is more expensive than the other membership levels. At $44/month, it can be a bit pricey for some people. Additionally, if you are not interested in profile tracking or creating multiple profiles, then this membership level may not be for you.

Peloton App membership

peloton bike without a subscription

With the Peloton App membership, which costs $12.99 plus tax, you won’t be able to access any of the peloton classes through your Peloton Bike. You also won’t see your peloton performance metrics tracked and saved on your profile.

However, you can access peloton’s library of classes and content via the peloton app on any compatible device. The peloton app membership is also only available to a single user, so you won’t be able to share access with other family members.

This is a great way to get started with Peloton if you’re trying out the peloton experience before committing to the All Access membership.


  • Access to peloton’s library of classes and content
  • Available to a single user
  • Great way to get started with Peloton
  • Cheaper than the All Access Membership


  • The Peloton Digital App membership won’t be usable on the bike or other devices.
  • No access to peloton performance metrics
  • Can’t share with other family members

How to Use Peloton Bike Without Subscription

If you prefer to save yourself $44/month and use the peloton bike without membership, here’s how I did it and how you should too.

Turn On Your Peloton

The first thing you’ll want to use a peloton bike without membership is to turn it on by connecting a power supply to your bike. Peloton Bikes require a power supply to work. Without it, you won’t be able to see the peloton screen.

After you’ve plugged in the device, you’ll see an LED light on the screen indicating that the bike is receiving power. Once you see that light, you hold the power button for two seconds to turn on the bike.

Connect the Bike to the Internet

To connect your Peloton bike to the internet, ensure your bike is in range of your wireless router. If it is not, you may need to move it closer or use a longer ethernet cable. Once your Peloton bike is within range, the bike will automatically connect to your wifi if the network isn’t secured.

If it is a secure network, you will be prompted to enter a password. Enter it, then tap Connect. Alternatively, you can connect to a wired network by plugging in the ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the back of the touchscreen from your router.

Setup Your Profile

After you are connected to the internet, the next step you’ll need to take is to log in. Since you don’t have a Peloton subscription, you can use the login information you used when you first purchased the bike.

How to Enjoy the peloton bike without a subscription?

peloton membership without subscription

If you’re looking for a way to save money and don’t want to commit to a peloton subscription, you can still enjoy the bike without one. Here’s how:

Access the Free Content

Browse the content that is available for free and select the class or video you would like to ride. You can then start the class and begin pedaling.

Most of the time, I chose the Just Ride feature when I didn’t have a subscription because it’s more affordable that way. It requires motivation and discipline, but if you can push yourself or find inspiration in saving money, then you can use just these few features to get fit.

Take Advantage of Unlimited Workout Time

With the just-ride feature, you won’t be limited to the timed classes and can ride as long or short as you want. Add some upbeat music in the background, and you won’t even miss the peloton classes.

Create Unlimited Workouts

With the free Just Ride feature, you can tailor your workout routine however you want to get the most out of your peloton bike. For instance, I use my bike to do HIIT workouts or time-based workouts, such as riding for a certain amount of time at an elevated RPM.

This is a great way to create your own peloton experience without a subscription and also allows you to mix up your workout routines so that you don’t get bored.

Take Advantage of Third-Party Apps

Many third-party apps can be used with Peloton, such as Zwift. However, they require some tweaks on your bike, such as replacing your peloton bike pedals.

These apps often come with their own peloton-like features, such as leaderboards, structured classes, and a variety of on-demand content that can help you stay motivated. This is an excellent way to use peloton without a subscription but keep in mind that these are third-party apps, so there might be some compatibility issues along the way.

Conclusion – Is Peloton without a Subscription any Good?

If you buy or are planning to buy a peloton bike, you can still get a great workout without a subscription. You won’t have access to peloton classes, but there are other options, such as the Just Ride feature, creating your own workouts, and utilizing third-party apps. So I’d still say it’s a great bike even without a peloton subscription.

However, it’s very expensive, and you’d better go with one of the best exercise bikes instead. I found it difficult to maintain motivation without peloton classes and the positive energy of the instructors.

So I eventually got the subscription and found it worth the investment. With that said, I’d recommend getting the subscription if you want to take advantage of peloton’s full features and classes. If you’re looking to save money, peloton without a subscription is still an option you can consider.


Does Peloton Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Peloton offers a free 30-day trial, so you can try the bike and all the features. This will allow you to get a good idea of what peloton has to offer and decide whether the subscription is worth it for you.

Can I Pause My Peloton Subscription?

Yes, you can pause your peloton subscription for 1-3 months. The pause will begin at the end of your current billing cycle. So if you are in the middle of the month and would like to pause your peloton subscription, you will still be billed for the remainder of the month. After that, your peloton subscription will be paused for the duration of the time you selected.

Can I Cancel My Peloton Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your peloton subscription at any time. If you own a peloton bike and see that you won’t be able to pay for the subscription for more than 3 months, then you can always cancel it.

To cancel your subscription, log into your peloton account, go to your profile, then look for my account, where you’ll see a “subscription” option. Select subscription and click on the “Cancel Subscription” button. This will cancel your peloton subscription for good.

You can also cancel your subscription to peloton membership through the official website.

If I Cancel My Peloton Subscription, What Will I Have Access to?

If you cancel your peloton subscription, you will only have access to the 2 prerecorded classes and the “Just Ride” feature. It’s the same features you’d have if you wanted to use peloton without a membership.

Can I Use Tread Without a Subscription?

Yes, you can use Peloton Tread without a subscription, just as you would use the Peloton Bike or Bike+. Peloton offers a free 30-day trial, so you can try any of their machines and all the features. This will allow you to get a good idea of what peloton has to offer and decide whether the subscription is worth it for you.

Do you have to pay for peloton classes?

No, you don’t have to pay for peloton classes. However, there are many benefits to having a subscription, including access to peloton content, leaderboards, and structured classes. The subscription is worth it for all the content you have access to.

Does Peloton have any free classes?

Peloton only offers 2 free pre-recorded classes. To have access to peloton classes, you will need a subscription.

Can you watch Netflix on peloton without subscription

Netflix can be streamed on peloton without a subscription. However, you will not have access to the internet. 

How to watch youtube on peloton without subscription

While there isn’t a native built-in app for youtube on the peloton, you can still watch youtube without a subscription.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click the three little dots on the bottom right of your screen.
  3. You’ll see a popup with information on your peloton device.
  4. Tap the bottom right-hand corner of the pop seven times.
  5. You will see a web browser option popup.
  6. Enter in the browser bar.

Peloton scenic rides without subscription 

You will not have access to Peloton scenic rides without a subscription. If you need this feat

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