Best Fixie Handlebars – (Top Rated) Handlebar Types for Style and Comfort

One of the best features of a fixie bike is how great it is at taking customization. Unlike most other bicycle models, a fix geared bike allows you to upgrade just about any component from handlebars, seats, cranks, wheels, and pedals. However, finding the right type of part isn't always easy to do, especially when selecting the best handlebars for a fixed-gear bicycle.

In this article, we'll go over the best option to use that will fit perfectly along with your style and the frame of your bike. There is a lot to take note of before selecting a handlebar, so we'll start by looking at the key things to pay attention to before changing your fixie handlebars. 

Things to Consider:

Before going out and changing a bicycle handlebar, you must first remember that it is one of the most important parts of your bike. And without it or a suitable handlebar for your riding style, you may end up with a bike you'll hate riding in a few months. So here's what you need to consider first before getting a new handlebar:

Best Fixie Handlebar Types

The style of the handlebars for your fixie determines how your bike looks and how well it will handle while riding. There are several handlebar types that you can opt to install on your fixie. They are the cruiser handle, Butterfly, Drop Handlebars, Aero, Bullhorn, Flat Bars, and Riser handlebars. We've covered all the details of each type of handlebar in this article and recommend giving it a read. 

Further down, we'll breakdown the best handlebars for fixie bikes by each type of handlebar. However, the most important thing to note is that the handlebar you select will determine how well you'll be able to maneuver the bike and your overall performance. Here's a quick breakdown of what to expect for each type:

Flat bars: A flat bar handle offers the best maneuverability around town.

Riser Handlebars: These fixie handlebars a similar to flat bars but are wider and raise a little to allow you to ride in a more upright position. This design makes them more comfortable than Flat bars while offering better agility through traffic. This type of handlebar is the most commonly wished for handlebar upgrade for a fixie. 

Drop Bars: These bars are typically found on road bikes and are great for when you are doing long-distance commutes and want to maximize on speed. They don't offer excellent maneuverability, so don't get these if you plan to commute around town. 

Aero Handlebars: These bars are similar to drop bars in design, but as their name suggests, allow you to maintain faster-cycling speed.

Butterfly Handles: These handlebars for your fixie offer plenty of grip styles that offer plenty of comfort for you if planned to go touring with your fixie bicycle.

Bullhorn Handlebars: A bullhorn handle is essentially a flat bar; however, it allows you to get lower and reduce drag to cut through wind easier. 

Cruiser Handlebars: These are the most common handles to use if you want a relaxed ride. They are often found on comfort bicycles and beach cruiser bikes.

Now that you have an idea of each type of handlebar, you need to keep in mind that each type will determine your riding experience.

Technical Specs

Once you've considered what style of bike handlebars you want to put on your fixie, the next thing to do is consider the specs of your bike and the handlebar you want to use. Each type of handle offers different specs, so you'll want to take note of this when you buy a handlebar. Here are the specs to take note of:


This is how thick the handlebars are overall. Some fixie handlebars may be thick in the center and slim in the middle or vice versa. This will determine how well they fit on your bike and how you will be able to grip them. 


The material your handle is made from will determine how the handlebar feels in your hands and their durability. As such, choosing the right material is very important when selecting the bar for your fixie. You will typically find the best handlebars being made from aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber. The more durable the material, the more the handlebar will cost in general. However, the carbon fiber handlebars are the exception as this bar might not offer the same durability as the other materials but take its pricing from its reduced weight.


The reach of your Fixed gear bike handlebar is important as it greatly determines your ability to reach the handles comfortably. This will also impact how comfortable your bike is at the end of the day. A bar that is harder to reach will force you to strain to reach them or make your riding posture unnatural. 

Best Handlebars for Fixed Gear Bike:

  1. Wald 803BL City Bicycle Mid-Rise Handlebar
  2. UPANBIKE Riser Bar
  3. Wake Riser Bar
  4. Wald 896 Cruiser Bicycle Gull-Wing Handlebar
  5. Alta Handlebar Beach Cruiser 912
  6. SUNLITE Steel Retro Cruiser Handlebar
  7.  UPANBIKE Fixed Gear Bike Handlebar - Best Drop Bar for Fixie Bikes

Here are the top budget fix gear handlebars to use on your bike to improve style and comfort.

Riser Bars Options for Fixie Gear Bike

As mentioned earlier, swapping to a riser bar improves the grip and comfort of your fixed gear bike. With these bars, you'll be able to weave through traffic comfortably. Moreover, they reduce the strain on your back that you'd get from having a standard flat bar.

These are the best handlebars for your Fixie in the Riser style:

Wald 803BL City Bicycle Mid-Rise Handlebar

Wald Steel Handlebar #803 5.25" 27" 1" Black

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If you want the best riser handlebar for your fixed gear bike, then the Wald 803BL is the one that we recommend. It has a 27-inch wingspan that makes it very comfortable to grip. Moreover, as a fixie riser bar, it offers a whopping 5.25 inches of rise, so you'll have maximum comfort to ride in an upright position. 

The Wald Mid-rise bike fixie handlebars are an excellent upgrade for any fixed gear bike thanks to its design and steel build, making it very durable. Moreover, it is compatible with their steel bike basket, so it would be a great addition to your bike if you ever wish to haul some groceries. 


