Best Womens Hybrid Bikes (Reviews)– Top Budget Friendly Options

Hybrid bikes strike the perfect blend between road bikes and mountain bikes. They are excellent commuter bikes and can tolerate almost any riding condition you can throw at them. These bikes offer superior comfort and are designed to provide a more relaxed riding experience, making them perfect for women.

But for women, the best women's hybrid bikes offer far more than just versatility. They are affordable and are great for beginners that want to get into cycling. However, finding a good bike is challenging as most bicycle manufacturers don't build women-specific bikes.

We've used our expertise to test and identify the best hybrid bike for women. All the bikes we selected were tested and reviewed individually by our experts, so you can be assured that they are of the highest quality.

Best Hybrid Bikes for Women:

  1. Schwinn Wayfarer Bike Women's Hybrid
  2. sixthreezero Pave n' Trail Women's 21-Speed Hybrid Road Bicycle
  3. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle
  4. Kent Springdale Women's Hybrid Bicycle 
  5. Schwinn Vantage Mens/Womens Hybrid Road Bike 
  6. Diamondback Bicycles Haanjenn

Let's take a closer look at each of our top women's bike options.

Schwinn Wayfarer Bike Women's Hybrid 

Like every good women's hybrid bike, Schwinns wayfarer offers superior comfort and style at an incredibly affordable price. It is ranked as one of the top Schwinn hybrid bikes around. Plus, it has all the right traits to make it the best women's hybrid for any lady that wants a bike to cruise around on.

Schwinn female hybrid bike

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Schwinn Wayfarer has a vintage retro design that is perfect for classy females. This bike offers two frame designs that provide maximum comfort to women riders based on their height and preference. The two frame styles you can select with this bike are either the step-through frame design or the step-over frame. Both models look good; however, we loved the step-through frame as it was notably more comfortable when we had to stop and stand.  

The Wayfarer also features a swept-back handlebar and large comfy saddle that lets you sit in an upright manner. This design ensures that you experience a very comfortable ride. 

Moreover, the Schwinn Wayfarer doesn't lack in performance features as it boasts Schwinn's 7-speed twist shifter paired with a butter-smooth rear derailleur. This setup allows you to ride comfortably and provides excellent responsiveness from this women's specific hybrid bike. Tie all those features together with the 700c wheels, and you truly get a classic hybrid bicycle for any woman. 

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid bicycles for Women

sixthreezero's Pave n' Trail hybrid bicycle is pretty similar to the Schwinn wayfarer; however, the design is a little more modern. With Schwinn's Wayfarer womens hybrid bike, you get a retro-style bicycle while the Pave n' Trail features a more modern look. Both bikes provide an excellent style, but since everyone has different preferences, we've added both among the best women's hybrid to consider.

best women's specific hybrid city bike

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The Pave n' Trail has many things that most ladies will find suitable for making it their bicycle choice. It comes with a 21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur that provides great shifting options to take on any commute. Moreover, it is incredibly comfortable to ride thanks to the Vibrazorb suspension fork and a very neat slim-cut saddle.

The frame of the Pave n' Trail is ergonomically designed and perfectly fits riders between 5' 4" and 5' 10 inches tall. Moreover, it has a rear rack that will allow you to place a good bike basket or rear trunk bag to make your city commute easier. 

Schwinn Discover

best women's hybrid bikes

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The Schwinn Discover is a fancy women's hybrid bike that is just right for anyone looking for a more premium bicycle. It offers impressive comfort and a modern but ergonomically designed bicycle that will be great for commuting. Unlike the previous options, Schwinn Discover comes with a larger 28" wheels with tires that provide excellent grip for any terrain.

This women's specific hybrid bike comes with a suspension fork, a 21-speed SRAM grip shifters, and Shimano's rear derailleurs. Moreover, it uses Promax's alloy linear pull breaks for impressive stopping force when you need it. This bike's design is also worth noting as they have even included fenders on the front and rear wheels to keep dirt away.

Schwinn's Discover is a great bike all around that we highly recommend checking out.

Kent Springdale Women's Hybrid Bicycle 

Kent has been around for quite a while now and manufactured lots of excellent bicycles over the years. The Kent Springdale is a hybrid bicycle explicitly designed for women that we had to mention. This bike is a lightweight women's bike hybrid that has all the right features you need.

light weight womens bikes

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It comes with a 21-speed twist shifter paired with the Shimano rear derailleur for precise shifting. Moreover, it has 700c alloy rims and linear-pull brakes that offer great comfort and performance. Besides, it offers a good suspension fork, a rear rack, front and rear fenders, and a very comfortable saddle.

What we loved the most about the Kent Springdale women's hybrid bike is the affordable price tag. This bike is less expensive than most other bikes with the same features. With this bicycle, you won't be lacking any features that other bikes include. So if you need a budget option, make sure you check out this one. 

Schwinn Vantage Womens Hybrid Bikes

The Schwinn Vantage is a unisex hybrid bicycle perfect for women who want to push a little further and faster than a typical hybrid bike will allow. This bike is classified as a women's hybrid road bike and has all the features you need for performance. 

Schwinn vantage

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With the Schwinn vantage, you get an ideally suited bike for women of all different sizes and shapes. They offer multiple frame sizes you can choose from to find one suitable for your height. Moreover, there are five color options to choose from with this option. 

In terms of performance, the Schwinn Vantage women's hybrid bikes have it all. This bike comes with a 21-speed tourney drivetrain paired with Shimano's EZ-fire trigger shifters. It has lightweight DC-26 rims and 35c Tires that are built to last and tackle any terrain. Plus, with the disc brakes equipped on this bicycle, you'll stop faster and maneuver it better than other bikes.

The design of this bike is the thing we loved the most about this bike. It is ergonomic and provides max comfort for its riders. It features a lightweight frame that they call their "Schwinn Smooth Ride Technology Frame." This frame gives incredible comfort to biking anywhere. 

Plus, it has rack and fender mounts on the bike that will allow you to add those items if you ever need to in the future. Overall, this bike was one of the best women's hybrid bikes that we tested. But it costs a bit more so if you are a beginner, you won't need to go with this one. However, if you want the best performance that balances specs and comfort perfectly, this will be the bike to get. 

Diamondback Bicycles Haanjenn women's hybrid bikes

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The DiamondBack Haanjenn bike is very similar to the Schwinn Vantage as a high-performance hybrid bike that is women's specific. This bike features a lightweight but very durable frame and sizes that will allow you to ride it comfortably.

It features aluminum cranks and a nine-speed Shimano Acera rear derailleurs. Plus, it has TekTro Aries mechanical disc brakes that are very sharp and responsive. This bike has all the top bike components from the giants in the cycling industry; as such, you can buy it confidently, knowing you have a really good bike. 


What is a Women's hybrid bike?

A women's specific hybrid bike is a female-specific bike that mixes two types of bicycles: road bike and mountain bike. They have a shorter frame size than other bikes and often come with a step-through frame design. The defining factor of a hybrid bike for women is essentially all about the size. 

What is a hybrid bike suitable for?

Women's hybrid bikes are suitable for beginners to cycling experts and persons that want a comfortable bike to commute around their area. They are versatile and can be taken across many terrains. Moreover, they can be equipped with baskets to allow you to haul items on the bike.


The bikes we've found are women's hybrid bikes that were specifically built to suit ladies. These bikes offer impressive comfort and are great for both beginners and slightly more experienced cyclists. You can get yourself any bike we've listed and feel comfortable knowing that you are only buying the best bike.

If you need more information, you can check out our buyers guides to find out more information about these types of bikes and find the right one for you.