Where Are Bikes Made? The Most Popular Bike Brand Manufacturing Locations

Where are bikes made? It’s a question we often hear, but how many of us know the answer? Unfortunately, not everyone does.

But I’m so glad you asked! Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about where bicycles are manufactured. For example, some people think they’re all made in China, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article, I’ll go over the different brands and where their bikes are actually manufactured.

You’ll find it surprising to learn which countries manufacture some of your favorite bicycle brands! And it’ll be helpful to know these things because then and only then can you make an informed decision on the best bike brand for you. So without any more delay, let’s get into it!

Where Are Bikes Made?

The most common places that bicycles are made are China, the USA, Japan, Taiwan, India, and the EU. However, different countries have different strengths in bicycle manufacturing (such as frames or components).

Why are bikes made mostly in those countries?

Bikes are mostly made in those countries because they have the infrastructure, resources, and labor pools available to manufacture bikes. However, many people may think that bikes are made in China: it has a large population of workers with manufacturing skills who can work for very low wages.

The costs of labor also vary from country to country, so manufacturers may choose certain countries to save on the costs to produce their bikes. For example, an average worker earns about $2-3 USD per hour in China, closer to $16 per hour in the United States.

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Why Does the Cost for Labor Matter in bike Manufacturing?

A country’s cost of labor can affect the final retail price because costs to produce bikes are influenced by where they’re made. The average bike manufactured in China will be cheaper than one produced in Taiwan, for example. At the same time, a bike produced in Taiwan will be cheaper than one made in the US and other first-world countries.

This difference in prices means that your favorite brands can sell you their bikes for cheaper.

Some companies consider the cost of shipping bikes. Shipping costs depend on where the company is located and what country. Generally, it is good to make bikes in countries with better ports, because they have more laborers to help ship them.

Now you should have an understanding of why some bikes are made in certain countries. So when you see your favorite bike brands doing their manufacturing in “certain” countries, don’t be too upset.

Fair enough?

Now here’s where the top bicycle brands make their bikes:

Where are Trek Bikes Made?

Trek Bikes have been around for a few decades now and have moved their manufacturing countries more than once. Most Trek Bicycles are made in Taiwan, but bikes for the European and Asian markets are manufactured in China, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Many Trek Bikes also have a “made-in-USA” sticker on them (with an American flag!). This is because these bicycles are assembled at one of four facilities located throughout the United States. But that doesn’t mean they were manufactured in the US.

Which Trek bikes are made in the USA?

There are no longer any Trek bikes made in the USA; however, they used to produce a small portion of their bikes here in the US. So you might be able to find a few that were made in the US.

Where are specialized bikes made?

Specialized is a leading bicycle manufacturer that produces bicycles in many different types of terrain: mountain, road, women’s racing bikes, and BMX (bicycle motocross). Specialized bikes are made in many different countries worldwide, with a few places being high-end producers. However, most Specialized bikes are made in Taiwan, where they manufacture over 400 thousand yearly.


Most bikes will be manufactured in Asia or other countries, but this doesn’t reduce the quality of the bikes. In fact, most of these brands using manufacturers overseas are better than bikes manufactured here.

Where are Scott bikes made?

Scott bikes are made in Taiwan as a part of Giant’s manufacturing facilities. Giant bicycle is one of the top ten bicycle manufacturers in the world. It is also one of the largest bike and cycling companies making bikes for over thirty years. They are based in Taiwan; as such most companies will outsource their manufacturing to them, as is the case with Scott bikes.

Where are Felt bikes made?

Felt bikes are mostly designed in the United States, with most of the production being done in Taiwan. The Felt warehouse and showroom in Irvine, California, houses most of the production for bicycles sold domestically in the United States except for some custom bike orders where frames may be built at a different location such as Germany or England before being delivered to the US headquarters.

Where are Cannondale bikes made?

Cannondale Bikes are assembled in America but are manufactured in Taiwan. Cannondale currently produces many different types of bikes for mountain biking and a few other varieties such as touring or commuting. They are a US-based company, so you can expect that their standards will remain high even though their bikes aren’t made here.

