Schwinn Skyliner 700C Hybrid Bike Review – Is it a bike worth buying?

When you see the word "Schwinn," the first thing that comes in everybody's mind is hybrid bikes. It is a universal fact that Schwinn is among the top manufacturers when it comes to hybrid bikes. Their craftsmanship and the raw materials used in making the bikes results in some high-quality bikes. Today, we'll be discussing one of their most popular bikes, which is the Schwinn Skyliner 700C 18-inch Men's Hybrid Bike.

A hybrid bike is simply a bike that combines the elements of both a road bike and a mountain bike for easy riding on all types of terrain. Hybrid bikes are becoming very popular these days, especially among people in the cities. They are great for commuting.

When I first bought the bike, the first thing that I noticed was its appealing color and design. It is easily one of the most stylish bikes from Schwinn. The build quality and performance exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for a hybrid bike, then you should go for this bike from Schwinn.

After spending a considerable amount of time riding this bike, I've done a detailed Schwinn Skyliner review, which is provided down below.

Schwinn Skyliner Review

The Schwinn Skyliner 700c bike is one of the top models belonging to the Skyliner series from Schwinn. It is an excellent bike for commuting to work and having some leisure rides. As the name suggests, the bike is primarily designed for men. It has a sturdy and robust build, which is suitable for some off-road riding.

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The Schwinn Skyliner bike has some appealing features with some key accessories that you will love. The grey color also looks incredibly stunning with the bike's sleek design. Let's check out some of the main features of this bike.

Aluminum Frame

The Schwinn Skyliner 700C hybrid bike comes with a light aluminum frame. This frame might be lightweight, but it is also extremely sturdy. It can easily take all the pounding associated with daily use. You can be sure that this bike will last for a long time.

Storage Bag

The bike also comes with a unique bike bag that is integrated with the bike. You can store all your additional goods like your bag, water bottle, or your clothing. It can be handy when you're going out for a long ride.

Strong Alloy Rims

Not only the frame but the alloy rims that come with the bike are also extremely sturdy. This makes the bike extremely suitable for all types of terrain. You can easily ride over rough surfaces without the fear of damaging the wheels on this bike.

SRAM Twist Shifters

This hybrid bicycle comes with a seven-speed gear along with an SRAM Twist Shifter. The combination of these two results in the powerful performance of the bike. You can easily select any of the gears depending on the type of surface you are riding on for smoother, enjoyable riding experiences.

Adjustable Seats and Stem Posts

One of my favorite features on this bike is the adjustable seat and stem post, which enhances the rider's comfort. The seat ensures an upright riding position, which prevents backache and tiredness. The stem adjustment allows the rider to choose the most comfortable position.

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Pros & Cons

Some of the pros and cons of the Schwinn Skyliner 700C Hybrid Bike are laid out below:


  • The Schwinn Skyliner has a solid aluminum frame.
  • The hybrid bike comes with a built-in storage bag.
  • Skyliner has durable yet light rims.
  • Seat adjustability allows for a comfortable riding position.
  • Comes with front and rear lights for added visibility and safety


  • Some of this bike's components are made of cheap material, especially the pedals, which may loosen up.
  • The frames of the bike may develop rust over time.


To sum up, the Schwinn Skyliner 700C Hybrid Bike is one that does not have a lot of flaws. It delivers the rider with a fantastic riding experience with a bike that will last for a long time. The build quality and comfort of this bike are worthy of praise. It is easily one of Schwinn's best hybrid bikes, and it will be hard to find something quite like it at its price range.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women, 21-Speed, 28-inch Wheels, 16-inch/Small Frame, White

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The only thing that bothered me was that some of the bike's components seemed like they belonged on some cheaper bikes. Besides that, everything else was completely satisfactory. You can take this bike for a ride anywhere you like. You can take it on both off-road riding and long-distance rides. Plus it doesn't cost a lot and is a good bike for anyone on a budget.

Plus, the added features of front headlights make it suitable for riding at night. If you ask me, I'd definitely recommend this bike to anyone who's looking for a hybrid bike under $300. Hopefully, this review helps you in choosing the perfect hybrid bike for you.

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