UPANBIKE Mountain Bike Road Bike Handlebar Aluminum Alloy Flat Bar Riser Bar 25.4mm*600mm 31.8mm*620mm

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The next best handlebars for your fixie in the riser bar option is from one of the more popular bike stores around, UPANBIKE. They've been around for quite some time and have always been on our go-to list for a wide array of bike parts. With the UPANBIKE riser bar, you get a very comfortable fixie handlebar at a very cheap price. It has a 30MM rise and a 6-degree backsweep that makes it very easy to reach. 

Moreover, it is built using aluminum alloy so you can be assured of its durability. 

Wake Riser Bar

Wake Bicycle Handlebars 31.8 mm Mountain Bike Handlebar 720mm/780mm Aluminium Alloy MTB Handlebar Bicycle Riser Bars Extra Long Bicycle Handlebars for Downhill Cycling Racing

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The Wake riser fixie handlebars are a great addition to any fixie bike. If you're searching for a cheap option to upgrade your fixed gear bike handles, this one won't fail to live up to standards. It features an excellent build quality since it is built from aluminum alloy. Moreover, it has just the right amount of curve and rise to support a proper riding posture.

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Best Cruiser Handlebars for a Fixie Bicycle

If you want a more relaxed riding experience from your fixed gear bike, upgrading to a cruiser handlebar is the best option. These handlebars are curved and are much easier to reach than any other handlebar type. While they offer more comfort for regular riding, cruiser handlebars aren't that great when you have to tackle many hills. So keep that in mind before going with this type of handlebar. 

Wald 896 Cruiser Bicycle Gull-Wing Handlebar

Alta Handlebar Beach Cruiser 912, 25.4mm, Multiple Colors

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The first cruiser option that we recommend is the Wald 896 fixie handlebars. This handlebar is made from heavy-duty steel and features a 3-inch rise. Moreover, it features a 1-inch clamp area so it'll fit on any bike. 

These handlebars are very comfortable and offer a wide wingspan, so they'll fit just fine on large fixed gear bikes. If you are on a budget, it is definitely one to consider.

Buy the Wald 896 on Amazon.

Alta Handlebar Beach Cruiser 912

AlveyTech Oversized Bike Saddle Seat with Backrest Cushion - Wide Soft Comfort Back Rest Seats for Men/Women, Replacement Exercise Foam Support for Mountain Bikes, Road Tricycle Cruiser, Adult Bicycle

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The Alta Beach Cruiser handlebar is another good choice. Like the Wald 896, it features a 1-inch clamp size. Moreover, it has a large wingspan of 24 inches and a 5-inch rise. These features added together makes it very comfortable when paired with a fixie. 

It is built with premium quality steel and comes in either a black or chrome finish. 

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SUNLITE Steel Retro Cruiser Handlebar

SUNLITE Steel Retro Cruiser Handlebar, Chrome Plated

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The Sunlite Steel fixie handlebars offer just the right amount of comfort for your fixed gear bike. It sports a sleek ergonomic curve that complements the look of your fixie. Moreover, it features a 1-inch clamp area that will ensure that it fits your bicycle. 

If you've suffered from a back injury that would prevent you from leaning forward too much, then this handlebar is what you need. 

Buy the Sunlite Cruiser Handlebar on Amazon.

Butterfly Handlebars for Fixie Bikes

UPANBIKE Bike Butterfly Handlebar Aluminum Alloy Wide Three-Dimensional Rest Bar Riser Bar with Sponge Cover for Trekking Mountain Bike Road Bike(31.8mm*620mm)

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If you plan to go bike touring with your fixie, you'll want to get yourself a butterfly handlebar. These bars offer plenty of handgrip options and make your tour far more comfortable than any other type of handle. 

We recommend the UPANBIKE butterfly handlebar for fixed gear bikes as the best fixie handlebars replacement option to consider. This handlebar is made from Aluminum Alloy and features outstanding durability. Moreover, it is foam padded and will offer an excellent grip.  

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Drop Handlebars for Fixie Bikes

If you want a good balance between the right performance and comfort from a handlebar, you'll want to select a drop bar. These bars allow you to hold them much like you would with a regular flat bar. However, they will enable you to drop down in a more aerodynamic setting to maximize speed. 

These handlebars are most commonly seen on road bikes. So if you want to make your fixie look like a road bike, then you'll need to get a drop bar. Our top recommended drop bar for a fixed-gear bicycle is the UPANBIKE Fixed Gear Bike Road Bicycle Drop Bar.

Bull Horn Handlebars

The Bullhorn bars are one of the best handlebars for climbing hills on a fixie thanks to the extra reach. They are similar to drop bars in performance; however, they feature an upward curve instead of a drop curve. Our top recommendation for bullhorns is the Retrospec Pursuit Bull Horn.

To Wrap Up

If you're riding a single speed or fixie bike and want to upgrade the handlebars, the fixie handlebars we've shared are very good options. Just make sure you take note of the points we mentioned at the start of the article. And keep in mind that the handlebar you select not only changes the style of your bike but also how well it handles.

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