Where are Schwinn bicycles made?

Schwinn used to be produced in America, but the company later went bankrupt and sold to Pacific Cycle, which was then sold to Dorel Industries. This cause the once American bikes to now be mostly produced in China.

Although Schwinn bikes are made in China, this is where the majority of bicycles on the market today are produced. It’s not a cause for concern, though, because quality control standards and manufacturing techniques have improved over the years so that you can find many good quality models coming from overseas factories, like those of Giant Manufacturing.

Where are Raleigh bikes made?

Raleigh Bikes were mostly made in the United States of America. However, like Canada, where they’re sold, their bikes were typically manufactured in the UK. However, most of their bike production has since moved to Taiwan and China as some UK and US manufacturing sectors have shut down. So I can only assume that if their bikes are still being, it would be in Taiwan and China.

Where are trek bikes made?

Based in Waterloo, Wisconsin, the trek bike company has been a leading bicycle manufacturer for the past four decades. Trek bikes have been built with quality and durability in mind since their inception. So you will be surprised to learn that their bikes are mostly made outside of the United States. However, they have excellent quality control, so you can rest assured that they’ll be giving you a great bike.

The majority of Trek bikes are manufactured in Taiwan, China, and the Netherlands.

Where are Orbea Bikes?

Orbea is a Spanish-based bike manufacturer that has been around for over 100 years. They are best known for their road bikes, but they also make mountain bikes and urban bicycles. Currently, some of their bikes are being made at their factory located in Mallabia.

However, they do manufacture some models in Portugal and have framesets that are made in china.

Where are Kestrel Bikes Made?

Kestrel bikes were first manufactured in the United States and offered a high-end bike with great design, excellent durability, and quality components. Nowadays, their bike production has been moved to China.

Where are Canyon Bikes Made?

Canyon Bikes are made in Taiwan and have been since 1987. Bike enthusiasts will tell you that Canyon bikes are made in Germany, and many people believe this to be the best place for bicycle production. However, they are merely assembled in Germany in most cases.

Canyon Bikes are built with the kind of quality that you would expect from a bike company that has been in the game for over 40 years.

Canyon Bikes are made with this precision and efficiency because they have some of the most innovative designs on the market today. They offer bikes to suit every need, purpose, budget, ability level, or age group imaginable, so no matter.

Where are Diamondback Bikes Made?

Diamondback bicycles are made in Taiwan. Despite this, Diamondback is still one of the most popular bike brands and has been for years. They’re known for their durability, versatility, and sleek design. So even though they aren’t made in the US, they still offer great quality bikes, as most of you would know.

Diamondback bicycles are made from an aluminum alloy that makes them strong and durable. In addition, aluminum is lightweight and doesn’t rust, so it’s perfect for bikes in all climates.

The frames of these bikes are welded carefully so that there are no weak spots. This would make it dangerous if the bike frame becomes weak, and it could cause injury or another problem. Most owners of DiamondBack bicycles can testify to their quality and durability.

Where are Electra Bikes Made?

In 1993, the Electra Bicycle Company was founded in Vista, California. The company is a subsidiary of Trek Bicycle Company since 2014, and they now design their bikes with an emphasis on what riders want from them. Their bikes are manufactured in Taiwan.

What kind of bikes does Electra make?

Electra offers more than just city bikes; they also make road bikes, cruisers, and even some electric bikes. The company is well known for its vintage-style cruisers since the design has been around since its founding in 1993. Their bikes are mostly built using steel frames with some aluminum, making them a popular choice for those looking for durability.

Their bikes are sold in specialty bike shops and their online store.

Where are Felt Bikes Made

Felt Bikes are all designed in the United States, but most of their bicycle production is done in Asia. For some reason, whenever I see bike brands saying their bikes are manufactured in Asia, I automatically assume that they are manufactured in china. Nonetheless, the Felt bike brand is a well-known manufacturer of different types of bikes, from touring bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes to commuting bikes.

Their bikes are made from Felt’s proprietary parts, which are manufactured in Asia. The majority of their bikes are made from aluminum and steel, but they also make titanium bike frames known for their durability.

