Best Apt Bike Rack – Bike Storage Solutions for Apartments and Small Homes

Most cyclists living in city apartments are among the few who truly understand and appreciate a bicycle's worth. We know that a bike is excellent for getting you around and through traffic without hassle. Moreover, bikes let you stay socially distant and away from public transportation. 

The only problem is that owning a bike and living in a small apartment presents the issue of storage. By the fact that you're reading this, we know you've likely found yourself with this problem. Luckily for you, we've found the perfect solutions to this problem and are happy to present them to you. 

Over the past month, we've done extensive research and testing of the top bike storage solutions for small apartments. We started with 40 options and slowly worked our way down to the seven best apartment bike storage rack for city dwellers. Our recommendations are based on real feedback from other cyclists, price, reliability, sturdiness, and style.

Here are our selections.

Best Bike Storage Solutions for Apartments:

  1. Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci Apt Bike Rack
  2. Delta Cycle Michelangelo Indoor Bike Racks
  3. Ibera Horizontal Apartment Bike Wall Hanger 
  4. Feedback Sports Velo Column Bike Storage Rack
  5. CLUG Bike Clip Rack Storage System 
  6. Auwey Apartment Bike Storage Rack 
  7. Racor - B-1R Bike Storage Racks for Apartments

Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci 

Leonardo Bike Rack Wall Mount with Tire Tray by Delta Cycle – Elegant Vertical Hanger Hook Design Provides Easy Bicycle Storage Access – Hassle-Free Installation – Vertical Mount Holds Up to 40 lbs

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Perfection in Simplicity and reliability are what most had to say about Delta Cycle's Leonardo Da Vinci bike storage solutions. This made it one of our top bike wall mount choices after all our testing. As such, we highly recommend that you consider this one if you want an affordable but reliable way to store your bike in your apartment. 

With the Da Vinci bike hanger, you'll be able to store a single bike in any small apartment space easily. It is straightforward to install as it only requires two self-tapping screws. And it can safely hold up a bike with a max load capacity of 40 lbs. We also appreciated that there are options available for fat tire bikes, which means you'll be able to store any bike. 

The overall look and finish of this Apt bike rack offer a very modern minimalist design. So it will fit in any space without looking intrusive. Moreover, there aren't many others like it out there at this price point. 

Still, if you want a good bike storage solutions that is a bit fancier, our next solution might catch your eye. 

Delta Cycle Michelangelo 

Delta Cycle Michelangelo 2 Bike Storage Rack - Gravity Wall Bike Rack - Fully Adjustable Bike Rack Garage For Road, MTB, and Hybrid Bicycles - Vertical Bike Rack Holds Up To 80 lbs

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Have enough space for setting up the best bike stands for studio apartments? If you do, the Delta Cycle Michelangelo is an excellent bike storage solution that we highly recommend getting. This bicycle stand fits neatly in small apartment spaces and can store up to two bikes. 

It has a max weight capacity of 100 lbs and features an exquisite design. Furthermore, this bike stand doesn't require drilling any holes in your apartment wall, thanks to the Wall-lean design. It also comes with four independent arms that will allow you to store any bike on it.

This bike stands for studio apartments is a real beauty to add to any small apartment, so you must check it out.

Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Hanger 

bike racks for small apartments

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The Ibera Bike Wall hanger is another crowd favorite with excellent reviews from cyclists living in apartments. This apt storage rack features a very elegant design that lets you store any bike. Moreover, you'll never have to worry about the sturdiness of this rack as it is made from aluminum and has enough strength to support up to 39.6 lbs. 

One feature we loved about this bike storage solutions is that it allows you to keep your bike leveled. So instead of having your bike look crooked on the wall, this apartment hanger will enable you to adjust the frame holders to your liking. Plus, it even offers an adjustable hanger beam that extends up to 12" from 8.5". That will give you a little extra room and more installation options if you are tight on space. 

