Brilliant Bikes Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train Hybrid Bike Review

This hybrid bike was initially made to glide over the streets of NYC. But as the urban legend goes, if you can survive New York, you can survive anywhere. Nothing matches this statement better than this hybrid bike from Brilliant Bikes.

The Brilliant Bikes Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train Hybrid Bike is designed to cater to city commuters' unique needs. It is also widely touted to be a bike that requires minimal maintenance by the brand, among other features.

Throughout this post, I shall take you through all the features. I shall also weigh in on its pros and cons so you can decide whether this hybrid bike is for you.

Brilliant Bikes l-Train Hybrid Bike Review

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The features I will be going over about the Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train include frames, gears, brakes, tires, and every important component that makes a good hybrid bike.

Let's jump right in.


Quite unlike other hybrid bikes, this one incorporates Chromoly steel in its construction. This is a setup that has passed the Standardization specifications of the European Committee. It goes without saying that this is a bike that has premium materials and construction and is correspondingly strong and durable. The materials also render this bike light in weight, which is among my favorite features.

The double-butted framing tube is also a nice touch, which I found most interesting. If you are not familiar with this design, the ends of the two tubes are considerably thicker than other parts. This makes the frame of the bike a lot stronger.


The Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train has 7-speed combinations in the gear assembly. You will agree with me when I say this is not a stellar setup. Clearly, this bike was not built for rough roads or riding up and down the hillside.

But bear in mind that this bike was made for New York's numerous bridges and inclined roads. So while this hybrid bike may not be your companion on extreme terrain, you will have a lot of fun on city roads.


This brake featured on this bicycle is a Shimano V-brake, which is a feature that I most appreciate. This is a feature that makes stopping power matchless with precision.

Precision from the brakes is paramount when it comes to a bike or any automobile type for that matter. So, although you will not take this bike on rough terrains, you will have a lot of control while taking it out on city streets thanks to the brakes it uses.


This is a feature that I love most about the Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train. The 32 mm tires from Kenda Kwick Trax make it a fantastic choice to commute in the streets with ease. The treads on this hybrid bike's tires are among the best and can handle wet roads and weather like a champ. I should also mention that the reflective sidewalls complement its capacity for the weather handling aspect.

Design and Aesthetics

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The Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train has some design components that I am most thrilled about.

Let me start with the belt. This hybrid bike makes use of the Gates Carbon Belt Drive. This is very practical but nonetheless exciting for a number of reasons:

  • One, the belt lasts way longer than a traditional chain. But of course, the lifespan of a device or component is directly proportional to how often you clean it.
  • Two, it is practically maintenance-free. And by maintenance, I mean degreasing or lubricating the belt.
  • Three, in comparison to a conventional chain, the carbon belt is also very low in weight.
  • Four, the carbon belt is also a lot more silent than a chain in a bike.

Another brilliant feature about the Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train, which I find very convenient, is the cartridge bearings. In this hybrid bike, the bearings are sealed, which keeps it practically free of water, mud, and dirt. This is a feature that you will not find in most hybrid bikes in this price range and is one of the many reasons I love it.

Other thoughtful design components that urban commuters will find most useful are provisions for adding a front and rear basket and eyelets to add fenders. Most manufacturers overlook much of these additions. This is not the case in Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train.

Part of the charm and allure of this comes from the classic and meaningful aesthetics. As I have already mentioned that this bike was designed for New York commuters, it comes in two color schemes that pay tribute to the iconic city.

  • Subway Grey is a nod to the trains of NYC. It features pale grey frames with black accents in the form of tires and a carbon belt.
  • Hudson Blue is an inspiration from the iconic Hudson River. It features a dark blue color that fits perfectly with the black accents.

The seats in both the colorways of the bike remain a tan color.

Another great feature that I want to mention is that the Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train comes in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large. In between them, riders in the height range of 5'2 to 6'2 can find their perfect size. It would be best to refer to the size guide while getting the bike for you or someone else.

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  • The Chromoly steel makes the bike very sturdy and durable. It also comes with a standardization qualification.
  • The double-butted framing of this hybrid bike renders the bike very strong and capable of carrying more weight.
  • A 7-speed combination of the bike gives you a decent range but enough for the urban roads.
  • The 32 mm tires, along with good treading as well as the reflective sidewalls, ensure that this hybrid bike conquers wet roads effortlessly.
  • This hybrid bike requires minimal maintenance thanks to the Gates carbon belt drive replacing the chain.
  • Sealed cartridge bearings keep this bike free of dirt and water.
  • Classic design, combined with brilliant aesthetics and colors, makes this hybrid very appealing.
  • It has provisions for adding a basket as well as the fenders, which makes it more convenient and user-friendly.


  • The range of the gear speed of the Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train is not wide enough.
  • The addition of the V-brakes could have been improved.
  • Even though the bike has provisions for adding accessories, they need to be bought separately. This can add to the overall price of the bike.
  • Fine-tuning of components including the handlebar stem and gears are required before you can take the bike out for a ride.


If you are a city commuter, the Brilliant Bikes Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train Hybrid Bike is a fantastic choice. It does come with some minor issues, such as missing components, but they can be bought easily.

Nevertheless, this hybrid bike combines excellent construction, including the Chromoly steel and the double-butted framing, which makes it a personal favorite of mine. It also includes other practical designs such as the 32 mm treaded tires, and the guarded bearings.

Its performance on wet surfaces is also a definite plus. All in all, the Brilliant Bicycle Co – l-Train Hybrid Bike from Brilliant Bikes is an excellent companion for those who travel daily to work. I am so pleased with this bike, and I invite you to check it out for yourself.

Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Daniel White