Felt also makes various bike frames, from carbon frames to titanium options that you can find for sale on their site.

Where are Fuji Bikes Made

Fuji Bikes were founded in Japan in the late 1800s to early 1900s. The bikes are a mix of Japanese and European designs, with their bike frames being made from steel tubing, aluminum, or carbon fiber.

Fuji Bikes, were created to answer Japan’s growing need for high-quality bicycles during World War II. They are still one of the top bike brands around; however, most fuji bikes are now made in various provinces in China.

This bike company is one of the oldest in Japan, with their road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, and kids bikes being known for quality craftsmanship and durability. The company has grown worldwide and is dedicated to producing top-of-the-line products that will last a lifetime.

Where are Giant Bikes Made

Giant Bikes is one of the world’s largest bike companies and is well known as one of the top bike manufacturers. They are the manufacturers for some of your favorite bike brands, such as Schwinn, Trek, Scott, and even Colnago.

Giant has several manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China. In addition, Giant has another location in the Netherlands and Hungary where they assemble and ship them to other countries.

Moreover, Giant even manufactures its bikes that are sold under the Giant name. These bikes include:

  • Road Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • BMX
  • Cruiser Bike

So while they might not appear as one of the most popular bike companies, they are well diversified to the point that they might’ve built the bike you ride.

Where are GT Bikes Made?

GT bikes are all manufactured in Asia as a part of the Dorel Industries conglomerate. In 1972, GT bikes were being made in the United States, but that is no longer the case. From the GT Bicycle Company, you’ll find various bike types, from Road bikes, BMX, Kids’ bikes to mountain bikes.

They are well known for producing high-end bikes for pro racers. In addition, GT has been a major contributor to the cycling community and culture, with its sponsorship of professional teams and riders.

Where are Huffy Bikes Made?

Huffy Bikes are manufactured in China and make a variety of bike types and scooters. You can buy Mountain Bikes, Comfort bikes, tricycles, electric bikes, cruiser bikes, and kids bikes through this brand.

Huffy bikes are of good quality for the price. In addition, the company often uses heavy-duty components that make them very reliable for their price.

Where are Kona Bikes Made?

Kona Bicycles is among the few bike companies that are owned by the US and Canada. Their bike frames are designed and then sent to factories in Taiwan, where they are made and assembled.

Where are Marin Bikes Made?

From 1986, Marin bikes were being made in the United States. However, their bikes are now being manufactured in Asia. 

Where are Mongoose Bikes Made?

Mongoose Bikes are also a part of Dorel Industries; they are also built in China.

Where are Salsa Bikes Made?

Salsa bike frames are built mostly in Taiwan and China for their carbon frames.

Where are Santa-Cruz Bikes Made?

Santa Cruz bike frames are fabricated in China and Taiwan. However, all their bikes are assembled in Santa Cruz, California.

Where is Bianchi Made?

Bianchi has been around for more than a century and has an Italian heritage. However, Bianchi bikes are now produced mostly in Taiwan.

Where is Colnago Made?

Colnago bikes are made in Taiwan like most other bike companies in order to compete.

Are all bikes made in China?

No, not all bikes are made in China. While many bikes are built in China, millions are being made in other countries like Taiwan, Japan, India, and the EU.

Which bikes are made in the UK?

In the UK, you’ll find bikes made by Pashley, Rourke, Shand Cycles, Mercian Cycles, and RoyceUK. 

Who are the largest bicycle manufacturers?

Today’s largest known bike manufacturer is Giant Bicycles, as they produce most of the bicycles for the top bike companies. 

Wrapping Up

Let’s face it…

No matter how large or popular they are, most companies won’t get around the costs associated with production. And if they want to compete, they have no choice but to outsource to cheaper countries closer to the materials with a larger labor force.

With that in mind, you’ll notice that most of the bikes are made in Taiwan and China. I want you to pay attention because most bike companies design their bikes independently and only outsource the manufacturing. So their qualities will remain and, in most cases, surpass some bikes built in the US.

Furthermore, outsourcing production to Taiwan and China allows these companies to offer better prices on their bikes. So it’s not something you should hate seeing.

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