Feedback Sports Velo Column

bike stands for studio apartments

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If the style is of great importance to you, this bicycle storage solution will most likely be your preferred option. This bike apt bike rack features a simple but sophisticated design that allows you to store two bikes neatly. It comes in the form of an adjustable vertical column with soft rubber contact points that eliminate the need for drilling. 

We found the Feedback Sports Velo Column bike rack very suitable for cases where bookshelves, paintings, or windows take up your space. If that sounds like your situation, we're sure you'll appreciate the flexibility that this rack offers. You'll be able to wedge it into any area and move it around whenever you need it moved.

Moreover, it'll easily accommodate any bike frame you need it to and won't scratch your paint thanks to the coated arm holders. It has a weight limit of 40 lbs per cradle pair for a total of 80 lbs to store two bikes. 

CLUG Bike Clip Rack Storage System 

bike stands for apartments

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When you want minimalism, there's likely nothing better than the Hornit CLUG bike clip. This apartment bike storage solution allows you to fit most bikes from on any wall in the smallest spaces. It's easily one of the world's smallest wall mounted bike racks and doesn't require any complicated installation. With this apt bike rack, you'll be able to store your bike indoors vertically or horizontally. The only thing you need to take note of is measuring your bike tires to make sure you are buying the right one.

Dirza Bike Wall Mount

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Dirza's bike hangers for apartments offer impressive practicality for riders looking to store their bikes in small spaces. It comes with all the basics of a wall-mounted apartment rack and can support up to 65 lbs. Moreover, you'll be able to store just about any bicycle on it. 

Racor - B-1R 

Racor - B-1R, Bike Rack, Garage Wall Mounted
  • Wheel Safe - Hook and plate design is safe for road & mountain bike tires
  • Durable - High strength epoxy coated steel allows you to lift up to 50 lbs

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The Racor B-1R is the last option that we strongly recommend considering if you want a reliable white rack to match your space. This rack was able to hold our test bike without any issues securely. Moreover, unlike some of the other wall-mounted bike racks for apartments, this offers better protection for your tires. It also provides a 50 lbs. weight capacity and the ability to securely lock your bike to the mount with a bike lock. 

What are the best options for storing a bike in an apartment?

For apartment bike storage, the options you have aren't plenty since, in most cases, you'll be working with limited space. Moreover, as you will more than likely be renting the space, the chances you are allowed to make changes to the apartment are slim. As such, the best options you have are either wall-mount hooks or racks, a storage rack and shelf combo, or a bike stand.

Wall mount hooks or racks - This solution is excellent when you are allowed to install items to the wall in your apartment with screws. Wall Rack mounts like the Delta Cycle, or Ibera wall hanger are the top options in this category. For Wall-mounted hooks, our top recommendation is the StoutMax Heavy Duty Bike Storage hooks

What are my Apartment Bike Storage options when I can't drill anything on my walls?

If you can't drill a hole in your apartment wall to store your bike, the best solution is to get a parking rack or wall stand. This will allow you to store your bike without the need for drilling securely. Moreover, they are inexpensive and require no skill to install them. The best wall stand option to get in such a case is the Delta Cycle Michelangelo. And for parking stands, the Hornit CLUG is the one to consider. 

Is it safe to hang a bike by its wheel?

Hanging your bike by the wheels is very safe as long as you get the right bike rack with a weight limit to support your bike. Once you've ensured that your bike falls under that weight limit, you need to make sure that the rack is securely mounted. Apart from those two things that you must consider, hanging a bike by the wheels will be safe. 

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Wrapping Up

Storing your bike in your apartment shouldn't be an issue for you anymore after you've installed one of the apt bike racks recommended. These solutions are the best bike storage ideas for apartments of any size apartments. Moreover, they are inexpensive ways that will allow you to securely lock your bicycle in place without damaging your apartment. 

So whether you can drill a hole or not, you should be able to put away your bike with these solutions neatly. One thing to note before buying one of the options is the weight limit of the bike racks. You should also remember that you will need an additional pair of hands to help you hold the bike in cases where any installation is required.